How To Configure HAME 3G Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi Router

Hame 3G/ wifi router is gradually gaining ground across Africa because of it’s usefulness. In this tutorial, i will be explaining(with the help of clear pictures) how to configure your hame router for first use. This article will also benefit users of other types of wifi routers. Read along with me.



How to secure your hame’s password so that you will be free from hackers or  any unwanted persons, How to make hame use a predefined APN, How to make hame use a predefined network mode and how to rename your hame router to anything of your choice.



  • Older versions of hame router have a bug that prevents you from customizing it on a computer(I will give you a workaround on this)This issue has been fixed in newer versions like A16S
  • Your default wifi password is always written clearly on your hame router
  • The URL that will give you access to your router is either written on the body of your router or in the manual this is “
  • All hame comes with a manual written in Chinese language and this can make it very difficult for newbies to figure out(don’t worry i understand chinese language am here for you)
  • The default admin password for hame is “hame” without the quotes those of other routers are usually “admin
  • Hame supports almost all sim cards the world over. all you need to do is to.
  • The default service / dial number for Nigeria gsm service providers is *99#  you can use this anywhere service number is required to setup an internet profile


You can use your hame router out of the box by using it via lan cable or by connecting to its WiFi hotspot by entering the default password which is written on the device. However, you will be doing yourself some wrongs if you refused to change some values within hame settings. It is like you having a satellite decoder with only one channel whereas you can watch other channels on the decoder. If you give someone your password, that is the end, the person will continue to have access to your hotspot anytime you switch it on. this guide will(in sequential order0 show you how to change your: network mode, wifi password, wifi name, apn, among other things on your hame.

  1. The first thing you need to do after buying your hame, is to buy a lan cable(lan cable is cheaper if you want to configure your hame on a computer and you want to use your hame with your decoder if you can’t find a good wifi adapter for your decoder) You may ignore a LAN cable if you want to set up your hame on your smartphone.
  2. For those having a LAN cable and willing to set it up on a computer, connect your hame to your pc via your lan/ rj45 cable with the sim card of your choice inserted then visit in any of your computer browser be it Mozilla, safari, opera, or internet explorer. Then follow steps four to (For those who have older versions of hame, don’t bother to use pc because it won’t work you will have to set up your hame using your mobile phone browser hame A16S and newer versions can be setup on a PC.
  3. For those willing to use a phone, or those who couldn’t use a computer for the reason mentioned above, make sure you use your smartphone’s defaut browser don’t use third party browser. E.g blackberry users should use blackberry browser, android users should use android browsers, aple iPhone users should use safari now in your insert the Sim you want to use into yor hame>>wait till it power on your hame>>open yor phone’s internet mobile data and make sure you are subscribed to to a data plan on your phone>>at the same time search for your hame wifi and connect to it>>once hame is connected to your phone, open your browser and type you will be required to login… pictures below for steps 1 – 3











Like i said earlier, you can use any sim card. I used mtn with an active bundle(If you don’t have an active bundle on your hame, you will still be able to set it up, but it won’t be useful to browse the internet until you load into the sim card.

4. once you visit the URL given above, you will be presented with a login page as shown below:(note, i used my android phone browser) Simply enter hame as the admin password.









5.  Once you are logged in, you will see the following user interface of which you are advised to modify specific values under the Internet settings and wifi settings only. If you are using stubborn si card like glo, you may need to change your Apn manually to “gloflat” gloflat is the apn assigned to all glo data bundles and that is why glo rarely browse when you don’t have a data bundle. even if you have 20,000 worth of airtime, glo may not browse. For full list of all manual APN settings for all Nigeria network, click here. The following pictures explain more:











6. The first pictures shows a successful login to hame dashboard and the areas you are going to focus on. The second and third pictures shows the initial steps to setting up the internet profile on hame by default, the Wan connection type is set to “SMART” now this mode has it’s major disadvantage especially in Africa where we lack good 3g network so the first thing you must do is to change “SMART” to “3G” as shown above after change smart to 3g, click on “DONE”

7. We now go further by setting up our apn: this option will not be available if you choose smart as your connection type. the following pictures shows you how to manually edit your APN. Mind you the one in my screenshot is for airtel Nigeria, please use the one that belongs to the network you are using.However, dial number is same for all network providers Once you are done with this modifications please click on apply and wait till you get a success message as shown below:











8. Now that we are done with the internet setup, we need to secure your wifi hotspot. you can also choose to spice up your wifi hotspot’s name to any name of your choice. the following pictures contains the default hame wifi password which is written at the back of the hame(you should also note that this corresponds with the one inside hame wifi settings, you should also choose the appropriate wifi security mode which is “WPA-PSK” then change your “Network Name(SSID)

hame wifi password on hamehame wifi password in UIhame_wifi_settings










9. Next it to show you with the aid of diagrams how what you need to change within hame wifi settings like i said above. The wifi security of hame router was disabled by default so as to grant users first time aces to the settings. Now you will have to enable the security mode, then change the password from the default to any thing not less than 8 characters. you may also change your network name from the default HAME_***_3d12 To your own name or anything else. Make sure you apply, your changes.











10. This is a bug i notice with hame i don’t know if it s all hame versions or just the older ones. Anytime i change a sim card, the settings will reset to default. so please after changing sim try and re-visit the dash board. I uploaded two more pictures showing a connected hame router on qsat decoder via wifi using a wifi adapter on the qsat decoder and a picture showing how to reset a hame router in the event of any emergency. To learn how to connect your decoder to the internet(be it LAN internet, wifi, Sim card or 3g modem, please read this article)



  1. Hi,

    MY HAME wi-fi router is not working since a week. When I power ON the RED flash LED blinks.

    I am unable to connect to

    I tried by connecting LAN cable, but of no use.

    Please help me

  2. Thank you for the information. I bought the Hame A 16s router and I used my phantom z to set up the router. At first my phone asked me to input password and I input the password provided on the cover of the router and it instantly connected. However when I input the URL it didn’t give me options for setting the router as you stated. Instead many options popped up including tutorials on hame etc just like when I want to search for something with Google whereby so many options will pop up relating to what you search. I can’t see something similar to what you said. I then decided to use my laptop with the lan cable but it is not connecting even though it is connecting with my phone. What else can I do?

  3. Great work n all related problems r answered. I am using HAME 3G router but by my mistake i switch off the wifi in portal and then I could not make it wifi free, i pressed reset switch also but did’t worked. I tried many options, also wrote to Hame also but no reply. I found this page and did what he explained about my problem.Problem solve Great work done. Thanks lemmy

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  10. adeadex55 says:

    wats up oga lemmy, pls hv not bn able to acces dis url page……sayin page is unavailable

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  23. Hello LM can you please help on why can’t I use my Bold 5 9930 as a modem on my Laptop anytime I tried connecting with it I get these you are trying to connect to a global ream extra charges may apply. When I click continue it will disconnect. What do I need to do please.

    • @lawbole, you can’t use BIS plans as hotspot that is how it is meant to be sir. if you use it successfully, then it means it is a hack or loophole by the internet service provider

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    Man I need your good advice, my Qsat13G always come with these Bad Signal when ever am watching it can you tell me what’s wrong or is it the juction I used to seperate it and JoyTV.

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    A sim with data plan or a sim with no data plan but just airtime only?.

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    please I went to buy a wifi adapter and they asked about its volts. so I would like to know how many volts wifi adapter can qsat 23g take. also which one is better for network connection for qsat 23g, wifi or 3g because im considering buying the wifi adapter for wifi connection. thank u

    • @ike, wifi on qsat or similar decoder, is merely for convenience.. if you require multiple connection from your internet package, then go for wifi. Otherwise, stick with your 3g.

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    thank you oga..
    GOd bless u.

  38. Before then my X-man G8 did not pick airtel Sim cards whether the modem or as through Wi-Fi.. But it works with all other Sim cards in Ghana.. then I upgraded my Xman g8 to qsat 11 knowing very well that qsat works with airtel Sim cards and all other airtel products.. But still my Xman does not pick airtel at all… Please Mr. LEMMY may I know why.. What’s the solution.. We want to use airtel

  39. LM, gm. how do i check if i am using d latest software version? thanks. happy sunday n God bless u

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  42. Yes Lemmy, it came back on but it has gone off again while I was watching Arsenal match. Now the server is not even connecting any longer.

  43. kaba edward says:

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    • @babsy use another email to send. It’s either I didn’t receive your email, or I have already replied. Pls check your spam folder or use another email to send to me

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  53. @lemmy, why ss3 not showing and ss3 ni showing but isn’t clear it’s showing some bricks

  54. Oga lemmy, it seems qsat is back working flawlessly even on 2g/gprs. Lemmy, each time i blindscan a particular satellite, like Eutelsat and turksat, the stations displayed on these scan are not saved, even when i save them. i will always have to rescan them each time i want to watch them.

  55. John Mayor says:

    Thank lemmy I will contact seeler. Just to inform others. etisalat has not been working with avatarcam or tv1 cos they have been using a UK ip for more than 10 days now. i guess its just maintainance and they might return to nigeria ip once its done

  56. my qsat is off. is it a general problem?? how can i get HAME in ekiti

  57. LM how you doing? Please is Qsat13G with code 42****** back please update me on these mine is not showing anybody with code 42**** working ?

  58. thanks once again. its working . buh it was not picking all my sim cards.xcept for vodafone sim. it use to pik mtn tigo also buh nt again. it hasnt piked airtel since i bot it in february. thank you.

  59. John Mayor says:

    What am I doing wrong with the tv1 cccam. How do i know its banned. its showing connected?

  60. thank u very much Mr. lemmy buh is qsat off again. code 49***

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  62. John Mayor says:

    Oga Lemmy…My tv1 is connecting but not showing for more than 10 hours now…. what am i doing wrong?

  63. Morning pls, just want to let you know I’ve not recieved any response to my mails as regards the price of a compatible WiFi adapter for q11g and HAME 4G ROUTER. Thnks

  64. a friend told me that new soft ware is out, oga lemmy how true is that?

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  70. Qsat is back

  71. Hello Oga lemmy,
    Can you please help with how to manual scan on qsat decoder or how to scan for African magic naija. Thank you

  72. Kingelvis says:

    my q23g working perfectly as at 30:30pm Ng time today.

  73. Guys mine is working, my code is 59***************, I actually finished watching dowry ELTV, please how do manual scan on qsat q11g, cos cos when I scanned African magic Yoruba was no got, can you please help with that thank you

  74. Q-sat is back as at 2:40pm Ghana time and stable too but let’s hope it lasts thanks lammy®

  75. Hello lemmy, any idea on Q23 it has been off since on monday nite after the chelsea burly game but some one told me that african magic is working right now. is it true sir?

  76. @ Lemmy I tink QSAT is back I jst saw a friends own working as @ 3:30pm today

  77. Spicy OASS says:

    Oga is there any truth in the rumour that very soon 2G networks will not work on dongles accept 3G or better? and Oga pls give us info if u have one on when qsat and azsky are coming back. God bless u

  78. Pls Lemmy, i need the biss key to unlock TV3 on qsat. Thanks

  79. its like tv1 cccma has join qsat in the race of sleep pls can some1 confirm?

  80. kaba edward says:

    OOOH qsat.Is tv1 account currently working?

  81. ok thanks, that is to say, i have to buy adapter for the qsat?
    pls send me the price via text to the fone no. i posted.

    • @benneth, you will buy wifi adapter for qsat if you want to connect qsat to the router via wifi. Otherwise, you can by a lan cable if you want to use Lan internet instead



  83. hi lm, good morning, i hope the adapter that came with the Hame is compatible with qsat?
    pls can u send the price to my no. i can no longer access my mail via phone. thanks.

  84. Emmanuela says:

    @lemmy plz when do u think d q23 will likely be up again? At least how long it will be off

  85. pls is qsat back?

  86. I need one HAME ,how much it
    will be cost.

  87. Lemmy what about cccam? Is it also down?

  88. I think even tv1 cccam is down at the moment… seems it’s the end for iks o

  89. shamsuddeen nakamura says:

    oga lemmy qsat q23g is down mine is code 44……. Any help

  90. danbala galadima says:

    I need HAME one,how much it will be cost.send me details via my email.

  91. Oga lemmy pls what is main problem is it qsat people or dst***, ON in morning and night but afternoon and evening OFF…

  92. Oga Lemmy how much is this HAME and where can we get it?.

  93. @lemmy plz what is the condition of Qsat now??? I can’t access my Q11G its showing network connection success but can’t connect to server?? What is d situation on ground???.

  94. Thanks for the timely info. Pls lemmy, I have a swift4G LTE modem (mobile WiFi Huawei),
    1. do I still need this HAME3G rioter for it to work for my qsat?
    2. If yes how much does it cost
    Please how can i get a compatible WIFI Adapter from you and how much?

    Please note that I have sent you a mail and still expecting response from you

  95. Hi lemmy, gr8 wrk u’re doing. I wan to know if this HAME A16S router works with networks like swift, Visafone or spectranet, as i hav sim cards for each. If so, pls assist with the how to.

    I wnt tu also ask if the cheat used for airtel bbm for android data plan will wrk on this router.

    I also need the price tag for it, the new q23g and will like a wireless adapter for my Qsat q11g. Please lemmy, my Qsat code 54*** has been down since, hope it’s a general issue.

    Thanks lemmy.

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