How to Create, Edit & Setup Nokia S40 Prov Files (All you need to know)

Unlike how some people who attribute prov files to free browsing trick software, On the contrary a .prov file is a provisional file that works with Nokia S40 phones so that the java applications installed on such phones can get connected to the internet. However the s40 java phones of recent times like the C3, X2 e.t.c doesn’t require a prov file to get connected to the internet. And this is where the issue of prov file with free browsing tricks comes in. If you are the type that is using operamini andler and you are using a nokia s40 java phone, and you are using a free browsing cheat that will require you to change your internet profiles before you can use it for free,, then you need a prov file with your phone.

Having said that, in the course of this post, we shall be teaching you the process of creating or editing a prov file manually either on phone or pc or either by a third party application.   mind you a prov file does not work for sony ericsson or motorola phones

SO I will Saying something on the followings:


1. how you can create your own prov from the scratch online
– you can do this online through some independent websites like or my
2. How can i create a prov file from the scratch with a software on my computer?

Offline yourself with a computer you can do this by downloading a software called java_proxy_generator  the application has an intuitive and user friendly user-interface

i. All  Nokia java phones like s40v5 xpressmusic phones e.g C3
(it has the following characteristics like a follow come operamini)
ii.All  Nokia s40 old java phone types e.g 3110c or 6300 e.t.c

Which application can i use to create a prov file on my java phone?

You can Download_S40 prov creator and use it to create a prov file on your java phone by following the steps below

1] Download application..
2] Install and launch app..
3] Input the required parameters. E.g APN, IP, etc
4] Locate the created file, send it to a non java phone and send back to your phone..


i. With a computer using Notepad++
ii. With xplore on S60 nokia phones
iii. With blueftp on s40 nokia java phone (i wont be discussing this because most people already know how to do this but if there is so many request i will give you steps on how to edit prov files)

iv. and with S40 prov creator

A prov file is a proxy configuration
file written in xml format which is an
extension of Nokia s40 phones proxy
settings. It contains the IP address (also called the proxy address),
proxy port number, the access point
name, username and password of the network operator. Some internet java applications never
seem to connect on certain Nokia S40
phones and this is where prov file/
proxy file comes in. It enables such
application to connect to the access
point. When a prov file is sent to a Nokia
s40 phone, it doesn’t get saved in the
file manager like other files such as
Music and videos.Instead, it
appears as a configuration settings the
way our local network providers settings would do if we request
provisional settings. For example,
when A Glo mobile Nigeria subscriber
sends ALL NOKIAC3 to 1234, GLO
will automatically send a prov file to
the phone making it appear like a configuration settings. When a prov is sent to an s40 phone,
It can only have its effect in the following areas:
settings>>default config settings and
prefered access point settings

For it to work perfectly with your phone, don’t
sent it with a usb cable or through
mms, you send it via OTA meaning over the air
connection e.g, infrared or bluetooth. When the prov file has been sent,
locate where it’ll have the effect as
was directed above, activate the new
settings, go back once and locate
Activate default in all apps. Select it
and head to prefered access point settings where you’ll choose the
appropriate access point for your
default settings.

So far so good i have done justice to the issue of provisional files. well if you want to learn more on NOKIA S40 APPS & TUTORIALS THEN JOIN OUR WEB FORUM TODAY ITS FREE


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