How to get Glo cheapest Internet Data plan in Nigeria(#1,250 per month for 1gb)

I subscribed to a Data plan on Glo Nigeria Since December and My bundle is just gonna expire in June this year. I only paid #7,500 for the Six Months and I was given 6gb (gigabyte of that to use within that six Months) That is huge you would say but you will be even more amazed when i tell you how much it amount to per month using simple Arithmetic 7500 / 6 = 1250

there is no complehensive data plan in nigeria that is cheaper than this not even the blackberyy packages. To learn more about how cheap this plan easycompared to other glo plans CLICK HERE.Mind you this is no cheat it is tweak because it is legitimate subscription


1. A glo sim you have been using not later than january first 2011 it simply means a sim from december 31st 2010 is not going to work .
2. Your sim must be internet enabled before trying plain terms make sure you have been browsing formerly with the sim.
3. Go and buy a nokia N8 or E7 or E6 (or better still borrow one from a friend if you cant afford one yet you will only need it for the subscription)
4. #7500 or 7500 worth of  glo airtime / recharge card

The plan proper Premium Plan(also tagged glo mega deal)
The Glo Mega Deal- Premium Plan offers to Every Nokia N8, E7 and E6
6GB @ N7500 with a 180 days validity
The Premium Plan offers Nokia N8, E7and E6 users the following:
6GB internet @ N7,500 with a 180 days validity
Free Calls Everyday from 12AM – 5AM
Up to 20% extra bonus on recharge
Chat for free with Whatsapp from the OVI store


Glo think they are wise because i called their customer care to ask if i can use this sim in my internet modem or on other phones but i was told point blank that it is only meant for the mega deal phones.

I however undermine them and went added to conduct my research and holla i was successful and that is whyam posting my findings with you now

After subscribing, Create A new Internet profile Access point with the following:

After subscribing to the package create the following accesspoint

-APN: gloflat


That is all although to get the 7500 at a strech aint easy, this nevertheless is worth it you may start saving towards it from today and your savings will surely add up someday GOODLUCK and dont forget to share this post…

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