How To Install 3g Internet Modem On Strong SRT4920, 4922 & 4922A (Complete Guide)

Well necessity is the mother of invention. Strong decoders is such a powerful receiver that even its manufacturers are finding it difficult to control its capabilities. Thanks to those soft modders out there who are helping us to get more values for our money on strong decoders. I was giving a cccam account to test by a client but unfortunately for me, i dont have a router to use with my strong 4922A decoder. In my eagerness and anxiousness for a way forward.. I went online to search, and after spend some hours, i eventually foung a strong software that has support for 3g usb modem.

Cccam_3g_interface1In the picture above is the interface of my CCCAM Server. Like i always said, please always upgrade your decoder at your own risk because several things can go wrong from your which i will not be responsible for. The major three problems that can go wrong are due to your negligence. 1. you may be upgrading when the electricity is not stable thereby frying your decoder, 2. you may use a corrupt usb flash drive to copy the firmware and finally you decoder may be fake and 4. if you load this firmware on the wrong model of strong other than the one mentioned above, you will fry your decoder the firmware i attached only work with strong 4920, 4922 and 4922A. If you are guilty of the three things above, you are on your own because you will definitely fry your decoder.

Cccam_3g_interface_on strongThe new software am about to give you here add so many features and beauty to your strong decoder without removing anything whatsoever. One you load this software appropriately, you are good to go. Below are some of the features it will add to your decoder;


  • It restore some audio problems,
  • All the Graphical User Interface of your decoder will be changed completely,
  • Your Dongle option will either remain intact or be restored
  • Solves some decoders not working with dongles
  • This firmware only works with strong decoders 4920, 4922 and 4922A


First isert your internet enabled modem with a 3g powered sim card.Press menu on your remote, then select system settings as shown above.

  • Cccam_3g_interface3You will be taking to the window above where you will see Ip Settings.
  • Cccam_3g_interface4From the IP Settings window, you will see the internet protocols of which you will select 3g modem from the least and manually fill your username and password as it is applicable to your internet service provider.
  • after entering your APN, Simply press the red button on your remote in order to enable your connection
  • You are done, you can now either browse the youtube, maps, news, internet radio on your decoder or simply connect your cccam account on your decoder without using a lan with your pc or without using a router.

Download SRT4920_131p_130819_3gmodem

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  1. Weldone my oga, thanks for d wonderful work u are doing, my good God wil surely c u tru. Pls d software u released online shows SRT4920_131p_130819_3gmoderm , pls can it be used on srt4922A?

  2. ElMukhtar says:

    Nice one bro. Does Azky G6 have dis function. thanks. em still expecting ur reply 4 ma last mail.

  3. Mr. Lemmy I’ve been reading your posts always and thanks for your updates. I would like to know if after installing the software the decoder can be used for cccam account without using router.

  4. Thanks for the good work out there. I use srt4669x, is there a way one can use 3g modem and eventually use the cccam account? may be with a special software or something?

  5. Can 3g modem be used for azsky G6? If ŋo does dat mean srong 4920 is better dan G6 regardless of D inbuilt gprs dongle?

  6. I have already install patsh soft wear on my decoder,the 3g soft wear, will it be compactiable with the formal patsh

  7. Will the 3g soft wear, affect any soft wear installed on decoder before

  8. Hi Bro,
    Indeed you are on top of issues when it comes to satellite tvs may God richly bless u with ur help i am now on my cccam without my tp link router since yesterday big up bro i bow for u

  9. Pls my oga, can dis 3gmoderm software be used for srt4922A?

  10. Please can i use 3g modem on G6,yes how do i go about it.Can i 3g modem on strong srt 4669z,if yes which software show i use.

  11. Pls oga lemmy can i use dis software on srt4922A?

  12. good work, can u plz confirm which 3g modems actively working with it. asking cos i got Huawei e3131, which connection interface(web interface) is different from standard modems which uses mobile partner

  13. My amiable Oga at d top. Kudos to you. Pls I just bought an stb SRT 4930L. I was told,it will work well for dongle but the problem I have is dat the software it has is patch 1.13p dated May 2012. Whenever I play card through USB the mp3 files skips while playing. So I was contemplating on doing an upgrade. But I,want to know whether an upgrade will not remove my option because I intend to by d dongle dis weekend. Ur response is highly needed my amiable Oga at d top. More grease to ur elbow.

  14. Akinwole Olaolu says:

    Well done Lemmy! Pls, where do we attach the modem on the receiver, Is it to the usb port in front or to the Lan port at the back?
    Tnx: Olam

  15. I upgraded soft wear every thing went well,i check on the ip setting the 3g was missing,what shuld i do nest,shud i re upgrade

  16. bestofluck says:

    Oga. Lemmy. Really do enjoy your post. Any firmware to work with srt 4940 to enable the browse the youtube, maps, news, internet ?

  17. after i installed this software, i discovered the info function on the remote is not bringing out any info on the screen such title and story of the programs. anyway out, is any one experiencing the same?

  18. i ve done everything successfully but it is still not connecting,it is writting connection fail,timeout.

  19. Pls Lemmy what about the data usage with this settings, hope it does not consume too much megabits

  20. If it consumes much data that means its expensive

  21. Oga lemmy, pls, can I use this software with mf190, cos mine did not come up with 3g access.

  22. For 3g what did i need to get 4922a and G1+ and software please tell me if their is any thing more

  23. Thanks bro you are the best, i have followed all the steps and surprisingly want well.
    the upgrade , the 3g modem and the cc thing.
    now i need a secure place to but the account for a try and not forgetting am in Ghana .
    Once again thank you so much

  24. Pls can i use EG162G modem on it ? The modem is zain moderm but it has been hacked so i use any sim on it

  25. i installed the firmware but i dont see 3g modem option any time i click on ip settings and i have srt 4922A decoder. any help?

  26. But my modem is 3g MF 180 zte, and i did not see any 3g on my decoder 4922a and my sw is 1.32p. What can cause that Oga Lemmy. Pls

  27. Oga I use STR 4922A and swift 4G internet modem. I have connected my modem to my decoder with d RJ 45 network cable. I checked IP settings and all DHCP settings from the modem have been assigned to the decoder. I tried launching YouTube but still keeps saying connection failed. Wht do I do at this point.

  28. Guys for stable and reliable Atlantis accounts(8months) contact me

  29. paeffiong says:

    I have installed the software as instructed by you but am seeing invalid channels.

    What is the way out of this problem.?

  30. Thiago silva says:

    Pls boss i am in ghana i have tried it out and it is working perfectly it just simply and also de iptv i want ask about de comsumtion between de router and de 3g i know about de iptv cant we do something about it ,it consumes a lot may GoD BLESS U U YOUU

  31. sir, u said i should change the Time of the decoder setting, but which clock setting should i use to view my program information, pls reply. thanks.

  32. make sure you use a supported modem and also manually enter your APN settings

  33. SIBABISMO says:

    well well done my boss. i would like to ask a favour concerning my str 4922A; i finished installing the 3g modem module in my str4922A;it has changed everything completly and i like this interface; but it is not showing the 3g setting in ip setting. only i can see is one and 000000000 NUMBERS. is there any solution


  35. paeffiong says:

    I have installed the software as
    instructed by you but am seeing invalid channels.

    I have also confiqure my apn very well

    What is the way out of this problem.?

  36. paeffiong says:

    Am here once again to happily state that i have finally made my 3g modem and am watching iptv channels

  37. @ lemmy Morgan, I greet u sir. Thanks for the good work. Sir am novice in decoder but am a fast learner as well. Sir intend buying a strong HD decoder but am confuse on which to buy, a dealer introduced me 4922 what do u think sir.

  38. @Lemmy Morgan thks for ur response. I’ve 4922 and 4950 decoder in mind, from ur exposure which do u refer and advice me to get.

  39. my 3g modern is not connecting

  40. SIBABISMO says:

    good day mr LEMMY and everybody here. as we are talking about strong receivers ;i just want to qdd another topic to this.i just bought a new str4950H which one i am about to open biss keys channels in it like IRIB TV3 and IRIB VARWESH TV on arabsat with fréq:3964H30000;unfortunatly when i open the patch;i sow that the keys was préloaded with another fréq in like:11881H27500.that means i ‘m not able to watch channels;so please; everybody has to join hand together to this new task. thank you and happy to read you soon

  41. Hi
    On Srt 4922A, on the IP Settings menu, there is no 3g as described by you, and this is exacly what you see on 4922A below
    DHCP USAGE ………………………………..ON
    IP qddress………………………………………
    Subnet Mask…………………………………..
    Mac Address………………………………00:05:5t:t2:bc:45

    Pls can you explain a little bit further on how to configure 4922A to browse with 3G Modem. Tanx

  42. does strong srt 4922 containing a port for usb so that I can use it for modem?if yes where is it sir?front or rear?thanx Lemmy

  43. HI Boss lemmy,
    Kudos to you man , please i want to ask if there is a way to use my srt4922a decoder to watch the same channels have been watching with azsky, the decoder have been useless since azskye is not working anymore and even qsat is also not working for days now . what do i need and what can i do to be back on,thanks

  44. CHARISMA says:

    Bro good evening i hv been able to install the 3g modem software but how i get user name and the password am confuse bro am using vodafon and mtn in Ghana

  45. agyapong says:

    pls in ipsetting 3g modem there’s ,apn and phone number, I’m using Tigo in Ghana that place is confusing me pls help me

  46. benjamin says:

    please my good friend LEMMY, kindly send me the latest software with support for iptv, hard station, 3g,wifi options to enter biss key on srt4940.

  47. benjamin says:

    pls. bro lemmy , my srt4940 is my version and it has no options under the ota menu so i can’t enter 8280 to enter biss code to descramble tv 3 ghana

  48. pls does it consume alot when you use the 3g modem to watch cccam Dstv channels? n where can I get an active cccam account to buy, I’m in Ghana

  49. hrol tower says:

    Can you tell me the address of a firmware developers?

  50. hi lemmy, pls can i use modem with strong 4669 decoder. i want to use cccam.

  51. Hi Lemmy, i have strong srt 4930 which has not LAN port, how can I do in order to connect my receiver to internet?

  52. On Srt 4922A, on the IP Settings menu, there is no 3g as described by you, and this is exacly what you see on 4922A below
    DHCP USAGE ………………………………..ON
    IP qddress………………………………………
    Subnet Mask…………………………………..
    Mac Address………………………………00:05:5t:t2:bc:45

    Pls can you explain a little bit further on how to configure 4922A to browse with 3G Modem. Tanx
    please that is what i have on my decorder i dont have a place to select your modem will kindy need you help

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