Gshare, Spycam , Tvsat and Q19G Performance Updates & Analysis

I want to use this mini article to explain and analyze the current performances of selected IKS accounts. I will list them one after the other and talk briefly about what they are capable of doing, what they are currently doing, their strengths and weaknesses. If you neeed full details about the accounts, you can search the site for more information.

latest updates on cccam, gshare and iks accounts


G-Share /Gshare Accounts For Hotbird(13e  & Hipasat (30w)

Those who are capable of receiving hotbird  or Hipasat signals already knows which channels are avaialble on either of them. If you want to know about hotbird or hipasat full channels list, lease read my article here

From my own small contribution, i will say we have more premium channels on hotbird than on hipasat. Although the few channels being opened by iks accounts like Gshare or cccam on hipasat are highy quality. You required a slightly bigger dish for hipasat than you would for hotbird. Hotbird is also more popular in some African countries like Nigeria than hipsat because of the slightly smaller dish requirements. Either hotbird, or hipsat requires a big dish in the region of 3meter(300cm ) or larger.


It is no news that you can open hotbird packages unofficially using various means. However, ccccam or gshare accounts are the most dependable.  Cccam on one hand can be used on virtually every standalone mpeg4 hd decoders. While Gshare account is higly restricted to certain decoders. Furthermore, a cccam account can be ultra unreliable when you procure it from an incompetent source or a fraudulent source while there is no body who can kill your Gshare account once it has been loaded successfully. Another observation that requires further verification is the fact that Hotbird channels are more stable on Gshare than on most cccam out there. While most cccam opens hipasat channels more smoothly.


  • Tlink Decoder series(this is the first and the best decoder for Ghare but it is no longer available for sale)
  • Strong 4950H(this might surprise you but it is true)
  • Dreambox decoder
  • Some tiger decoders that did not come with zshare protocol
  • Dovesat
  • Any decoder that claims to utilize Gshare by specification.

How to load Gshare Accounts into Gshare-compatible Decoders

  1. Confirm that you decoder can actually run Gshare.
  2. Get the money for the account which is one year no more no less. it is a yearly account
  3. Get a trusted person to sell it to you
  4. GIve the decoder’s serial number to the person,
  5. The account will be loaded to your device via server. meaning your decoder will be activated with one-year gshare subscription without you having to enter any code


I have the following information to share on tvsat:

  • That novela and A+ are back on tvsat but not as stable as it used to be yet
  • That if you bought a tvsat from me that stopped working you should contact me with proof of purchase via my email “info @
  • That Qsat spycam and qsat esat q19g now opens tvsat as well

Updates on Spycam codes & Tcam codes(being used on Q19G)

The yet to be release qsat esat q19g is still opening canal 22w, tvsat and mytv while canal 22w is highly unstable on qsat spycam code. I still do not know the correlation between spycam code on all qsat models and tcam on the yet to be launched q19g. From all indication, they are making q19g to be more stronger so that people will buy it when it is eventually launched. They have forgotten that people are now wiser. I pray they stabilize spycam anyways. Currently qsat spycam code is opening canal 22w(but not stable it is off and on), mytv stable and tvsat stable.


Whenever you read article on this site, remember that the slogan is “use while it last” in other words, no unofficial package can last forever. Even totally free to air channels can eventually go off. To learn more about which unofficial package you can go for or if not to go for any unofficial package whatsoever, please read this article of mine here.

If you need more information about how to buy any of the products discussed on this site, you can contact me through my email “info @


  1. Lemmy,my srt (4950) have cccam,newcam on module,then on it server protocol it has gscam,bluecam,normal,activation.pls comfirm if it can run gshare

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  6. Who knows why all these Ghana Channels are no longer showing in Strong & Qsat.

  7. sir i use qsat 26g,i need to watch premier and champions league nd tv3 is not showin dem

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  9. gud day, pls i just want to know if cccam account is still working for small dish user? if yes what sat can it open and the likely cost

  10. Ralphdmvp says:

    Oga Lemmy, you once published how to connect smartphone to tv HDMI. Right. Pls I want to know if my Gionee m5 can support Hml to HDMI media HDMI cable

  11. Hi Oga Lemmy, I beg pls help me on how to Identify a genuine strong decoder 4950e. I dont want to buy fake

  12. Kumakech Denis says:

    Hi Lemmy how is the price of Gsky v7 or v6 I’m in Uganda price in us $ plus transport

  13. Is q23 opening Mtn coz mine isn’t opening today despite having the new auto-roll software v8.09.28.

  14. Hello lemmy , we are still waiting for q11 and 13+ auto roll software

  15. Thanks Lemmy, how much is the the Gshare account ($). And how many MBs do I need a month to sustain it?

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  17. I have alfabox I can use hotbird account for it

  18. Fitz-Emmy says:

    What is happening to Qsat, no update at.

  19. KABA EDWARD says:

    lemmy de canal plus side is not working at all not even talking about stability. tvsat and mytv side are working

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  22. People are still using dongles after Dstv slashed their prices down

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    Do you sell cccam accounts for canalsat thus 16 and 22 if yes at how much

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  25. Hello forum! which one is the best or latest strong decoders for power vu auto roll amongst 4950 series?. I want know before i buy.thank

  26. UNCLE KABS says:


  27. You said they will activate the Gshare account on air. Dose it mean there will be no need of using modem on that decoder to watch the channels.

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