Since i declared the official release of Azsky G6 DVB-S2 HD+GPRS COMBO DECODER ON 13TH AUGUST, 2013. I am happy to tell you now that, G6 is readily available.

new azsky products availableThe receiver will be sold on first come first serve basis and it is affordable. The reason why it will be like this is beacause, i am not a dealer, i only get from trusted dealer What i simply do is to assist you in getting value for your money. So if you are interested contact me by sending me an email by clicking HERE

In similar Vein, the new azsky service accounts that is based/ operates on the activation validity solution is now available for G1,G2, Xman and G1+. You can start buying them anytime from today I can help you get a reliable 3months or 6months account.


Once you contact me through my email ray4fame @yahoo.com, i will furnish you with the accounts you will pay into. You may also get to me through the site’s contact form.


The full specifications and features of G6 is HERE. Let me reiterate some of the splendid advantages of G6;

  • G6 is not just an ordinary decoder, it is a decoder combo that is a decoder with an inbuilt dongle that has the capability of opening encrypted channels out of the box. It also an HD pvr Decoder
  • It comes with at least 8months or 1year service accounts, meaning you will watch it for at least 8months before you talk of renewal
  • As much as G6 is an HD Decoder(meaning its capable of opening High definition satellite channels as well as SD channels,) Its picture quality, is better than that of strong 4922A and 4930. It has natural colours that is moderately saturated
  • G6 is versatile to the extent that, if the worst comes, you can still use it to watch free to air channels like Multitv, Mytv etc just like strong decoders
  • G6 is solidly built and designed and yet affordable
  • It has a very simple graphical user interface
  • It has a very moderate size(smaller and lighter than strong 4922A)
  • There is 95.9% assurance that when the service account expires, you will be able to renew your G6 account through me or any other dealer out there
  • It is a know fact that asky support is second to none, most especially if you always follow my updates.

If you buy your through me, I will ensure it is tested, working and okay and do the initial setup for you before sending it over to me, and you will always receive support from me directly or indirectly.

Do not also forget that G6 can be used alone to watch scramble channels without attaching it to any dongle or device.


  1. I live in Zambia. I have an Azsky G6 DVBS2+GPRS HD Receiver which stopped accessing Satellite TV service in March 2014. I do not know where and how I can renew the viewer license and the cost involved (in US dollar equivalent). How do I resolve this problem? Do you know of any authentic company through which I can renew the license online? I am aware that there are swindlers in this line of doing business but there are also honest dealers.

  2. chukzwealth says:

    am happy to hear abt this but please i will like to be cleared on the diffrence or any advantage of this new asky g6 decorde from the T-LINK 900 that am currently using and i also got from u. becos the T-Link 900 is still serving me well> is there any need to go for this new one?

  3. How can i scan to get more free to channels on G6

  4. frankemma120@gmail.com pls i need the new service account

  5. check ur mail Mr Lemmy n reply asap, my email is olammity@gmail.com. thanx.


  7. lemmy my g6 is very unstable it is nigerian nepa on strike is there a problem with g6 now

  8. How do I get the new G6 from you ,right away am in Ibadan.
    I also need to renew my G1 account that stopped working last week

  9. Why doesn’t my brand new registered etisalat SIM (easy cliq) work with my G6?

  10. waiting for your reply lemmy

  11. Hello Lemmy
    I want to say I like what you done and say i’m grateful i stumbled across your blog. First of all am new to the whole azsky dongle stuff. And just purchased dstv not too long ago and a friend of mine told me about watching unscrambled hd channels without any subscription. Though he didn’t elaborate further i was a bit intrigued and decided to do my research on the net. From all i gathered and all the products i saw i was a bit confused until eventually i came across your blog. What i want to know is;
    1. Can i use my dstv decoder (dsd 3u) with any of the dongles or decoder you have mentioned on your blog?
    2. Are there any cost i should know about in case i decide to make purchase?
    3. What the requirements for the dongle to work?
    I really look forward to reply. Thanks and God bless.


  12. Godfrey Jome says:

    What is the price for the g6 and can I get it.

  13. Lemmy, reply my mail pls?!

  14. Plz my oga, I want to know if G6 opens the free to air stations in Amos satelite. Infinity & conasat (free to air)
    Thanks for your good work

  15. Wow! Just discovered my G1+ now opens almost all dstv channels **just hope it stays like that***

  16. Lemmy, Great job man. Keep at it.

  17. Pls be very careful with who u r dealing with. Efcc on the prowl. They arrested one tope ajayi.. Satellite scammer in kano. We don’t want to lose you to those dsthieves

  18. Just concerned….. Saw d news of the arrest of one tope away (satellite scammer) on Sahara reporters. Pls be very careful who you do business with….. Well I can’t teach you ur job. Just don’t want to lose you to those dsthieves. Thnks

  19. Hello.
    Please reply my mail on how to pay and get the G6 decoder this week.

  20. Pls how much is the G6 and can it use other doggle lik A+ just like strong decoders. Wat is d prices of 3 and 6months service account. Thanks

  21. Goodday. Can u kindly give me the price of g6 combo and prices for the accounts (da 3 and 6months)

    Greetings from Ghana

  22. am in ghana and i have some of the g6 for sale..mail me achieklow@hotmail.com

  23. pls can you send me the price for G6 receiver and detail of how to make payment, i stay in minna niger state.

  24. Thank you for your reply.
    I am in Ghana. How much will it cost to get one to me tomorrow through Passenger Bus/Car to Accra?

  25. I am in Ghana. How much will it cost to get one to me tomorrow through Passenger Bus/Car to Accra?

    Can I use a MultiTV or Quality Combo Decoder to get DSTV channels if I add a G+ or A+ to it?

  26. How much is this decoder?

  27. what of azsky is it working now ?

  28. p/s oga lemmy i have do the two solution you post for the a+ but still not working . any help sir

  29. am in ghana what is de equivalent cost in ghana cedis or dollars.

  30. I Ǻ♍ intrested I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ d G6,can I get d datail on hw †φ send d money

  31. How do I get one, I’m in Abuja, Nigeria?
    What’s is the positioning of the dish, hope its the same as dstv’s.
    I have hawk stand-alone decoder but its very very unstable and shows when it likes, hope G6 HD decoder won’t be the same.

  32. pls what are the prices for the accounts (da 3 and 6months)

  33. Hi,
    Im very pleased that you are able to sell the new g6.
    Can you tell me how much for me, im from Niger (Niamey )?

  34. Hi,
    I live in Ghana. How much will it cost to send one Azsky G6 to Ghana through a Passenger Bus driver going to Accra? Very Urgent please.

  35. so hw do i place my order? im in Ibadan…. jus nid dis free air tinz

  36. In what currency do one make payment to you? In Naira or Dollars?

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