Factors To Be Considered Before Buying A Dongle / Unofficial Sat Package

The truth hurts, but it is better to say it the way it is and in most cases, internalize it especially in some certain circumstances. There is the Yoruba adage(Yoruba people are from South western part of Nigeria in West Africa) it goes like this ” Eniyan meji kii padanu iro Ti eni ti aun  paro ko bamo, Eni toun paro mo lokan re”    translation “For you to lie successfully or otherwise, you need at least a listening party. Even at that, if the party you are lying to does not know that you are lying, you the liar knows you are lying”   Let me narrow this down to dongles and iks decoders and to every unofficial satellite package even if you as the end user find yourself with an installer / dealer who tells you that a particular cheap decoder / account is working fine and will not or never have problems be it sooner or later, then it means you are not sincere with yourself. Now let me give you those set of people who can easliy use dongles / iks receivers or account without issues. For every iks package that uses like 1.8meter dish and lower, i think it should be left to we poor and low income earners. Fta channels is 100% for low income earners. But if the average income earner or a high income earner wishes to use any unoffical satellite packages, he can choose either between premium iptv pacakges or a satellite pacakge that uses a minimum of 3meter dish(e.g hotbird, hipasat…) Now to the indisputable facts abouty dongle usage:

best dongle for africa


  • No unofficial satellite package will outperform or more convenient than using the official satellite package. So please if you know you can afford a satellite package without you regretting it, please go for the official package.
  • No unofficially satellite pacakge without its downtimes. even official satellite pacakge like dstv multichoice sometime have downtimes e.g when they are upgrading: the only difference is that, they inform you before hand and sometimes they perform the upgrade when it is most convenient for you. Downtime means when all or some of your channels go off for a reason not literally known to the end-user. So pleas delete the notion “hope this account will not be blocked”
  • Some packages have fewer downtimes than the others for example premium unofficial iptv service package like Ancloud’s homelive account can stay for days without any important channel going off whatsoever.>>some powervu packages especially sports 24 and sony packages are second to iptv in terms of stability currnetly but its downtimes comes when the keys are changed. God saves you if you areusing a non-autoroll decoder like strong because you can search for weeks before you get another key>>the third is some not too popular iks packages like metro cccam>>hpasat and hotbird is very stable when you get the right account>>any future cccam that opens channels on 1 meter dish or lower will be very stable with zero downtime but will degrade overtime>Qsat spycam code is currently the most unstable and unreliable means of watching sat tv but most of us still cannot do without it because of the unique channels it tries to open.
  • Dongles operates on the principle of if one is down and out, another one comes up/ No single dongle can claim the overlord. e.g, we have gone though several phases of device changes to this point. Now it is more about account change. Secondly, if a particular account is having problems, the providers of such account will stop at nothing to get back to live otherwise, they will be out of business. Currently startimes is showing fewer channels than expected, qsat is off even though it was showing some days back and the trends continues. This does not mean qsat will never be back again or startimes will not show even more channels.
  • The dongle or package that will serve you best, depends on your money and investment into it. It doesn’t necessarily mean you buy as many dongles as possible…
  • You should not depend 100% on one iks decoder when you have no backup. For example, if you have gsky for powervu and a qsat with a qsat spycam code that is valid, you can never compare the utility you will derive in hard times to the person who has only qsat.
  • The more expensive an unofficial satellite package is, the more enjoyment and satisfaction you derive from using  it. You cannot compare someone using ancloud with someone using powervu, you cant also comapre someone using hotbird, hipasat or astra 19.2e with someone using powervu. Finally you cannot compare someone using qsat as of today with someone using startimes cccam. For the first set, with ancloud account, you are not afraid of any key changes … the only thing that limits you is your intenet connection. we all know that the cost of iptv account + internet subscription is more than that of 1.8meter dish and a powervu decoder. Aslo, qsat is totally off i mean no scramble channel on it while we have at least 9 channels still showing on startimes cccam account
  • For satellite packages that uses antenna i mean dish, the bigger your dish, the more likely you end up with a dongle or iks decoder that will give you rest of mind and less downtimes. For example, my client who has a 3.6meter dish has never been totally out of action for years while only my iptv saves me most of the time when my little dish package fails me.
  • If you have a soccer viewing center, a hotel a beer parlor or even a company, you can surely get an unofficial package that will be stable enough to meat the demands of your clients.
  • The smaller the dish required in opening any popular unofficial satellite package, the faster it is likely to get blocked.
  • The newest dongle does not necessary mean the best. Buy what majority are buying do not buy a strange decoder that you know nothing about.
  • Chinese mostly produce the hardwares and buy the account from Africans. So do not get this mixed up. We have few chinese company who own the hardware and the server.
  • You should not blame your local satellite installer or dealer when their is a general downtime of the account you procured from him. He is not responsible for it


If you are outside Africa, I will advice you to get iptv or powervu or other packages like hotbird, hipsat, astra, apsatar.. But if you are in Nigeria, have a look at the followings:

  1. First calculate and compare the cost of using a satellite package with that of the unofficial one and go for the most affordable considering the location factory. For example, iptv has the bet and the worst location advantage over any other package. You can use iptv anywhere in the world and at the sametime you will cannot use iptv in anywhere there is no good internet connection. Meaning, if you want iptv, you need good , stable and relatively affordable internet package, You also need the money to buy the account which happens to be the most expesive of all unofficial satellite account but not as expensive as any premium full package official sat/ E.G: Dstv multichoice premium biuquet is #14,500 * 12 #174,000—– The cost of ancloud homlive account in Nigeria is < = #20,000(this is cheaper if you are buying this account from outside Nigeria) And the cheapest internet package for example is Glo it offers 48gb at #8000 and offers 24gb at #5000.. if you go for #5000 sub we have #20000 + #5000 * 12(#60,000) = #80,000 which is way cheaper than #174,000 for dstv 12 months subscription. And even if you spend #10,000 monthly on subscription you get #140,00 which is still cheaper. Do not forget that this huge data subscription will also server your daily internet needs which official satellite packages in Africa has not been offering yet. Also, you can watch iptv on demand thereby saving your data subscription whereas for official satellite subscription in Africa, you lose even if you subscribed without watching for one day. Note: No internet data bundle is too small for iptv while we have many bundles that can be too small. you need to restraint yourself as not to watch unnecessary programs if you will be using a limited data bundle like 24gb or below. IPTV is best for hardcore movies and sports lovers. there is no movie or sport on the planet that you cannot get on a good iptv package.
  2. When you are done with budgetiing, another rare advantage some people have over others is that, they have ample spacae to installer a dish as big as 4meter,  while others can hardly install a 1 meter dish. I am begging you, since land is physically immovable, do not waste this land, start saving towards a big dsh or simple buy one if you have the money. The reward is so huge to the extent that you can even watch meaningful channels just by installing and scaninng them. Though if you want real live sports channels, you will need an account that can descramble them. If you have a very big space, get a 3 meter dish or bigger then track hotbiird or hipasat in Nigeria, and other african countries.
  3. If you have a space not too big and not too small; Then get at least a 1.8 meter dish and track powervu channels.
  4. Your tolerace towards downtimes: if you are highly intolerant, love sports and movies, have the money but not upto the premium bouquet of your sat provider, then go big with iptv. If you are higy tolerant, you can even go full fta. if you are in between, choose any other. If you have zero tolerance, then you must go for an official satellite package.


All other things being equal in this context mean: you have the cash, you have the space, your ocation has the best and the fastest internet speed then i arrange what you can use as follows:

  1. Premium Iptv is the best if you go after totally free iptv, you will more often than not experience downtimes. premium iptv is so good and extremely convenient to use, but you need fast internet to enjoy it.
  2. I will give powervu the second place because it is easier to receive the channels across africa. I mean with a 1.8 meter dish(180cm) you can watch either sony package on 68.5e or nss sport hd 24 mtnworldwide package on 34.5e,(1.8meter dish) or AFN on 9e(you can get afn with 1 meter dish). Powevu has been around for almost a year and it is still stable. Just that if you mean business and you are not an installer, buy a powervu auto roll decoder like Gksy v6 or alpha box. Though Gsky is more competent than alpha on powervu.
  3. Coming third but with the largest number of premium channels that you can receive in Africa, Middle east, and part of asia is Hotbird 13e.. he has been the overlord for years and you can get all sorts of channels on it. However, hotbird and its likes (e.g hipasat) has two major constraint. 1. you need a minimum of like 3meter dish in Nigeria before yu can recieve it, 2. you cannot get hotbird in all part of africa even with the biggest dish for example, Ugandans cannot receive hotbird.
  4. I give metro and ctl terrestrial cccam account the fourth place
  5. My fith position goes to every other packages that exist. I mean qsat, startimes, and name it.


If you want further clarifications before making any decision, please visist my all in one article below: Frequently asked questions on satellite answered here. The preceding article will explain to you how you can search for any topic on www.lemmymorgan.com. If you are a newbie, i will advice you to pic a device name as your search tag and search this site, then read every article related to it. That way, you will be well informed before making a decision. For example you can search for “Gsky, alpha box, qsat, spycam, hotbird, startimes, 9e, 5e, ancloud”… When you are done, you can contact me by sending your inquiry / request to my email “info @ lemmymorgan.com


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  2. David kaku Kumi says:

    What should I do to get sports 24

  3. Hello lemmy, i sent you an email ur not responding. please what is the update on metro/ctl cccam? also i used the normal terrestrial antenna to scan for ctl but i only got gotv and startimes channels. Must i use the pointed antenna for me to get the CTL/Metro signal? i stay in owerri and i can confirm CTL/Metro is available there. anyone in the house with info can as well help

  4. fingers crossed

  5. ramanes says:

    Hi Lemmy, i try to contact you by your e mail but it ils not coing, what ils the problem?

  6. andrew moses says:

    ok boss tanks alot , but pls boss were can i get the powerview that can open the bwtv in nilesat!

  7. iptv all the way………………..

  8. andrew moses says:

    pls boss help with the lastest bisskay that open bwtv in nilsat

  9. Waaooo!!! Very interesting! Register on this site with your email and earn cash.

  10. Babyface says:

    Pls i want someone to help me in the house my tv3 is not even showing the dolla sign again after the new re scan i hv downloaded the new software and install all i get is no Audio or video pls what should I do

  11. Epl is at hand. Call for installations; 08060394247.

  12. hajjsaeed says:

    Please Friends help me out. am having Q26 Q13 and Q23 they all don’t work on multi TV frequency(12522/30000). but they work normally on other frequencies working on Multi TV position & others.
    I tried factory rest, blind scan, downgrade and upgrade of software still not working. thanks

  13. Lemmy I tested Samsudeen and this is my testimony..Me tire, otepu tire but Johnbosco no gree tire oh….

  14. Any help on how to open tv3 or enter biss key on QUALITY COMBO DECODER?

  15. Please can anybody tell me what is happening to qsat,my is not working for past weeks now

  16. Vehisea says:

    Pls can anyone help me wit mytv frequency, can get angeltv after tracking

  17. please house, can I track multi tv and setanta Africa on the same dish, if yes then kindly help me with the frequency

  18. please house, can I track multi tv and setanta Africa on the same dish? please if yes then kindly help me with the frequency


  20. Con anyone give me mbc and bwtv frequency @8.0w

  21. oga lemmy pls respond on this hd24 iss
    ue.i hv done all i can think but its not working.

  22. Pre-Season Matches Coming Up… Get an IPTV Android Box and Be Free..

  23. @Wahab you are not an installer yet you want to track hotbird? Do you think hotbird is mytv? You don’t want to pay installer? Well, it’s your choice. This is hotbird tp 11055 H 27500. Hotbird is located @13.0E Ku. Enjoy!

  24. Mathias says:

    Dear Lemmy with combined C-band&Ku can one be able to nail Nile sat&hotbird? Or it’s mainly a Ku on the Dish ? Also what type of LNB Kindly answer this question for me thanks

  25. I want someone to help me unlock Bwtv on Eutelsat8 @8.0W where these mbcs are.

  26. Am living in osogbo,strong decoder 4922a is 4 sale u can call me 08034874060

  27. @kwame, it is still workin but dey av reduced deir signal. Sony kix av reduced deir signal includin HBO India

  28. Kwame aikins says:

    the free channels below 68 degrees aint worling anymore.

  29. If you in Zambia, alphabox x4mini available @7 zale, whatsapp 0962679910.

  30. My good friends in the house l greet. Please l learnt there is a new channels below mytv Africa pls help me with the frequency and the symbol rate thank.


  31. Dnoble goodmorn what I need is guideline on hw I can install hotbird I can install it by myself.

  32. ramanes says:

    Combat sport, st sériés F1 are working on startimes

  33. Can I use my Dst* smart card on a Strong decoder.
    I hope Dst* will not ban my card.

  34. Call me for your cable installations in Ph. 08060394247.

  35. Goodmorn mr lemmy pls i need more explanation abt hotbird, I have a 3m dish nd am living in osogbo,pls explain more abt hotbird the way it’s work hw 2 track it .

  36. pls,can any one in the house help me with the new frequency for sport 24?

  37. What a comprehensive and yet clear and straight to point post you have here i must say Lemmy! Kudos, u have done well. I am happy for having a Gsky V6 decoder. What a darling!

  38. pls house whats happening to Sport 24 HD my signal has dropped can’t watch it…………..

    • Oga Lemmy kindly update us with d current situation of thing on sport 24HD have they change frequency or whot can’t no longer receive it.thanks?

  39. I have now come to the conclusion that q sat will never be the same again. I know they can’t perform like official decoders but it performance have been dwindling seriously. As a middle income earner I can afford Official DSTV decoder but upon a cost benefit analysis I refused because I am in the office from Monday to Saturday and close late so I taught it didn’t make sense to be paying that subscription wilst I hardly get time to watch. But it seems I have to dump these dongles and reconsider my decision.

  40. ray and bello trey to reset ur dish or look for a good lnb nothing is wrong with sport 24 this is raining season please I even install sport24 today for my friend and my on is fine

  41. @Bello,im also experiencing the same thing at ma end.Hope they resolve it as quickly as possible.Losing Sport24 will be disastrous.

    • @Ray there is something wrong with sport24. I installed it long ago and it started cracking just yesterday and is still working with a lot of scratches due to signal drop and I think there is going to be an upgrade as usual.

  42. Hello every1, pls can anybody shed more light on what is happening with sports24 HD. Bcos the signal keeps dropping by he day and it is now at zero level down here. Thanks as I await ur response.

  43. tweakware is back and better (Etisalat)

  44. Na so starsat cccam acctn go dead? I no even enjoyed my own reach 2 days before everything went dead.

  45. Thank lemmy.u are always the best when it comes to sat.tutorial.is it true that there is a new fta below old mytv(68.5).that is 75.0 hapstar?

  46. no channel is wotking on startimes.

  47. Qsat is finally dead. small dish users have no hope again.

  48. Go through the list if there is any channel working u will know.

    • George Opoku Koduah says:

      Lemmy morgan is preaching false hood I will advice all of u to stop buying these product bcos if the company who re selling these products can not do any abt it why still buy them a word to the wise is enough

  49. Mr lemmy please am in Ghana am using startimes like two month now hope day

  50. I own a viewing centre and my installer sugestes hotbird with cccam but am not sure if ita advisable i stay in Lagos own a 4m dish..strong 4922a and swift 4glte

    pla ur advice mr. Lemmy

    • @Dave hotbird with tlink gshare account or a reliable cccam account is very good

      • Thanks Mr. Lemmy but it will be nice if u can post a write up on hortbird for we dat planned on tracking it for d new season also heard 4glte modem is not advisable for cccam

  51. emmanuel 2 says:

    So boss what are the names of channels working on startimes?


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