Gsky V6 Iks Function – Hotbird, Skynet & Astra Packages

This article is going to walk us through another utility Gsky V6 is capable of dishing out to its user. Now most big dish owners, especially those from northern Nigeria are already familiar with Hotbird packages. Gsky V6 gives you the opportunity to watch three major satellite packages on Hotbird, Astra 19.2E and Skynet packages on Apstar 7. All three packages have premium sports, movies and entertainment channels but on different locations and with different names. For example, Hotbird has more than 700 premium channels, while Skynet has about 104(Just that the channels on skynet packages are predominantly sports channels that covers all sports across all countries of the world.

skynet_apstar 7


   Sky Net On Apstar 7 76.5E KUPackage is located in Asia Surrounded by india ocean. Guys in east African counties will find it easiest to track this. But with the right dish, most african countries including Nigeria should be able to nail this.. And just like hotbird and Astra 19.2E a have  leakage signal in Nigeria and most parts of Africa.the position is out of official footprint, there fore anybody with a big dish of not less than 3meters wide has a chance of getting some or most of the channels. Intro into what you can enjoy on sky net package is in the picture above. I will attach full channels list a a pdf file which you can download and read thoroughly. 76.5E skynet package IKS channels list. For the frequency and symbol rates, view the picture above or visit the link below:

How Can I watch Sky Net Channels On My V6

Sky Net is an IKS solution meaning it uses insignificance internet data just like your qsat and other dongles before it. Sky net account is not preloaded on Gsky v6 as it is sold separately. However, hotbird and Astra account is embedded into your V6 on purchase and you are entitled to use it for one year ater which you can renew your subscription. In my subsequent article, i shall be discussing how to activate your iks account on Gsky v6.



Before the arrival of this Gsky V6 receiver, i have personally tagged tlink decoder the most feature loaded Fta / ks decoder and a specialist in decryption of  channels in Asia and middle east especially Hotbird packages. Fortunately that has changed now as gsky’s scam account clearly outperform tlink’s gshare account on hobird and even goes two steps more by opening both astra and sky net packages.

hotbird and astraScreenshot_3








From the above pictures, you can see some of the channels available on hotbird and Astra packages. Hotbird normally covers NorthAfrica and  that’s why Nigeria needs a big dish some counties in africa requires lesser dish to receive all hotbird channels. Astra 19.2e cover Nothwest Africa. For full channels list and tracking frequencies and symbol rates, please download the following pdf file: Gsky_ScamChannels20151106.


As i said earlier, gsky v6 comes preloaded with hotbird and astra account code named Scam account(I will teach you how to activate this later in my next article). Once you buy a gsky decoder, you will be able to use the powervu functions for life while you will be able to use the hotbird  and astra iks account free for one year after which you can renew your subscription. All you need is to get the right size of this which is definitely bigger than the size of dish you will use to track powervu nn2 12 / 57/ or 22c-band. in other words, to have a good chance with hotbird package in southern  and eastern Nigeria specifically, you need at least a 3 meter dish. The size of dish requires varies with geographical locations and countries so please contact your local satellite installer for the exact size you need.



If you do not already have a big dish of at least 1meter wide, and you do not also have the space to install a dish of that size, then if you buy Gsky V6, or any similar decoder, it means you have bought it to watch fta channels like Amos 5, multitv, ccctv or for iptv purpose. The reason is that, the least dish size you can use to enjoy any premium satellite channel on Gsky V6 is 1 meter. if you are confuse about sizes of dish, please read my article here.


Fellow lemmytes, if you are one of the lucky few who have this enormous space lying idle and you are being frustrated by dongles downtimes or you think you have a poor internet to use for iptv. please start saving towards acquiring a big dish today. You will have no regrets installing any big dish equals to or bigger than 3.6meter. Iks or no iks, you are bound to enjoy something with a 3 meter dish. but if your space is limited, you can consider getting a 1meter dish(1 meter dish is available everywhere and popuar) a 1 meter dish can at least open sports hd 24 package for you as well as intelsat 68.5e packages. Please do not contact me for dish purchase unless you know what it means to spend so heavily transporting a dish from one location to another after construction. I belive you will surely have a good professional satellite installer around you who can educate you about the right size of dish to use to get powervu channels, hotbird, sky net or astra. Once you have solved your dish puzzle, you can reach me to buy your Gsky v6 decoder. And always remember, powervu function on gsky or any other powervu decoder out there do not require internet to work while Gsky Iks function always requires internet access with negligible data consumption to function. IPTV is a data hungry decryption beast so know the differences now. Iks consumes little data bundle and you can use 10 to 20 megabytes for 7 days of continuous watching. As for how to contact me; use the site’s contact page or send your request in an email to info @  Bye for now and do not forget to stay tuned to tthis site for the next article. Remember my mega update is coming this month and it will l summarize everything that has happened in the month of October also share this information with your friends and save someone from incurring unnecessary costs. 






  1. Please house i need a good installer to track hotbird with 4metre dish in calabar. Contact me on

  2. Hello house, Thanks for the good work you are doing Mr Lemmy, please I need help I have been unable to open a single channel on ses22 w a have 4922 with powerVu software and signal on my dish the channels are there and I have input several keys new and old but nothing please I need help I will really appreciate it, could I have miss something? Thanks and God bless

  3. wht type of dish and decoder that can track skynet . i live in suleja niger state.. i use qsat q11, and a 1.8m dish. thank you.

  4. Johnathan says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Has anyone here been able to track Skynet frequencies on Ku band Apstar 7 @76. 5E? Please let me know… If so, what dish size & ur location? Thanks in advance

    • Hai Jonathan, me i was only able to track using the C-Band and was able to pick the channels, what i dont know is whether its possible to pick those on KU band

  5. @ aminu can I track that sky net packages @ 75 e with 1.8m dish in Jos-nigeria(north central of Nigeria)

  6. Hello Lemmy. I have a recever strong 4920. But i can’t open 3900/22222 on 68.5 E with powervu. I just hear the sound but no image. Ccan anybody help me.

    • @ ramane, Change ur C-band lnb because its not compatible with the frequencies on that belt. If possible use older lnb and original one. It will open. Thanks my Oga, Lemmymorgan u too Much.

  7. nice update

  8. Tanx lemmy for d Gsky update, @mohammed dis are d SKY NET frequency: 10973V24500, 11010V30000, 11052V30000, 11105V45000, 11167V45000. at 76deg E. May GOD bless u lemmy.

  9. I think qsat has docked us because if not by now we are still watching . their various gadgets that are now in the market seems to be fetching them monies so they don’t care about us. When they first entered the market with qsat,any least problem is rectified without delay so why now that rather technology is improving. It only sadden me that I went to buy a new spy code last month after my avatar code expired. I see their action now to be ddeliberate

  10. Mr lemmy please update us on the latest status of Qsat. We are still In total darkness since on 27 /10 /2015 @2-3pm or whether we still have hope on Qsat.

  11. Hello guys,pls wht is the freqwence of the champion tv and can i use mpeg 2 decoda to track

  12. Thank you for the update. However on this sky net I checked both lyngsat and flysat but couldn’t see sky net on this particular sat I e sat 76.5. Perhaps you can help us with the frequency for easy tracking or if there’s anyone who has tracked this sat can help us with the frequency.

  13. mr lemmy and eny body in the house earope cccarm e still work ??????????????

  14. any latest on q sat

  15. Please help me with qsat q13g latest software

  16. @ muyiwa, stop using direct sim on ur qsat.. If u re usin modem wit ur qsat.. U won’t xperience it again

  17. Hail the guru, deducing from your explanation on skynet I would say it’s function ability is independent of gsky decoder, right? Now I have an open box S10 HD PVR which I was using with Azsky dongle, if I installed the right dish size and bought the IKS account, would it work here in Kenya?I feel pained to throw the open box away

  18. @sunny, goto, for more frequency.

  19. is q28g powervu software auto role…. or I will be putting powervu keys

  20. @ mykel.. U can load gshare account or sds mode on ur tlink.. But I tink sds mode is more cheaper
    .. But u wil need 90cm dish to track rodrigues for it signal

  21. @ femi, contact me on this email, so that I can send you the software for the champion tv decoder. Thanks.

  22. My brother just check your frequency and symbol rate after you have selected tv3,while you c screamble on screen just press ok you will c something like 12525 v 27xxxx make sure you have correct bisskey,freq,symbole rate and sid when you go to your patch particulary on qsat

  23. MR .LEMMY THANK U A LOT FOR HELPING US SOLVE OUR PROBLEMS ON Q SAT. PLEASE MY Q SAT 13g stop showing pictures but rather both video and radio side play only audio. plse help me.

  24. hello house and mr lemmy i ust want to know if tv3 on multi tv is still on mine has not being showing since on monday

  25. more grease to your elbow, Pls does hotbirds on tlink need internet/account or subscription. if both are available which one is better and which one is cheaper thanks.

  26. Good day lemmy…please my qsat 23G with avatarcam is connecting and i was using it to watch man utd west brom match but later scrambled and my decoder went to unto start again…Now i noticed that if my sim is in d decoder it would not load but if i remove my sim it would load….well i just put my sim back and as soon as it says welcome to server d decoder restarts again and would not connect until i remove my sim… Please lemmy and house what is the problem? And how do i solve it.

    • is there any solution for qsat 23g opening ss3ni n 5ni for 3 minutes n off for 3 minutes…any other qsat 23g user in the house?

  27. Mr.Lemmy thank u for the good that u are doing. please my q sat 26g stop working since 2 weeks now. plse help me.


    any decoder be it free to air


    @ Joseph CHAMPION is not locked for now since they want to do channels upgrade.
    so any decoder be it France can used to watch CHAMPION tv for now including free redlight tv

  30. I have 2.4m dish and I reside in Lagos (badagry area) I have q13 decoder. please what sports channel can be track on it? please help me

  31. Joseph, it is true. You can use qsat to track it bt u can not use qsat to decrypt / open the channels except you have the right biss key

  32. good-day mr lemmy, pls explain to me these things i came across under patch from the new receiver i bought called premium hd 16000. the things are “cryptoworks, nagravision, viaccess” . they are on the same patch with biss.

  33. joseph abanga says:

    i was told champion now showing live matches and you can use qsat to track it please can someone confirm it to in the house

  34. @lemmy pls I need software for powervu on qsat q26g. I hope 1meter dish is OK and also what are frequencies. Thanks

  35. oh what about those of us who use q sat 23 others they feel please bring us ours lemmy

  36. pls Mr. Lemmy will my 2.6m dish works with Gsky v6 powervu so I can get channels in hotbird, sky net or astra and all the premium channels???

    I stay in Kaduna, Zaria precisely

    thank you and God bless you

  37. I attaich one lnbf with scarler to get apstar7 c band,and my primary lnbf is intelsat20 c band with 1.8m, here in sokoto, nigeria.

  38. Thanks sir for the usual update, we are indebted to you….

  39. femi Johnson A. says:

    Please i need champion tv upgrade v153 software.

  40. I am just getting All Apstar channels especialy those which powervu opens,it is quiet brilliant, i am in East Africa,

    • bony what is the size of your dish.

    • Hail the guru, deducing from your explanation on skynet I would say it’s function ability is independent of gsky decoder, right? Now I have an open box S10 HD PVR which I was using with Azsky dongle, if I installed the right dish size and bought the IKS account, would it work here in Kenya?I feel pained to throw the open box away

  41. Mr Morgan my Qsat account has expired can you help me renew it?


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