I will first have to apologize for the delay of this article. The truth is tat i was preoccupied with how exactly to write it, i mean what to including and what to omit. Now i have resolved to simply write about various buying guides on a usb dongle as well as hints on how to unlock (a 3g / 4g modem that can be unlocked) a usb internet modem.


usb internet_dongles



A 3G modem is a device that allows a computer to connect to the Internet via a high-speed mobile broadband connection. This means that the Internet signal is broadcast over the airwaves rather than sent and received through a cable or telephone line. The technology is largely the same that is used for delivering Internet content to modern cellphones. I am personally using a zte mf667 modem and it is not compatible with my azsky g6, strong 4922a and qsat q11g. The only way i have been able to use my modem with my decoder is through my numerous 3g routers. Modems are cheaper than 3g routers / mobile broadband, however if you are new, i will advice you to buy a mobile broadband router and plunge into a world of more possibilities instead of going through the inconveniences of selecting a 3g modem for your decoder. A very good mobile broadband router can be found here


The simply truth is that, you can buy just any internet modem if your sole aim is to use it with your computer. You can buy a universal modem, a wcdma modem(e.g multilinks, swift 4g, e.c), you cn buy a branded, or a modem that is locked to a particular network service provide… e.g mtn nigeria fastlink, glo bolt, etisalat datacards e.t.c. All you should put in mind if you want to buy a modem for your computer only is ; 1. Durability and 2. Flexibility (I mean can it be unlocked) If you need a durable modem, huawei has an edge here but new versions of huawei are very difficult to unlock in fact only mtn huawei can be easily unlocked through a paid software known as dc-unlocker. So if you can find a powerful universal modem, you may give it a shot.


This is a very tricky question to answer, However i will try and leave no stone unturned in addressing this issue and i will love your sincere contributions on the list of modems tested to be working perfectly with a decoder.

  • The Ultimate guide when buying the dongle is for you ti inform the seller before hand that, if it doesn’t work for your decoder, you will return it and collect your money. The reason being that, everyday new 3g modems come out and it becomes more difficult to get the one that works with your decoder. This is not an easy move though.
  • Huawei modems are generally compatible with all decoders that supports a 3g modem. For example, strong, and azsky g6 only support any huawei 3g modem. while qsat decoder supports zte mf190 and all huawei 3g modems.
  • A universal 3g / 4g modem has 95% probability of not working with your decoder so if you have it in mind to use your modem directly with a decoder, avoid a universal modem as much as you can.
  • Any huawei 3g modem from any internet service provider will work perfectly with any decoder that supports a 3g modem(Note: we have both 2g modems and 3g modems, a decoder supprts both but you wont be able to use your huawei modem to connect your decoder to the internet. Examples of huawei 2g modems are e621, and zte mf110. Please don’t use a 2g modem on a decoder that supports 3g modems
  • My in exhaustive list of usb data cards / dongles that have been tested to be working with all kinds of decoders are ZTE MF190{Works with qsat), Huawei E173, e303, e355.. and newer works with qsat and other decoders that supports 3g modems either through software upgrade or out of the box.
  • 3g / 4g modems tested not to be working with qsat and other decoders are:  newer versions of swift 4g modem, zte mf673, mf667 and newer, most universal modems, any 2g modem.
  • You should also know that some 3g models seems to share same model number, but they are not the same. Airtel huawei e173u-1 modem is different from Airtel huawei e173 modem. They will both work with any decoder, but Airtel huawei e173u-1 cannot be unlocked why you can easily unlock airtel huawei e173. Their is advance customization of e173u-1 while we only have simple customization of huawei e173. So beware. same goes for zte.
  • The only network provider that offers modems that can easily be unlocked either through paid means or with a free software is MTN Nigeria. Etisalat, airtel and glo modems are almost impossible to unlock. What this means is that once you buy them, you will be restricted to using only their sim cards for a very longtime to come
  • A modem that cannot be unlock today, can be unlocked tomorrow but up till now, airtel huawei e173u-1 cannot be unlocked. There is a paid software software that can easily unlock any router or modem that supports unlocking. Please check the site out here and make sure you check the model of your device properly
  • To actually get your compatible usb modem to work with your decoder, you need to follow my guide here
  • List of current iks / FTA decoders that supports a 3g modem either by software upgrade or directly are: zorrobox z3, qsat, speed hd s1, azsky g6, strong decoders 4920, 4922,4922a, tlink 600hd and a host of others
  • Older usb huawei modems can be unlock with a free software named Universal mastercode generator I will drop a link on it later.. It unlock huawei modems produced ealier than e173u-1.. that is it can ulock huawei e173 and older. In fact someone can help you unlock older huawei modem without seeing your modem what he needs is your modem imei number.
  • All zte modems can only be unlocked through hardware unlocking. In other words, you must connect the zte modem to your computer before using the paid tool to unlock it
  • Am yet to see any mtn zte modem that cannot be unlocked. Etisalt mf 190 modem, airtel mf 190 and glo mf190 can also be unlocked using dc-unlocker. mtn mf667, can be unlocked as well. My problem with zte modems is that it is difficult to find a zte modem that can work with decoders.
  • It is also possible to get a universal modem that will work with a decoder. Am yet to come across any.



I will say that this is a continuous process, the most perf=worful tool that can unlock any modem or router that is unlock able still remains dc-unlocker. Another interesting about dc-unlocker is that, with the release of newer versions, more devices are supported. However, dc-unlocker is a paid software.

All the screenshots I shall be using here, is courtesy of http://geek.ng.


When  say older huawei modems, i mean modems such as e173 and older. This also works for Nokia, LG and some other products apart from Huawei USB modems.

universal-mastercode for huawei

Download universal mastercode generator here


1. Select Huawei from the tabs

2. Enter your IMEI in the provided space and click calculate

3. Insert an unsupported sim card into  your modem and plug it in

4. Enter the unlock code when the prompt message comes up

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How to Unlock Huawei E303 USB Modem With DC-unlocker


Like i said earlier, you need to spend in other to unock huawei e303 modems. I have tried and confirmed that mtn huawei e303 modems can be unlocked. I however had no success with glo and etisalat e303 modems so please check the current supported list here. But if you own an mtn  nigeria e303 modem you can proceed with the tutorial


You have  buy some credit from DC Unlocker. Unlocking it isn’t hard as long as  you know the right steps to follow.However,  you must have a PayPal account to get this done (till a free software that does it is released). If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can contact someone who has, or register one for yourself. remember paypal now supports Nigerians

Before you buy the needed credit from dc-unlocker, you should first know the exact amount of credit needed to unlock to your device. For Huawei E303, it’s only 4 credits though it varies for different devices. You can check how much credit is needed for your device unlock here.

To purchase the credits, go to this page

– Fill the form correctly with the amount of credit you need.

– 4 credits should be pretty close to $6 when converted by PayPal. Hit the PayPal button on the next page.

– Log in to PayPal, make the transaction and when you are redirected to DC Unlocker website, the displayed page shows your chosen username and your given password. Be sure to copy this to a notepad and save it right away.



First Download the latest version of DC Unlocker client here and install.

– Connect your modem and run the software. Be sure you close the default dashboard software for your modem.

– Select your device model from the drop-down menu and then click on the magnifying glass search icon to allow the program detect your device.


– Now click Server and enter your username and password under login options, click on check login.

– With that in place, select Unlocking and simply hit the “Do job” button.


– As shown above, the modem was unlocked successfully.

You can now use any SIM on your Huawei E303 modem. You can as well use this method to unlock any other USB modem or router so far it’s supported by the dc-unlocker

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How to Unlock Most ZTE Free Of Charge E.g ZTE MF 190 / MF180 / MF110 / MF673u & mf667



There are certain steps to take to unlock a ZTE USB modem with DC Unlocker. If your model number is not listed, you can still try  it anyway.

You’ll need DC unlocker to get this done and you may download here

How to Unlock ZTE Modems free

– Insert an an unsupported SIM from a different network

– Plug in your USB modem to the computer and start the default modem software. What I mean by the default program is the program from which you connect the modem to your home network.

– When you’re prompted for an unlock code, close the program but be sure the modem remains plugged in.

– Disconnect all internet connections and run DC Unlocker

– Click on server and input lemmy as username and password.

– Under Select Manufacturer, choose ZTE datacards

– Under Select models, just leave it at Auto detect as shown above.

– Click on the magnifying glass to search for your modem.

– When your datacard is detected, click on unlock. Your modem should be unlocked after some seconds


  1. This is really helpful to me. at least i will not be a vicitim of a bad modem this time around

    I Blog atWap2all.com

  2. I have a Vodafone Mifi Huawei R205. Can you help me unlock it?

  3. I have a huawei mobile wifi R206 which is vodafone branded. I bought an unlocking code which came with instructions. However, i’m unable to unlock because it’s supposed to ask for the code when a different sim is used. Can you help? Thanks

  4. Lemmy pls how to decode an airtel alcatel modem X230E

  5. Pls can visafone modem AC2766 be unlocked?

  6. Oga lemmy, good day. Please I downloaded the software you provided here Universal master in other to unlock my airtel Huawei modem model E173. I put in my IMEI number and calculated then inserted an unsupported sim(mtn sim) into the modem and plugged it into my laptop. It showed a prompt, “sim not supported” where then do I have to input the unlock code generated? Please help. Thanks!

    • @kingelivis, the box where you will enter the code must pop-up, if it doesn’t it means you bought e173-1 not the old airtel modem of three years ago. airtel current modem is cannot be unlocked

  7. Dear Lemmy, how re u doing sir.pls I need you to clarify something to me on avartam code people have been talking g abt in the forum.pls what does it mean.Thr code I ve on mine it’s 000000000 bt active code is 43xxxxxxxx to expired 2015.pks what does it really mean.thanks.

  8. Both have very good network better than zain and mtn when it was checked with android fone…but I suspected it needs data bundle and not direct acc balance..tnx

  9. @Lemmy, pls I tried d 4 sim most used network in nigeria on my router…its only mtn and zain dat responded positively while etisalat and glo did not..despite d configuration done on d router…so pls does it mean dat etisalat and glo cannot work wit qsat wit cccam on it using router or direct 2g? Tnx

  10. a very big thank you to @Lemmy ur advice on buying a modem really worked for me yesterday looking forward in getting a cccam account. ur advice needed thru my mail. thanks

  11. Thanks for the beautiful write up there, I’ve gone through it, but can an unlocked E303 modem from any network work with another sim card network other than the branded? 
    Like for example. I know of someone who uses MTN E303 and it works fine with MTN, But can it work with other networks on Qsat decoders?

  12. well done my big boss; i am here ask your help again;after reading everything from your tutorial of unlocking ZTE MODEM,i try my best to unlock my own but in vain. my own is ZTE MF190 the dc unlocker can’t find my card, it is always showing card not found, i try with several card but i couldn’t archive what i want. so please ;thanks for your understanding.

  13. Wow! Qsat is doing wonderfully for qsat users hmm I wish az sky will come back nw for better boss lemmy thanks for your good work God bless you sir. Pls sir, always help us talk to az sky engrs. To fix it up as soon as they can we are still waiting oo.

  14. My Q23G don stable ooooo, help me tank God. I pray it should be forever

  15. i have been thinking that the cccam or whatever just want to sell their market and and sure they might have connive with whoever to stop avatarcamhd for some times so as to sell them products, anyway welcome back back honourable qsat, and az will soon revive. bet it

  16. folks the queen is back with all the supersports channels blazzing seriously. watching hull v city on ss5 now. pls check ur own

  17. kaba edward says:

    Is qsat working?as at 2:28 gh time or 3:28pm 9ja time

  18. please, Is Speed HD S1 down?

  19. i just want to say hi to the house and also tenk oga lemmy for his gud work to us all.i am rili enjoying my cccam account on my qsat..watchin liverpool match on ss3 witout any freezing infact all channel ar working fine.oga lemmy tenks once again…

  20. house plz be patient o, coz I av been watching my qsat 11g since yestday evenin without no or very-little frezzing till now itts still workiing parfectly witout frezzin at all ndd all d channels ar on.even d sturborn ss3.

  21. Is Speed HD S1 down?

  22. Terry Louis says:

    qsat iz blazing like mad as i write dis post

  23. @issaj I make this post yesterday nite between 12am and 1am qsat blazing but later between 2 am it went off

  24. Pls is qsat showing? I checked mine dis morning around 09.37 but it didnt show

  25. Good day sir I bought a tv1 cccam last week iam using a qsat with one month to expire so any time I switch on my qsat it display welcome to server and ss3 and ss5 freezes so oga is it the avatarcamhd that is causing the freezes?

  26. @hugman, no, not all qsats. no such channels open on my qsat 13g+ as @7:08am.

  27. Mr lemmy qsat is off again but am able to enjoy manny ss channels include select2 channels last night

  28. I am happy to announce to the
    public that, q-sat engineers are
    almost done with the sever
    expansion for that matter, all q-sat
    with all avatar codes are working
    now with an 75% stability. If your
    is not working, then just power off
    and power on your receiver and
    service will be restore back. Also
    change your network if still service
    doesn’t come after several attempt.
    It is always good to be patient when
    things are not going well with q-sat
    because they will never let us down.
    As we sit and enjoy their q-sat
    services, we should always
    remember them in our prayers
    because they are really helping us. I
    wish you all the best

  29. my tv1 cccam account went offline since yesterday morning. anyone having same problem or is it jst mine.

  30. any one can tell me abaut de resent condution of tv1 accaunt, as at 2:30 nigerian time

  31. Many says qsat is death , I always say qsat is not dead but in epilepsy state
    I told them that if qsat survive the jugement day Die or live this weekend
    Qsat just survival jugement day this weekend
    Qsat is now back all ss channel are open ss1,ss2,ss3,ssni 3 etc selet 1 n 2 opening
    Other channels added
    Hurry to the resurrected qsat

  32. AvatarCamHD working with relative stability SS3N. watching futbol mundial. 9:40pm nigerian time

  33. Lemmy, that has changed…. I cannot believe I am saying this but as I write this comment 9pm Nigerian time, ALL channels are showing without freezing on my code 41 avatarcamHD.. God! this is amazing!

  34. Oliver Chukwubuikem says:

    What is the problem with Azsky for still not working?

  35. Segun Oladipo says:

    i have mailed you about the tv1 ccam account but you have not replied yet

  36. qsat is not dead
    it do comes often
    yesterday i watch the la liga live nd it frezed only twice for less than 1 minute. on max 1

  37. org LM, finally finally avatarccam on qsat is dead. please, tv1 cccam blazing? Reply 4 me to get back to u. tanx

  38. kaba edward says:

    watching de repeat of BBA~the chase with great stability.it seems qsat gradually coming back.thank God.

  39. Mr l my cccam has bin showing connected since around 2pm till now but its not opening any channel.. help me find out if its from dem or from me thanks

    • @byock, if you are using a tv1 cccam account, then it’s from their server. They shutdown for security reasons. We are expecting them back, possibly tonight

  40. Good day Lemmy; please do u have any update for us on qsat? we would like to know what’s up. thanks.

  41. hello house is tv1 down as of time or its just my end

  42. IS TV1 server working this morning, mine has been down for about 3 hrs now.

  43. olumide oyewole says:

    my oga it seems qsat is off for now.


  45. @Akinremedy, tv1 owns BestHD

  46. pls….i will like to ask if dstv dish installation direction is the same with cccam direction pls my oga i will really want to knw. and also if my qsat decoder will be compact-able with cccam account.thank ask i await ur reply.

  47. Pls Lemmy is it advisable to switch off tv1 a/c before switching off decoder(qsat) or should leave it lyk that.

  48. @balinjar..thank you bro for ur assurance.
    I want find out you are ONE of the qsat Team?
    @mr.Morgan..pls can you confirm or otherwise what he has said.
    thanks sir. I am considering contacting u soon for the ccam account.

    • @issh, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. My own researched opinion comes in form of my articles. I can’t refute any reasonable claim. At the same time, not all claims are correct

  49. oga pls I sent an email twice asking for the price of esat23g and am yet to get any responds.plssssssa!!!!!!

  50. hello mr lemmy does besthd cccam open superspors channels on dstv thank you

  51. @balinjar if you say every channel has it own server that is not true, are you telling us that qsat have more than 100 servers?
    Qsat have many server but not one channel to a server
    A set of channel use one server let’s say 5 channel to a server
    Remember when qsat 23g came out it was announce as the most stable iks decoder better that qsat 11,15,13

  52. kaba edward says:

    balinjar thank u for de info at least u have sooth my heart but may i know ur source of dis infor.thanks

  53. Oga lemmy, i want to purchase a cccam account and i have contacted you on two occasion without you responding.
    Please check and respond to msg.

  54. hi lemmy
    d**v scanning process in now 22 not 26 again, pls whats d meaning, pls break it down.
    Tnx broda

  55. The
    question is, is qsat prepared to quit
    from business? i don’t think so
    looking at the huge profit they have
    made so far. No business minded
    person will ever quit a business he
    so much profit from. Qsat present
    predicament is as a result of past
    and current d*stv upgrade. Qsat
    sever is no more the way it was
    when it was newly released and the
    entire qsat team of engineers are
    currently on a serious sever update
    to be able to bring back service. This
    exercise will take some time to finish
    because programming is not an easy
    thing to do. Let me give you a gist of
    how it is done. Every single channel
    has one sever controlling it but is
    been decrypt with about ten
    different codes. All ten codes has to
    match with original d*stv decryption
    code if not that particular channel
    will not be stable and that is why,
    some channels freezes more than
    others. Also the more code available
    determines the sever to be created.
    And number of severs created
    determines the number of channels
    broadcasted. Some codes are
    stronger than others and that makes
    a particular channel more reliable
    than others. For now, all codes are
    not complete for programming and
    it is the reason for the delay but all
    effort are in place to put things
    together and very soon, qsat will be
    back to full glory.

  56. @Lemmy and Shamsu. I hv d same modem airtel E173U-2 and paid Dc-locker but it didn’t unlock.


    please oga lemmy how can i unlock airtel huawei E173U-2 please help me… tnx

  58. Boss lemmy I I buy cccam on my zorobox decoder but is frezzen to mush pls educat me

  59. kaba edward says:

    It is intriguing and mind bungling dat a master and a client do not know each other.The master owe no apology neither will he explain anything to its clients.The client is to say de least dealing with a ghost outfit.Nobody seems to know or hear from dis ghost.What is now left is for de clients to guess and speculate about its coming in de form wich de clients have no idea.good evening lemmy.de nation ghana greats u.

  60. Good evening sir,
    I followed your instruction about ZTE but I got this error message ”
    Unlocking, please wait …
    Error connecting to server !

    (error code 62)

  61. halidu osman says:

    pls lemmy will q sat come back again i wan to buy

  62. please I Have only 2g network that is stable in my area I have about full 5 edge bar in my area and is stable can used ccamm for it to my own surprise I know there is no 3g network but wen I used my friends Hawaii modem it was connected to server successful and it work perfectly without freezing that is wen qsat was working so can 2 g work on modem.I need clearification before I bought it thanks

    • @obas, for your so called sim card to have worked with modem, it means there is 3g network in your area. If you to buy a 3g mode, you will be able to use the 3g network of your sim card

  63. Lemmy thks for the update, what kind of wifi device do u use for ur decorder does it ve a usb connector or LAN and how much does it go for. wanted to get one for my srt 4922A decorder and also how much does a tv1 account cost info me @ checkese@yahoo.com

  64. Mr Lemmy,for some weeks now,my daarsat and star sat has been showing bad signal but the multi tv and eutelsat 36 working fine.pls what could be the problem or is it my diseqc switch?

  65. gud morning mr lemmy my situation is to know hw 2 scan[3 dishes .]the dish outside is well position.i deleted all the channels.i thought went scan i would have new channels.i got forble.pls i need your help
    thanks 4 ur kind respond

  66. @patosky consult your local installer. I’m in Ghana and there is nothing wrong with multi tv. Is just blazing like fire. In fact there is nothing wrong with its signal.

  67. @Pastoky there has been no change in there frequency, mine is working and it have been in same position for almost 3years. Ask your installer for help.
    @Lemmy why not contact QSAT then you can have an update for us.

  68. Lemmy my multi tv has no signal since last week has der bin any changes plz update me



  70. Lemmy God bless you ,God bless you,in fact you are God sent.God bless you once again.am Alhassan

  71. Qsat team has not been working on their servers for the past week n situation on qsat remain the same since no work in progress . When you switch qsat on it show welcome to servers just as b4. Is like breeze will blow the signal to you for 10 second after that the signal disappear for many minute b4 you even sleep off.
    We should tell them to do something bcos we don’t need another iks dongle decoder in africa
    Qsat should be sincere to us africa cannot be fool forever

  72. Pls oga, any router common in the market that u can recommend?

  73. gud day mr lemmy pls i want u 2 direct me on how 2 SCAN 3 dishes e’g(eutelsat,astra,intelsat.4 my qsat since dst.. could nt opening all d channels thanks

  74. kaba edward says:

    THE END ? Is it the end of qatsat? or the end is near.It seems to be obvious dat a couple of housemates have their qsat running on tv1.The discussions in de house is gradually waving towards tv1.Is now de matter of who can chase after starting from avater 2,liberty,azsky,A+.Though tv1 is not a decoder or a dongle its cost seems to be more dan a dongle.The option for now is tv1 but de question is how frequent will de goal post be shifted.It looks as if de engineers of these products know what do but do dat at a strategic time dat inure to their benefit.WE WISH FOR WAR NOW WE HAVE IT.We want DSTV to watch de consequences are with us.AMEN.

  75. hi lemmy i jst wnt 2kno may b Etisalat its startin workin on qsat. Pls let me kno.

  76. divine mandela says:

    hi Lemmy, the Modem Huawai bit e3131
    also worked with Qsat?

  77. Hello lemmy, thanks for your support. Please, can I use my e303 Etisalat modem with an etisalat sim on my Q11G decoder? Also, does it require any special settings on the decoder to make it work? I’ve once tried using the modem to connect but it didn’t show any response nor any message to tell me if it is connected or not.

  78. Hi oga lemy gd evening, any beta news on qsat nd is mbc chanels on nilesat not fta anymore. Is tv1 cccam also blazing

  79. Oga, pls which routers are compatible with Q-sat and are common in the market?

  80. Pls how do I get rdv channel on my qsat q23g?

  81. thanks for this info lemmy, please help me with a method to unluck my spectranet 4g lte C160 modem.

  82. kaba edwsrd says:


  83. I wil lyk 2 knw if dis present problem on qsat can still b rectify n how soon is going 2 be? on Askey is dere any hope on it?
    many thanks

  84. Any hope for sports channels on qsat q23g?

  85. Nice job in here lemmy.
    Concerning a universal modem that can work on all sort of devices; qsat included, Huawei ‘momodesign’ is very unique. It’s a HSPA Rotate USB Stick, I won’t say its the only one but one of the best around cos i have seen few of them doing the wonders…

  86. Pls lemmy how will i do it to watch youtube with my airtel e173 modern pls can it be unlocked i have the ime and everything help me to recover my 2go back it was hacked that is the username omofa500 help me pls

  87. Lemmy can someone use a modern to watch youvbe on strong 4922 a decoder

  88. Lemmy my airtel e173 i try unlocking but it not going pls help me with software to hack 2go my 2go was hacked

  89. @Lemmy. in your article you made mention of the fact that dc unlocker is not free and you must pay to get hold of it. sorry if I got you wrong.

  90. Lemmy there is a reliable website which one can download DC unlocker free of charge. u just need a uttorent downloader n you are done.kat.ph

  91. konkonbelow says:

    Thanks for your earlier post on how to resolve Cccam issue on g6 where u re commended a downgrade. The process didn’t resolve the view, but I had a 3G modem (Veedaa by name) its never worked on my G6. After a factory reset in a bid to make the Cccam work, I decided to just try the modem, and just discovered its working. Would u know how this happened?


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