Firmware To Restore Missing Dongle Options On Strong SRT4669X_SRT4669XII

This post is coming a bit late, but it is better late than never. I am presenting to you for free downloads, a patch software that will help you in restoring your dongle option. The dongle option must have been lost due to strong ota upgrade that was forcefully forced to your decoder. Once you navigate to Menu>>installation>>scroll down to the last ite on the list just immediately after OTA Menu>>You must see options here. If options is missing, then it means you can’t use your strong decoder for dongle like Azsky, A+m eclink etc.

However, this article will provide you with a patched software to help you restore the options.

Warnings and Disclaimer!!

  •  The two software am providing below are meant for specific strong models, they are not meant to be used on any strong model order than the ones mentioned above.
  • I am not liable whatsoever for any harm that comes to your decoder as a result of using these firmwares(you may kill your decoder if your strong is fake, if the usb flash drive you use in copying the firmware has virus, if in the cause of the upgrade, there is power outage, if you download the firmware to a wrog version of strong)
  • If you kill your decoder the only guaranteed method of waking it is through decoder firmware transfer from a working strong decoder of your exact strong model.





i. Copy the software you downloaded into your flash drive
ii. From your decoder remote controller press Menu>> USB>> Data transfer Choose the folder select the software and press OK. NOTE: BE SURE TO USE THE RIGHT SOFTWARE ELSE YOU’LL FRY YOUR DECODER
I Repeat  make sure you use a healthy generator. So that you don’t end up frying your decoder just like mine if your power-goes off.


However if you fry your decoder, you may  still wake it by reading my post here.



The main reason why you are restoring dongle option is because you lost it. The question is, how can i keep it intact, below are some well researched tips on how to avoid loosing your strong option menu in the first place;

  1. After upgrading your software with my files above, make sure you change the OTA Satellite to anything apart from mytv or multitv satellites and you are definitely good to go. In other words, dont let your default sat be any of the two mentioned above
  2. Anytime the automatic download wants to start again, please remove your LNB cable from the back of your decoder, Then switch off your decoder and switch it on back again before putting the lnb cable back.
  3. You can also change your IC (not recommended)

Best of luck.



  1. hello Lemmy please I need your help.
    All my multi TV channels are gone after software update on my SRT 4922.
    I only see galaxy TV and other few Nigerian channels though I’m in Ghana.
    the tp shows green light for 12525v symbol rate 30000 but no multi TV channels showing.

  2. oluwapelumi says:

    Hello mr lemmy Morgan, i have been following your work for quite an ages its good to kno that a genius like you is out there and create an helping platform like this one and I appreciate all your effort, but I have a pressing issue. I cannot dictect both multi TV and my TV any more on my str 4922 A, only dstv signal that I can run so whatshoul I do pprobably it is caused by update from my TV ota update please help should I downgrade or what

    • @oluwapelumi : first thing first, check your disecq switch for fault. If that’s not the case, then comfirm if your decoder is original strong decoder. If it is, you can easily load the latest strong software to fix the issue

  3. David Gunshot says:

    is there any software that allows you to use a 3g modem for a strong 4669xll decoder…………… tanx

  4. I downloaded the patch to restore my 4922a dongle option but when I xtracted it I got an .exe file instead of .stb. What do ido since d .exe file will not open?

  5. after my azsky stop workng,dn i disconnect it nd subscribe 4 my dstv,bt now dat i hv upgrade my azskyG1 i connect it bck only 2 fnd out dat d dongle option is missing nd azsky is no mre working wt strong srt4922,wat shld i do pls,lemmy!

  6. I use decoder srt 4663xv. The 1 that operates with sims or so. At time it cease working 4 some hours or some times 4 a day. And out of over 200 stations its offering. Only abt 46 shows and sometimes too some of the 46 won’t show. Please what can I do 2 rectify this problem and I want 2 ask if I change d satelite settings “EUTELSAT W4W7” to any other,will is still get d dstv stations I’m watching now? Please help me

  7. ogejuma anebi says:

    pls i need d software for fake 4663×11.thanks in advance Lemmy.

  8. Dr. Lemmy,
    I performed the options upgrade on my 4669x decoder in line with your instructions. But still the option menu is no available. What do I do ?

  9. pls i hav a strong decoder 4922 hd is not working wit azsky box. Wat i wil i do?

  10. Asoro precious says:

    Pls lemmy,I followed the instruction on how 2 get d option menu back on my srt4922 but after downloading and installing,it stil didn’t appear wat can I do pls…

  11. isaac brown says:

    oga lemmy.
    do u have any patch software for 4669z…

  12. Please I don’t knw if u can help me. My azsky was not working I taught I was my account. When I tested my Azsky with two of my friend strong 4922 decorder it worked but its not working with my own decorder. Have used it with my own strong 4922 decorder. For like 2month b4, it just stop working nw. Please wat can I do. Thanks

  13. since it is a fake decoder you can look for a fake software to repair the malfunction. I can send it for you

  14. Pls sir, i have 4669 that always ceases working all the time. Is there any patch you can help me to resolve it? Though it is a fake one.

  15. Ok pls where and how can i get it(srt4663xii software) sir?

  16. Pls lemmy if you have the software that has option for dongle for srt4663xii kindly send it to my mail

  17. Mr Lemmy my HD Channels on D**tv went OFF last Tuesday accept Discovery HD Showcase pls I want to verify from you if it is a general problem ? I am using STR4992 and G1 Azsky dongle.

  18. Hi Lemmy. pls I use SRT4922A and AZSky G1. the issue I hav is dat my AZSky G1 doesn’t open JSC sports channels 1-5. pls, is it a general problem? Thnx for the good wrk and info update


  19. Abdou Chaibou says:

    I am looking for Firmware To Restore Missing Dongle Options On Strong SRT4663XV

  20. Hi Lemmy. pls I use SRT4922A and AZSky G1. the issue I hav is dat my AZSky G1 doesn’t open JSC sports channels 1-5. pls, is it a general problem? Thnx for the good wrk and info update

  21. Hi Lemmy,my strong decoderSRT 4663xv stopped working like 5 days ago also most of the channels disappeared,cud it be as a result of the upgrade they did?,pls help out.thanks in anticipated cooperation

  22. Abdou Chaibou says:

    Helle Mr Lemmy
    Please how can i Restore Missing Dongle Options On my Strong SRT4663XV?

  23. Hi Lemmy after using the patch I resetted my decoder. Then I noticed that Eutelsat W4 is no longer available and also I can’t get COMEDY CENTRAL, I have auto scan & blind scan no way. Please any advice or the frequency

  24. lbrahim Mohammed says:

    lemmy, which one? The one for 4669xii or for 4669x or the one that enables one watch more than 170 IPTV or the one that enables one use USB modem?

  25. Ibrahim Mohammed says:

    Lemmy, which one? The one for 4669x or for 4669xii or the one that enables you to watch more than 170 IPTV or the one that enables you to use your USB modem? I can’t see any other apart from those above.

  26. Hi Lemmy. pls I use SRT4922A and AZSky G1. the issue I hav is dat my AZSky G1 doesn’t open JSC sports channels 1-5. pls, is it a general problem? Thnx for the good wrk and info update

  27. ibrahim mohammrd says:

    lemmmy, I got the same problem with my SRT 4922A and I don’t know how to bring the dongle option back.l went to one satellite receivers seller and he was able to restore menu options b4 the ota upgrade but still it doesn’t work with my azsky or A+ plus dongle.

  28. hi
    i used the latest updated file to upgrade my srt 4922A though the sreen play is very good i lost my dongle option and can’t use no more my azsky g1+ .
    please give me a hint to overcome it.
    best regards

  29. Thank you very much for the info, I was looking for this since until I was able to downgrade before “option can out. Am still going to apply this patch. Please how do i know that mytv or multitv satellites are not my default sat. Thanks once again

  30. Thanks as usual Lemmy. I can now get the dongle option back. Lemmy, pls, dst* has added about 3 more hd channels ie hd 4, hd 5 n hd 6. When I blind scan, I dont get them. What should I do? Is it a new frequency n symbol rate that should be inserted? Thanks Lemmy.

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