FAQs on liberty decoders and t.linkThere is a post here that explain how this decoders works but in this post here i shall be answering frequently asked question on the two above mention decoders and the questions remains but not limited to the followings?

1. which is better between the two decoders i mean between t.link and liberty decoder

Ans: Overall t.link is better because it offers more options than liberty

2. which internet connection is more stable between t.link and liberty

Ans: it depends on the country and location you are and the gata plan you are using for example if you simply use a 3g sim for both then liberty will win the internet race with a narrow margin however if you use a faster connection like broadband or wi-fi then liberty will loose and t.link will win that is why in Nigeria people in lagos are enjoying t.link better because of the various fast networks

3. Am in Nigeria I want to use a 3g sim which one is the best because there is 3g on glo, mtn, airtel and etisalat

Ans: I dont know the reason why but MTN doesn’t work with this internet decoder so in order of stability i will advice you to use airtel – etisalat – glo may be mtn but i dont advice you to use mtn infact if only mtn has 3g in your area and you want to buy buy liberty decoder then it means you are about to waste your money.

4. Does this decoders work outside nigeria?

Ans: yes these decoders work anywhere around the world

5. There is no 3g in my area can i use liberty decoder

Ans: hell No you wont enjoy it without 3g it will be very unstable. However, you can enjoy T.link 900Hd decoder without internet account because it comes with inbuilt dongle called SDS account which you can use as an alternative for the inbuilt cccam account

6. How can i change my sim settings on Liberty decoder i have just change my sim

Ans: to change the current APN to suite the sim you are using, simply press MENU on your remote and press 2580 in quick succession. Some options will be available to you simply scroll sideways on your remote to change the settings the default is mostly airtel because it is considered the best

7. Can i use liberty star t1 ecoder without internet

Ans: No

8. Can i use T.link decoder without internet

Ans: Yes but to use Tlink without internet you have to use it with two at least dishes of which one must be 90cm and the other may be 60cm then you have to track Eutelsat w3a with your 90cm dish and track any other satellite you wish to watch with the other dish then plugin the two lnb to the back of the decoder and press F1 the 111 on your remote it will dispplay the available accounts simply choose sds and choose eutelsat africa for dstv multichoice or any corresponding satellite in your area fULL Tutorials on doing this in in our forum

9, how many satellite is available on Liberty decoder?

Ans: for now it is just two that is canalsat and eutelsat w4 /w7

10. How many satellite are available on T.link?

Ans: Almost all the recognized satellite e.g Nilesat (Aljazeeral, Eutelsat w3a, w4, Intelsat, hotbird, nns7 w, eurobird e.t.c and they all work very fine

11. I want to buy t.link hd decoder where can i get one?

Goto your local satellite dealer to buy it you can contact me as well if you are in Nigeria

12. I want to buy liberty star decoder where can i get it

Ans: you can also get it from any renowed dealer

13. Are the dcoders dongles and will they be blocked just like avatar e.t.c?

14. This decoders are not dongles infact they cannot be blocked because they are payig their dues to the respective satellite providers taking t.link for example it has been existing since 7years if not more and it is waxing stronger by the day it starter as mpeg-2 but now we have t.link 900 Full HD Decoder and liberty too is not a dongle

15. how can i check my expiry date on T.link

Ans: to be able to check your expiry date then you first need to use t.link with internet then press F1 and 666 simulteneously on your remote control you will see the activation date just add 12 months to that to get your expiry date

16. How can i renew my t.link subscription

Ans: goto the person you bought it from and give him the renewal fee, your serial number, and the expected expiry date you can as well contact me for help

17. How can i renew my liberty subscription?  well a known date is not available but always check with your local dealer

18. How can i know if my t.link decoder is fully connected with my router and ready to be used with the internet

Ans: Press F1 666 you will see the info like connected servers : xx if the value in front of this is 0 then you are not connected to the internet how ever if the value is 28 and above then all your channels will open

19. I have bought a router i have tested it with my computer and the 3g is good yet it is not working with my T.link

Ans: it once happened to me you may have to do a factory reset from the menu of your decoder and you are done

20. How can i access and change the 3g settings and other network settings of my router?

Ans: if you are using a tp-link router just connect your router to your laptop computer via the lan cable then open any browser. then type the following into the address bar then the full settings of tp-link will be available to you and you can edit whatever

21. How reliable is the inbuilt dongle of t.link?

Ans: very reliable

22 How can i get a software upgrade on my t.link decoder

Ans: for t-link it is done automatically but todo it manually you will be notified in due course


  1. Hi Lemmy, could u pls advise on how i can use 2 lnbs’ i.e multichoice and canalsat on liberty star. I guess the decoder require some settings to enable it accommodate 2 lnbs at the same time.


  3. My Tlink 600 is not working but it expires by November… I want to know if its general problem

  4. Gambo joel says:

    Hello, my Tlink 600 is not working and was told it has expire.what can I do ? Thanks

  5. Anakoberi says:

    pls for Cod sake what is wrong with liberty decorder?i want to know if is already block.secondly,azsky g1 is almost down.why?thanks.

  6. Ojanomare says:

    Pls lemmy, I use liberty star t1decoder, since the end of Feb., 2013, all channels just showing nothing but scrambled. What could be the cause?

  7. t.link 6 dats wat is on the receiver

  8. sorry to bother u but u didnt answer my first question…. please i have t.link6 receiver model id is t.tlink, s/w ver. is v3.95 & also its mpeg 2 i have a router as well. my problem is dat someone gave me c line account but i dont know how to put in i tried the F! 666 method but didnt work please can u show me how to put it in. thnks

  9. Hi does the g1 gprs expire. i m using it in ghana. thanks for all ur good works

  10. I’ve tried all 5networks …apart from Mtn I get sim error from the rest

  11. Well I hope so cos Mtn Ghana now displays sim ok when I key in 2580 at d menu interface but still scrambled channels.. Bt I’m gonna listen to u n just b optimistic abt d whole thing …thanks once again Lemmy

  12. I just found out mine is the T2 decoder(which is fake) ..so I think I wld just have to buy a strong decoder then n use it with a dongle or ccam account anyways thanks Lemmy

  13. I have the same problem ..my liberty star decoder has been off for 2weeks now what do I do ??


  15. please i have t.link6 receiver model id is t.tlink, s/w ver. is v3.95 & also its mpeg 2 i have a router as well. my problem is dat someone gave me c line account but i dont know how to put in i tried the F! 666 method but didnt work please can u show me how to put it in. thnks

  16. p/s what is hte diff betwen liberty star t1 ,t2 , t3 , t5 and what is the latest version? is’t likely to aal dstv chanels on liberty?

  17. Hi lemmy my dongle accounts on tlinlk 900Hd is going off and on for 2days now and asper de internet account it is not even connecting the servers atall what can I do to the internet account to connect cause am using a tplink 3g router an hope if I reset all my preset satellite channels will not disappear looking for A response from u thanks

  18. Hi lemmy , i just installed liberty star T1 on last week saturday, but some channels are showing while some are not showing. what could be the problem. thanks

  19. Latest on t.link 900 and T.link 600 HD : as at the time of posting, all dstv multi choice channels are perfectly working on t.link decoders on both SDS and the Internet Protocol… so enjoy the resurrection of t.link congratulations

  20. Hi Lemmy
    am using liberty star, all the chanells have been scrambled for 2 days now, is it a general problem. what should i do?

  21. opizza Freeman says:

    I want to buy the Tlink decoder, how can I do that from you?

  22. pls the problem am facing with my Liberty star decoder is,from the first day i started using it, it often brake and scrambled will appear on d screen and after 30sec or so it will start showing.
    Secondly, last week i changed d airtel sim in it with an old celtel sim which worked normal at that momemt but leter result in blocking most of d channels, now even with d airtel sim n others, only 7 channels from DSTV are showing. Pls help me 4 solution

    • you are having no peculiar problem with your liberty star decoder. the problem u are facing is applicable to everyone using leberty decoder due to dstv upgrade about the scrambling, you have solved that yourself by using airtel sim… just br patient everthing will be back to normal

  23. Ayodele Ajibola says:

    Hey Lemmy, whats the update on DSTV upgrade. I use Liberty star t3 all this while i stillget all sport channels and some other channels like african magic. when how long is it likely for tis upgrade to take so one can start enjoying it again as before

  24. Mr Lemmy,you r 2much.I just stumbled upon this ur channel.
    Please help me out,somebody installed librty decoder t1 for me last week.He hoked it up (2hotbird Satellite)using airtel,ever since then,de stations r always scrambled.What do i do now?

    • if your channels are scrambling, i will advice you to pls check your sim network services and also check the apn of your liberty t1 decoder by pressing menu 2580, mind you the sim they use in testing the decoder for you may be different from what you are currently using

    • I am using liberty star, all chanells have been scrambled for 2 days now, is it a general problem. what do i do? the apn index does not have airtel on it hw do i get it on

  25. hello I just get acquainted with your website in cool information. I have a decoder F1 liberty but the problem is that I do not get channels like FOX and some chains this is what?

  26. Please ! How do I edit the apn of my liberty t3.?
    how do i enter alphabet mode after pressing 2580

  27. please sir how much is Tlink 600, want to buy in large quantity.thanks

  28. t.link 900 or t.link600 which one is better? local dealr s saying that t.link 900 is coming with problems small thunder and it goes bad. kindly suggest

  29. question 1. why is it that, sometimes, sum of the stations on my Liberty decoder, goes off and never come back for days or weeks?
    Que 2. is there no way to make viewing remain stable on the liberty just like strong decoders?
    Que3.is there no way to manually get the stations back or working perfectly?

    • question 1 fault from manufacturer
      question 2 you can make viewing more stable with a better internet connection… however if you connection is good enough then nothing you can do.
      question 3: use manual scan but you cannot force channels to work.

  30. enoch amponsah says:

    can u pls help be i want to upgrade my liberty star t2 software since my SSHD are only given me audio sound instead pictures

  31. This is to inform those who care to listen that All existing and new DSTV (Multichoice Africa) HD & SD Channels are fully back on T.link 900 and T.link 600 HD decoders and they are very stable.. What is more The dongle / SDS Account of t.link 900 HD is back as well up t.link….

  32. Guys my tlink900HD is down after bad software loading 10days after I bought it, can anybody in d house help me, I was told I can load it back if I can found another t900 , tru r232 pls help house

  33. Oga Lemmy, Please how much is this Tlink and how can I get it in Nigeria? Thanks

  34. This update goes to all who are using t.link 900 HD and T.link 600:
    I have just confirmed that most of the Channels on MultiChoice DSTV are fully back. so please you should all rescan your decoder and start openning the channels one after the other

  35. pls I want to know how I can get the network to stop the freezing and scrambling. my email address is tonmorg@yahoo.co.uk

    • is it on liberty decoder? and where are you located?

      • Nii Lante says:

        yes, on liberty decoder. I am located in Ghana. Can I use Glo, Airtel or Vodafone. I can get some of the channels on Eutelsat and NSS7 but I can not get the Supersport channels as well as the Dorcel 1 and Libido.

        Pls let me know how to tune or select those channels. Thanks

        • let i said in my previous reply, this problem is not limited or peculiar to your liberty decoder it is global. Patience is a virtue let us give the manufacturers of this decoders sometime to deal with the problem. In the meantime, enjoy what you’ve got

  36. I’m in Ghana and want acquire one t.link 500HD. how much

  37. Hello All,

    Hello Lemmy,
    i got the liberty star t1 decoder and had it tested with an airtel sim before i left the dealer’s shop. however, i cant get it to work with my airtel sim. my sim is 3g enabled and can browse well on my phone. i also tried using an etisalat sim. i changed the apn on the decoder to Etisalat. still cant get it to work.
    in the apn settings page, i see this message SIM:ERROR.

    Please what could be wrong?

  38. Good morning ,Lemmy my Liberty star went off this morning any help.

  39. hello brother,
    my Tlink 900hd only shows sHD3 &SHD1. others are scrambled.
    what can i do? the software version ia 1.30, can i upgrade it to V1.33?

  40. can u plz tell me the difference between the tlink 300, 500,600 and the 900

  41. please how do i use cccam on tlink900?

  42. pls bro while i was upgrading my t.link 900 hd nepa took light and it not coming up again pls help

  43. Evans Opare says:

    pls i want no if i can upgraded my liberty star decoder and am in Ghana

  44. Am in Liberia and very interested in the T-Link decoder, but will mine local DSTV provider dont have a problem for privacy.


  45. sanusi maid says:

    am 4rm maiduguri i use t link 300 nd my dstv isnt showing 4 d past 3 days so wats going on do i nid new softwares or just b calm nd wait pls do reply

  46. Hello Lemmy,
    My friend Just got me a Liberty T2 receiver. We tried testing it the remote control is not working.
    Can assist with trouble shooting suggestions?


  48. Liberty Star has started misbehaving(going off and on) in Ghana and it is not helping at all.
    it is off in Ghana as at last nite 18-09-12

  49. Hi Lemmy, am in Ghana and interested in the liberty star decoder, how do i get in touch, my email address is respuzy@gmail.com

  50. Pls sir, i just bought tlink 900, am using 2 dish of 90cm and 60cm, the 90cm for server and 60cm for dstv but it still scramble channel pls i nid detail on how to install it, aldo 90cm is on nelsat mbc rod direction

  51. plsee bro i wnt code for librty t2 (protocal menu)

  52. katamea popaul says:

    lemmy since the last time, I got to open some channels but there is still that does not open. And there are only 27 servers that are connected. How to connect the other? I mean there has to choose between share-g, g-SHARE2, cccam, … which one to take? Pls help me (with details) because you’re the only one I know to give me answers

  53. Pls how can i get t-link 900 decoder? And how much is it?

  54. katamea popaul says:

    hello I bought a t-link300HD, but I can not open dstv channels.
    What should I do, please, please give me a lot of details. I am still a beginner.

  55. i use a liberty decoder, how do i stop this constant scrambled message that constantly interrupts my viewing pleasure. as a matter of fact why does it always happens (scrambled)

  56. katamea popaul says:

    hello I bought a t-300HD link, but I can not open dstv channels.
    What should I do, please, please give me a lot of details. I am still a beginner.

  57. hi, i need the liberty decoder urgently and you can reach me now on 2348076134719 or levelsus@yahoo.com. Contact me as soon as possible. Thank you

  58. hi, i need the liberty decoder urgently and you can reach me now on 2348076134719 or levelsus@yahoo.com. Contact me as soon as possible.

  59. lemmy, am using airtel on Liberty T1 decoder, but i keep getting scrambled channel. However, on few occassions when the channels come up, any interruption like power failure will mean waiting till eternity for the channels to show. atimes they wont show again till when next am lucky. pls how do i know when there’s internet connection on the decoder?

  60. Dear Lemmy,

    I just installed T-Link 900 but some of the channels highlited are showing scramble channel. what is the reason for this. Some will come and within few minutes off again. I need to know if the installer did not do it well. Secondly, is it possible that certain channels are restricted to the type of account on your decoder.

    • in sds mode only all channels highlighted in yellow will open though this is not a guarantee. some channels dont work in africa so it may be the reason besides you cant expect everything to be 100%. if you want to increase the numbers of channels then use your t.link with intenet and make sure u get a very strong internet connection.

  61. Bros, pls what is the latest price for the LIBERTY STAR T1 DECODER? I am in Lagos and would like to buy tomorrow morning (mon, 3rd Sept) if possible.

  62. SOS i just get a liberty star t1. BUT ITS ONLY WORK MOOV SIM CARD, if there is a solution to take airtel or orange sim onehelp me.


    My mail: ikantah@yahoo.fr

    • If you read my post very well you will notice that i said only use liberty with the best available sim card in your area. For instance it doesn’t work well with MTN Nigeria. So don’t worry just be happy that it is even working with one network for you. The only thing you can do is to take the decoder to a place where you have other networks like airtel e.t.c

  63. ok the 2580 code works on it too. which other codes do you know like checking subscription info and status

  64. no its a stand alone internet decoder

  65. hi lemmy i am using a hawk eh777 classic internet decoder. how do i configure the settings for airtel ng? i stay in lagos surulere

  66. Don Messi says:

    Thanks for the info Lenny. I’m in Ghana and using Liberty star. I’m using MTN, do u think its the best network to use for Liberty? I bought credit onto the sim card and i haven’t activated any internet bundle and it works fine. But it keeps saying “scrambled”. could this be because of the MTN?

    • if you are having mtn and airtel in your country and they are at par interms of speed then let me tell you this, airtel will perform better. mtn has 3g in nigeria but there 3g is rubbish. infact if you use mtn nigeria network with liberty then you have successfully wasted your money on the decoder

  67. want to know wer n ow much i can get d tlink 900. got no response to d earlier enquiry i made,so kindly respond to this,thanks

  68. datz t-link

  69. wer can i get one n ow much?

  70. my boss bought it here in sokoto for N27500 and we are currently watching dstv, aljazeera but no mytv and infinity…its nice. But lemmy how do i upgrade and how will i reactivate when it stops. thanks

  71. Nii Adjei says:

    How can i get T-Link or Liberty Star decoder to buy since am in Ghana.


    Nii Adjei

  72. Nii Adjei says:


    Am in Ghana and very interested in any of the decoders. be it Liberty Star or T-link.

    I prefer the T- Link Decoder but we don’t have Telephone line in our area since its a new site but all the mobile networks are working very well. Can i use T-Link. If YES where can get it to buy.?


    Nii Adjei,

    • like i said you can use t.link full hd decoder without internet connection but you cannot use liberty without internet.. have you checked with your local satellite dealer in ghana? if you cannot find it then you can contact me through this site’s contact page for arrangement

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