How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files from Your Android 100% free

Similar and exact looking files occupy a lot of storage space on your device. It hampers device speed and performance significantly. These files can generate due to various reasons like file sharing, file downloading, data backup etc. In this article, we can discuss the reasons behind the accumulation of duplicate data and ways to remove it.


Reasons behind duplicate data

  • Data sharing is something we practice all the time. Your system sometimes generates similar files when sent to someone or received by someone to another folder.
  • Data downloading is best opt to collect your favourites. You keep on downloading songs, images, movies, apps and lot more. It happens many times when you download similar files more than once, which ultimately accumulate duplicate data on your device.
  • Data backup is another culprit which increases duplicate files on your device. It happens when you backup similar files more than once.
  • You can also find similar apps data as apps do not update themselves from the previous version and download a new file. This way you can have duplicate data in the form of a sample or other files related to your apps.
  • Your device can also include multiple or identical copies in the form of installed program files on your machine. It can happen when two program installs a copy of the same library of shared code or due to other reasons.
  • Cache images or thumbnails also increase your load of cleaning.

How de-duplication helps?

It offers more storage space: Once you decide to remove similar or exact looking files from your device you manage to recover a lot of storage space on your device.

Improves speed & performance: Your cluttered and unorganised storage space hampers your device performance whereas clean device helps you improve your device speed & performance.

Reduce searching time: When you remove duplicate files your device need to search fewer files to find targeted file. It will reduce the searching time significantly.

Better management of data: De-duplication of your data can help you get rid of cluttered and unorganised storage space.

How to find and remove duplicate files?

Try it manually: the First method to search and remove duplicate files is to do a manual scan of your device. Go to each file & folder to find similar content and then remove it. This process is cumbersome and not full proof as many similar files exist in the form of the same size than the same name.

Try technology: Another effective way to get rid of all duplicate data is to use apps to find and remove this unnecessary data. Apps help you find similar files even in the remote corners of your device which you cannot find manually. It offers better results and saves lot of your time and efforts. You can use various duplicate files remover tools to remove unnecessary data from your device.

Conclusion: Duplicate files accumulate on your device due to various reasons and affect your device speed and performance negatively. Removing these files manually cost a lot of time and efforts hence using duplicate files remover tools prove effective. These tools can help you clean your device to give you “Stock” android experience.

Summary: You can find and remove duplicate files from your device for better speed and performance. To do this you can use various duplicate files remover tools for instant and effective results.


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