How to Hide SMS Messages from Unauthorized people on Android phones with SMS Lock & Privacy Protection Android App

There is nothing compared to having your privacy to a reasonable degree but in this post i shall be talking about sms (i mean short messages privacy on all android phones with an application called SMS LOCK) When you give out your smartphone for others to use what will be paramount in your mind is your privacy  , you are always concerned about your security as it contains your personal SMS, details and contacts SMS Locks is the application which will help you out.

Firstly let us learn more about:


Smartly protect your privacyDo your friends always borrow your phone to play games? Do you concern your short messages may be read by people you do not want?
SMS Lock helps you out!SMS Lock is a light tool to protect your personal short messages.
The cute lock is designed upon Android system level, to provide fully protection to your short message box(Messaging). After enable SMS Lock, there will be lock pattern protection when opening short message box.

Current version does not support following platforms:
Sony Ericsson Xperia series, MeiZu M9

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Now the installation instructions:

After installation, run the application on your your mobile phone and  you will be directly taken to the home of the app.

Next hit on Turn on SMS Lock, as you do that you need to draw the unlock pattern. Re draw the pattern again in the next screenl.

Once that is done you will be back to the same page it  means that you have set lock.. How

 SMS Lock Android Application Download

SMS Lock can be download from android labs for free or download it directly on to your mobile phone,from google play. once there click on the Install button to proceed with the installation automatically.



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