How To Get 2GB o Data Bundle With #1400 From Glo{BB 10 Phones Only}

Am now digressing abit away from satellite tutorials. Of course it is a known fact that both internet and satellite works together, after all you cannot watch any premium channel without an internet connection. What am about posting is not a cheat,it is simply a discovery borne out of my enthusiasm to free myself from the exploitation of airtel(well if you are not aware, airtel blackberry package has become so pathetic that if you subscribe with #1500 they will give you 1.5gb but the actual value of the data is 500mb. The same goes for their social month plan of #12,00 – 1.0gb as you will reverence a actual worth of like 300mb. you will hardly notice this unless you are using the sim inside a non-blackberry mobile phone. Your seemingly 1.5gb will be exhausted within a week or less)

cheapest glo plans



I have my own personal joy from using this method and this is the fact that i was able to use the wifi connection from my z10 with my decoder using wifi.Ordinarily it is not safe using a 2g network with a cccam, but with the amazing stability of glo 2g network, couple with the fact that am using it as a wifi router, i was able to deceive my decoder into believing am using a broadband wifi connection(Note: using a wifi on your decoder requires you buying a wifi adapter for your decoder). Now below are the genera advantages:

  1. This glo bb 10 plan happens to be the cheapest among the four ISP in Nigeria(do your research Etisalat, Airtel and mtnĀ  offers 500mb for #1,500)
  2. This plan makes it so convenient for you as it is a wireless connection
  3. It saves the battery of your other phones. Browsing through wifi saves more battery than using your mobile network to surf the internet.
  4. As against etisalt and airtel, Glo mobile billing machine is so considerate and economical. They don’t just wipe off your bundle without cause


Eventually, i became frustrated when i could hardly use airtel 1.5gb for more than three days even without downloading. My frustration made me look for alternative and i found out about glo. Apart from the fact that generally glo offers the cheapest data bundle in Nigeria currently, their blackberry 10 bundles are just too good to true. Now my next move was how to make this blackberry 10 bundles work with other devices. I arrived at the following workaround:


  • You must have a blackberry phone that runs the blackberry 10 operating system: This sounds weird, but i had to buy a used blackberyy z10 just because of this experiment. ordinarily, i hate blackberry devices with a passion as i am more of android / iphone fanboy. other bb 10 phones include: z30, q5 and q10
  • Your blackberry 10 device must have a wifi mobile hotspot(Nevermind all bb 10 phones comes with a mobile hotspot)
  • Load your glo line with at leat #1,400 worth of airtime
  • Send the keyword “MidMonth” in a text Mesaage to “777” It is valid for 30 days(other codes fro other plans are in the picture above)
  • Your money will be deducted and your BIS will come to life.
  • Launch your Mobile hotspot from within your bb10 phone>>use other device such as your computer or android, iphone, windows phone to search for the wifi connection on your blackberry>>enter the password where necesaary(you can as well change your password in the hotspot settings)>>connect your external mobile device, and you have just successfully use your glo bb 10 subscription to browse on other devices.


  1. You need a blackberry 10 phone(If you are not a blackberry fanboy you can always buy a used one)
  2. you can only connect to your black berry hotspot via wifi from your other devices
  3. Mobilty: If you don’t have a power bank like me, it means your browsing outside the environment where you have a power source is limited to the battery life of your bb 10 device.

By and large, to me personally, the advantages outweighs the disadvantages so i will give this a passmark.


  1. @lemmy, I just sent Mid-month to 777 at 1400 thinking I would be credited with 2gb, but when I sent status to 777 in order to check the mb, I realized I was credited with 500mb.pls what do u think could have been d problem?

  2. @ Starpryde does this plan work on an Android device? Thanks in anticipation

  3. @starpryde, could u pls share dis trick with us.

    • starpryde says:

      @Jojo, this is simple, some new andriod come with USB internet , where you can share your internet connection with PC. Another better way is your wifi hotspot on ur PC or some hotspot software still with PC though.

  4. starpryde says:

    @ Mr Brave, you can use the plan on other devices, if you know ur way around it. Like Download the latest Desktop Application, then install and connect your PC through it. it is super fast. That is what am using.

  5. Mr Brave says:

    @Banny, can that plan work on non-bb devices asides through WiFi?

  6. @Agbaye, pls get an Original Huawei modem for ur Qsat. Other modems like ZTE does not work on Qsat, from experience, only Huawei modem works.

  7. Oga lemmy!! D modem type HSDPA 7.2mbps. & can i buy bundle bkos i used sim directly. Pls narrate hw 2use modem wt Q-sat. Pls Oh!!! Tnk u 4 feedin me bak May God continue 2guide u 4us.

  8. helo Oga lemmy..hw are u 2day.. Cud u pls hlp me out wt hw 2use Modem wt sim. On qsat.. Bkos i use universal modem on my qsat & He didnt indicate network connection. Pls hlp me out

  9. princely009 says:

    @lemmy morgan. Yes it can be shared via hotspot. I currently use it on my q10. 1k for 3gb. its d best out dere.

  10. can it be used with decoder such as srt4922A to watch youtube or iptv through the decoder wifi setting?

  11. wow! Thanks lemmy, i tot as much, no wonder with my nokia E6, 1gb can no longer last 1week anymore..

    I also hate bb wiith passion, same with glo…
    Pls where can one get a fairly-ok used bb10 with good price i want to sell my nokia?

  12. francisco says:

    @lemmy can this also work in ghana.

  13. try and see if curve4 can be able to share its hotspot with glo bb subscription.

  14. Razak Akim says:

    thanks for this info cos i’ve been going through hell with my airtel bb plan. grateful

  15. auwalu2004 says:

    Rather Mr lemmy you can use same glo on bb10 and get 3.72gb with 1000 naira, just send bbc month as a text message to 777. It’s the one I’m using now.

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