Real APK Leecher is an application written in  Java programming language and its most important function is that it aloows you to be able to download all your  Android apps from google play store directly to your  to computer.

This application is provided  by Tim Strazzere of this site Thanks to Tim Strazzere for his great work.


Main features

  • It allows you to download apk files from Google Play to desktop
  • Check version of your apk local files



1. You need to Configure the option

First time launching Real APK Leecher, you need to config some required information for the tool to work. Go to Edit -> Option.

The general info is required. Email and password are belong to a Gmail that is main account on an Android phone. Device Id is the device id of that phone. You can obtain it by press *#*#8255#*#* on your phone. This is shown in the screenshot  should be shown (please note that the device id doesn’t contain “android-” part).





Alternatively you can get your device ID By searching and download an app named DEVICE ID to do it for you.

2. How to  Download apps with this software

This tool is very easy to use. All you need to do is to Just search with proper search term (the search box is on the right hand pane of the app window) , you’ll get the list of apk files on the table below. Select a row and right-click, then download the app you want.

the picture below says more

3. Check version of local apk files

This is new feature on version 1.1.8 which let you compare local version of an apk folder with the version on Google Play. It helps you update your existing apk files easier.

4. Batch rename apk files with proper name

You can automatically rename all apk files with file name format option, or manually rename a file by double-click on the filename on the table.


1. It cannot start and ask me for Java install?

This tool is a Java application, so you need at least JRE for it to run. If you encounter any problem in starting up Real APK Leecher, get the latest JRE on Oracle site.

2. Is this tool safe for me to provide my Gmail account?

Well, tell you the truth that i really didn’t want this tool to ask your account like that, but it must do that. The API acts more like an phone emulator, access Google Play with the same way when you use your phone to do that. So that’s why you need provider your Gmail account. I don’t have anything to do with your account. If not sure, make a junk account to use this tool.

3. Does this tool work with paid apps?

No! Only apps you paid with your account, not any paid apps.

4. The status shows “Login successfully” but “Cannot load the list. Please check your internet connection.”?

First, make sure your device id doesn’t contain any space. Then check your internet connection to see if you have network with private DNS, proxy that block Java Application. Also check your antivirus firewall.

5. Many apps i expected with the search term didn’t show up and download failed due to bad device ID or internet connection?

There are 4 reasons cause this error:

  • Commonly, it happens if you provide wrong device id. So check your device id carefully.
  • You provide wrong the path which the tool uses to save the downloaded apks.
  • The app you’re downloading is a paid app and you didn’t purchased it with your account.
  • Your internet connection

6. Download is fine but there are some apps i couldn’t find it on search result?

Maybe the apps you want has some restrictions on it. See the changelogs for version 1.2.3


7. Some big apks download reach 100% and keep counting back from start?

Don’t mention it. The download finishes when the Cancel button is disabled. That’s a sign.

That is all if you encounter any problem let me know in the comment box below


  1. It’s working. Thanks for sharing this trick with us.

  2. FUjiaojiao says:

    I have the same problem,and have tried your suggestion but it still doesn’t work.
    Have any other solutions?
    Thank you very much!

  3. Thanks for Sharing this…… Very Useful…For first few days it worked just fine but now em getting an error “Error while connecting to the server”…Can you tell me how to fix this ???


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