HOMELIVE- APK(Africa/Arabic/Euro/USA/Asia Global Premium)CH list update

Pctvlab team who happens to be the producers of Gsky and ancloud has released an updated Apk for homelive cloud. In case you do not know, homelive cloud is the app design to manage pctvlab team’s premium iptv solution. I wont start talking about iptv here because we all know what it entails. For the purpose of newcomers, please avail yourselves the opportunity of read articles on this site or via google.com on IPTV.

new homelive channel list

Many of us out there already installed homelive apk on our android devices including ancloud p5 boxes. This new updates simply fixes some bugs and added some channels. As for the added channels, you can get the list on pctvlab’s forum here. It was claimed that there has been a kind of 60% channels increases wit the new homlive cloud. I cannot mentioned the channels list as they are numerous.

It is worthy of note that this homelive global premium package does not work for free. So if you are looking for totally free iptv solutions, ten you are talking about kodi, mobdro, sportstv and a host of others. You can download this apk from pctvlab download page. For Nigerians, I know iptv solutions is even more difficult to embrace due to the recession in town. The cost is even challenging that of dstv in terms of affordability. I mean to use homelive premium account for example, you need a huge and fast internet subscription plus payment for te account(the cost of the account is now higher due to the exchange rates). Be that as it may, using my guide here, you can decide on what you want.

Download: homelive_cloud_161205.apk from this link.


  1. Hi lemmy,

    I have upgraded my homelive apk to the latest but am still not getting the additional channels as they have stated at their forum in ur post an help or how do l go about getting the 1000 plus channels on it.


  2. Please,how can I get tv congo in west africa. I need frequencies

  3. Please I have updated my ancloud p5 but i dont have supersports 1 2 3 any more and also no chelsea tv , man u tv, sky f1, sky sports news as stated.

  4. I think Its over for me and gsky. When i input the tp it says out of range. Someone please help. East africa

    • @glen: please make sure you enter the correct tp. Or select from the existing tp lists

    • @Glen: only two things can cause this problem; 1. it is either the tp already existed on the decoder or you are entering it wrongly. Yo may also consider deleting at least one irrelevant tp to accommodate this one

    • Ishmael Turkson says:

      just blind scan it will get it automatically no need to enter the tp manually

    • @Glen if ur decoder is saying out of range know dat u ar trying to input ku band tp on a C-band Lnb frequency. Go and select Universal 10970/10600 in the Lnb setting before inputing any ku frequency and select 5150 for C-band before inputing any C-band tp or frequency.

  5. Pls i did not get sport24 on my qsat23g pls help me with new cold pls frequency and symborat

  6. HD sports24 new TP 04096 V 16908. ABUJA residents can contact 08064662957 for all kinds of satellites installations.

  7. Please,is it still 34west for sports24?

  8. Sport24hd is off at west any help?

  9. Bad news for Powerview viewers as Sony Encryption set to change from powervu to NDS videoguard. Let’s enjoy while it lasts: http://www.pc-tablet.co.in/sony-tv-piracy-cisco-videoguard-everywhere/44785/

  10. Can I use this to update my ancloud box homelive all?

  11. Sanusi pls explain it to our understanding. Is it the direction where Consat is?

  12. What websites show live premiere league games and champions league?

  13. AFN
    Eutelsat 9.0°E 11766-V-27500 & 11804-V-27500
    166.0°E 3860-H-28000
    177.0°W 3646-R-28000
    180.0°E 4174-L-3680
    113.0°E 12590-V-28000 **12670-V-28000
    64.2°E 4093-L-3680
    Intelsat 903 @ 34.5° West – 4126 L 3680
    P 00540716 00 FCCD8E6C12268A ; EMM Key
    P 0057B90F 00 2C280A7807F63D ; EMM Key
    P 003E7E84 00 1B80AA69C85E8B ; EMM Key
    Key0: 4D 98 33 61 84 04 FA <= NEXT
    Key1: 23 67 62 4F 5D 66 A0 <= ACTIVE 15/12/2016

  14. how much for the account for IPTV I just upgraded to version 8.11.28 regards

  15. sanusi aliyu says:

    fox sports 1 $ 2 ,AMC movies, AMC series for free on eutelsat 16′

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