Easiest way to upload photos to Instagram on Mac or PC

It is a known fact that you get limited features if you visit your Instagram page on your computer. More annoyingly, you cannot upload a video or photo directly to yourInstagram page from your windows or mac computer.

     Although, Instagram added the ability to publish photos to a mobile version of your site (this is the version the user sees if he comes to the social network through a browser, rather than through the application itself). A new function – only part of the major changes that are waiting for the mobile site. All of them will be made to facilitate access to Instagram in countries with severe restrictions in Internet bandwidth.

How to upload photos to Instagram with the PC

     To upload photos to Instagram with the computer, you must install the extension for Chrome, which will open up a mobile version of the social network on a PC or Mac. Install this extension, choose the type of device (iOS or Android) and go to Instagram.com. You will discover a mobile site with a photo upload button.

Here’s how it would look:

useragent_switcher for chrome

download and enable useragent_switcher extension for Chrome


This is how the site looks like by default without upload button

how to enable User agent on Chrome

Steps to enabling user agent extension on Chrome

That is the miraculous transformation when you reload the pages

    As mentioned earlier, the mobile site functionality is somewhat limited as compared to the application. So far, through the site, you can not upload videos, and even then do not work filters, do photo editing,  and it is impossible to publish a series of photos in one post.

     However, with the method illustrated in this article, you can easily deceive the site and do all that you wish to do on PC as if you were to be on mobile. If all of a sudden you have to urgently publish a photo to  Instagram from your computer, it will be easier to take advantage of this technique than for you to first throw a picture on your phone, and then publish it to Instagram via your phone.

How does this work?

The chrome UserAgent xtension modifies the string “user-agent”. This line – a kind of business card, which is used by browsers. It tells website information about the device on which the browser is running, and that, in turn, adjusts to the device. The expansion of the site makes the browser to know if you are opening Instagram on your mobile device, or a computer.

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