Download Strong Software to Resolve Missing Option & Cccam Menu on SRT 4920, 4922 & 4922A

resolve missing dongle option

It is only those who where the shoe rhat knows where it pinches. Just yesterday i bought a new strong 4922A HD decoder (cos it is having out option) Curiosity they say kills the cat  i used my former 4920 without any problems but i infected my new decoder with a problem the very first day i bought it.

Now this is what happened i visited the official strong website and i downloaded the original updated software for my decoder but alas i ran into a problem that is now very rampart withh people using strong HD decoders.  I mean immediately i finished updating my software, my decoder rebooted normally and i just thought i will continue enjoying my premium channels (this is because am using two dongles avatar 2 and spider) i just discovered that nothing is working my box lights are no longer blinking so i navigated to  MENU>>INSTALLATIONS

Thinking the update must have reset my dongle options i never knew i was in for a bigger suprise as my Dongle Option which is the last item under installations was missing altogether!!!. As if that was not enough, my Ip Settings under System settings was also missing.


This means i was left with only FTA Channels. I Became frustrated and i started searching all over the neyt (having it in mind that i may eventually fry my receiver with an incompatible software) i finally found a breakthrough myself after almost given up the search. I have even called my dealer already and he said he has no such software ready but he said i can bring the decoder so that we can do a decoder to decoder software transfer via rs-232 cable. What am sharing to your today is the software testec and trusted that i used in getting back my Dongle option menu on my strong 4922A HD receiver and mind you, the software is also working perfectly with Strong 4920 and 4922 perfectly.



As much as i will never deceive my readers to game cheap popularity, and i can swear in the name of all that is good that the procedure am providing here is what i used on my strong decoder and i had no problem with it whatsoever. I will also quickly add that i should not be held responsible for any damage that might occur to your decoder if you are using a fake strong decoder or due to negligence on your part.

Important Pre-requisites:

> Check if your Strong Decoder is genuine here     once you have confirmed that it is a genuine strong decoder, then you can proceed otherwise i will advice you not to go further as you may loose your decoder permanently if you are using a non-genuine of fake strong decoder

> If your strong decoder is still alive good for you just get a good usb flash drive, then format everthing that is on it and download the software i uploaded from the links below, then plugin the the usb to your strong decoder (warning, i will advice you to do this only when your eclectricity is stable otherwise use a generator)  then navigate to Menu>> External Device>>File Manager here you will select the software on your flash and immediately, the updating will start. Wait for some minutes and it will be done and your decoder will reboot into life and you will have your lost options back. Method 2. Get someone using your exact decoder and do the decoder to decoder file transfer via rs-232 cable. Method 3. for those whose decoder is dead, you can wake it by simply downloading the original firmware origina_strong_SRT 4920_4922_firmware   Then download the loader i uploaded below and with the help of a pc that has 9 pin serial port, you can wake your dead strong decoder. Everafter download the option menu software and upgrade with either usb or computer.



lemmymorgan_SRT4920_4922_4922A_115p_130116 and lemmymorgan_SRTLoaderP1.92

For other strong decoders visit here


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  1. please Lemmy help me wid srt 4669*// software to solve my missing option problem.

  2. please for transfer between two decoders which rs232 cable should be chosen. help me:
    Simple Null Modem Cable, Null Modem Cable or Simple Straight Through Cable. the difference between these cables is available on:
    thank you

  3. pls where can i dwonload software to resolve missing for my srt 4930l

  4. bala idris says:

    pls lemmy help with the software to update my strong srt4669xii receiver

  5. Edgard Karam says:

    Dear Sir,
    i have a SRT 4922 and i tried what mentioned above and it didn’t work !!!! please help !!!! i don’t have the dongle option. i updated my SRT 4922 with the software version 172P (16-2-2015) !!! what should i do ???

  6. Boss, the external device in the srt 4922 is not responding to any usb drive after I upgraded it with the new software. pls help

  7. Pls lemmy, how do i connect avatar 2 to a strong decoder? I’ve checked your website for a tutorial on it but can’t find it……………..

  8. Pls lemmy I have a strong srt 4663x decoder,pls I cannot play my azsky dongle on it,that is I cannot scramble any dstv channels with it,going through ur post I saw that I can connect the dongle to my decoder thru OPTIONS then right click to Dongle but my problem is that there is no OPTIONS on my menu list and I do not know how to connect this again.then

    Is missing OPTIONS a software upgrade problem,If yes how can I get the software if u have the link,my decoder is currently with software version :1.82p (may 04 2012).

    Pls is my strong srt 4663x a geninuine strong product because I cannot find the code number needed from the security settings to verify it.

  9. can we use that genuie firmware to wake dead fake receiver?

  10. pls, i have Strong Decoder SRT 4669X wit july 2013 software virsion but its contrast and brightness is to high and its affecting the Tv Screen, i av used it on another Tv and i reduced d contrast and brightness of the Tv to d lowest but still its high on my decoder. Pls wat am i going 2 do with it.

  11. Were can buy canalsat reunion cccam on 16E

  12. Oga lemmy, I don’t know if u’re still following this post. My strong decoder srt 4930L does not have an xcam menu. I’ve searched through ur site, read all possible comments, tried every code mentioned here (8280, 8281,8081, 6969 …). I even updated the software with a newer version from (dated 7/5/2014) yet no xcam menu. Please my BOSS, what else should I do, or doesn’t this srt 4930L just support XCAM, I like tv1 but have to make sure of other things before paying. Pls don’t ask me to search around cos I’ve exhausted my ability in searches. Make me follow una jolly na!

    • @manvic no strong decoder comes with xcam menu. I wonder where you got that idea from. You can only use either cccam or Dongles as external devices to watch encrypted channels

      • Thanks for the swift response. But then pls, tell me how to call up cccam menu to be it will work on it and how to manually edit biss keys on this srt 4930L. The procedure already outlined in your post about activating cccam on strong decoders is not just working here.

        • @manvic, you mean you have successfully installed ccccam module and still no show?

          • Yes @lemmy, I installed the cccam module from ur site successfully on the software it came with, it rebooted. yet nothing happens when I press 8281. I have also checked the originality of the decoder and it’s genuine. Yesterday I upgraded the software to a newer one dated 7/5/2014 with the new GUI, it still do not respond to 8281 or any other code. I re-installed the cccam module still no show. but it do open web pages and youtube and so on. I’m so grateful for all ur help. I just don’t know what else to do.

          • @MANvic, your point is contradictory. cccam module only add the cccam menu to your strong decoder of which you must buy a cccam account separately if you want to watch any encrypted channel on your strong. otherwise, you can only watch free to air channels

  13. thanks Lemmy….i have my option menu back but my GUI has changed,its in a list form unlike the former.pls how can i get the old interface back with my option menu intact?

  14. I’m in Ghana now and I have strong srt 4922 but I can’t get TV3 please u help me with the code

  15. colesbergkhn says:

    hi i need all plugin and all latest software of srt 4930l pllllllzzzzzzzzzzz

  16. Hai lemmy, I have srt 4920A I Check if it was genuine Strong Decoder. then your product is
    not a genuine STRONG Receiver but got it form mytvstop

  17. Good day sir, i have a problem using my AZsky with my SRT 4663x cos i have tried and i have gone through the options to find Dongle option and it seems i don’t even have it in my receiver. pls tell me how do i upgrade it back?

  18. Pls what is the baud rate and serial mode dat on a strong srt4992 decoder with azsky dongle

  19. LAPPYPOLY says:


  20. jeridking says:

    Big bros, can i use Azsky for 4669x

  21. i used to watch wap TV Nigeria on 10800H30000 for free and now it is scrambled please how do i watch wap TV for free with my strong decoder

  22. i please want you to train me. Am from Ghana,upper west region,Wa .

  23. Goodday bro
    Can i have IP adresse for strong 4922a

  24. Bro I will like to know how I can get atlantis cccam and mgcamd account

  25. Thanks Oga lemmy,
    Am having a similar challenge with my SRT 4922 decoder. I just upgraded the decoder from the lastest upgrade link on strong technologies website. However, i cant find the option menu under installations and getting scrambled channels. i have followed your steps n downloaded the links.. but still working. How can you be of assistance.

  26. Pls, can I use Azky with srt 4329. Can it get options?

  27. Pls, I’ve download srt4669xii but when I put my usb inside my decoder I’ll not see it. Pls help me. And someone told me dat I’ll need to unzip it first, but I don’t know how to unzip it. Help me I need options on my decoder…

  28. Good Day gurus,please I’m using an srt-4922 decoder with azsky dongle to get multi tv and dstv channels. But all the channels show ‘No Information’ .What can I do to get the chaneel infos. please help me.

  29. i have alfa usb for wifi adaptor but it can not work with srt4922a. give me solution please.

  30. pls kindly check ur mail, my azsky wit jst pop red den gen den orange ones n keep poppin green yet all d stations ar scrambled. Its not long someone update my acc. Am using 4669XII decoder. Pls help regards

  31. pls how can i update my acc. N how much is not up 4 months i updated b4 livin my former location, am using 4669XII DECODER. I observed is not showi wat should i do pls

  32. please am confuse I need the dongle option which of the software am I going to download cause I don’t know the actually one listed above need help now please

  33. My SRT 4663XII stopped working who can suggest what to do on this with D*tv .
    Where can i get firmware or software downgrade with upgrade.

  34. Please I have a strong srt4663X decoder, it dosent have the options under installation and the file in the link dosent solve it,please is there something I’m missing,can u help me?

  35. Mr Lemmy! Thank u for ur support. I have been able to instal the option of the SRT 4930L back with the new firmware 1.37p. I want to find out from u how good A+ gold dongle is? I was able to get one to serve as a backup for my G1+ dongle. It worked 3days ago n was able release 5 channels that was different from the one d G1+ opened without freezing for the period it was on. But since then it has refused to come up even with my G1+ n I have asked people using it n I was told it’s working. I was wondering of it was network problem but its continued persistence makes me want to believe,there is something wrong. I wait to hear from the guru of them all.

  36. Evening sir. Thanks for ur response. I did visit the site u mention but couldn’t download it. I did all I could but to no avail. I would most honoured if u could help me sir. Thank u for ur assistance.

  37. My Oga Goodday to u. Just want to add this to ur post and as a form of advice for people out there. Most of the post that people put up that dey achieved with upgrade most are false. Like u know I use SRT 4930L and I came across a comment from someone that firmware v 1.30p is very good for dongle. I was interested in it cos my original firmware v 1.13p was lagging. I did d upgrade n tried getting d patch but no where to download. D only site that have it was written in Arab. I even took it out to market to see if I could do downgrade but I couldn’t. Right my option for dongle is gone. Pls do advice ur fans out there to be careful cos most comment are false. I trust ur post n I believe in ur write ups. Pls I also want to ask that if there is any assistance u can render I will most grateful.

  38. mohammed suleiman says:

    i have srt 4930 is it sport dongle and how?

  39. Hello ! What is mean: “new software for srt49204-922-4922a-137P supor tv-sat smart card and hard station”? Thank you.


  41. My amiable Oga at the top. Pls,I would like to do an upgrade for my SRT 4930L. I discovered dat it was d reason why my dongle works n later fails. I would like u to help me software 1.30p version so dat I can carry out an upgrade on the stb. I have tried download it but couldn’t find anywhere to download it moreover the software that came with the stb is 1.13p because am scared of losing my option on the menu because of my dongle. Take u sir for ur positive response.

  42. j ai str 4930l hd je veux son logiciel

  43. hello Mr Morgan,i have
    srt 4922a and spectrnet 4g router .plz let me know the step to upgrade to cccam menu and how to use it to enjoy ds*v channel .tax

  44. Please I will like to ask if it will be posible to connect sat decoder to computer and download software from decoder to computer

  45. PERKY METEORIC says:

    i want no how to connect multi tv and daarsat on the pan or dish pls?

  46. Hello mr morgan. I wont know if i use 131p-3GMODEM file on srt4922A i can use 2G modem to access intenet on srt4922A?

  47. Goodday bro,
    I av a problem upgrading my decoder (4922A) to 131p version. I av tried bt failed. After downloadin d software and copy to my Flash drive, I was unable to view d software on my screen.
    I will be very grateful if u can forward a guide or procedure how it will be done successfully.

  48. My Oga at the top. Greetings to you. I wrote to you two weeks ago concerning purchasing Azsky dongle. I finally have it n it work just for one day on my SRT 4930L but since September 11,2013 till date it is not opening any channel but d dongle is blinking both LED light green which is very stable. It only blinks when I change the channel. What could be wrong. I need ur assistance. Pls help me. Am getting frustrated. I don’t know if it is my Decoder dat is d problem because I gave out d dongle to use n he said it is working fine but when I used it for my 4930L it only work for one day which is on the September 10,2013 but since den I can’t access it. Pls help me.

  49. Safiou MORA says:

    bsr Lemmy MORGAN!
    Mon décripteur Azsky G1 n’arrive plus à fonctionner correctement avec mon décodeur Strong SRT 4922 . Parfois même, il tente d’éteindre ma TV. Merci de me conseiller des dispositions à prendre.

  50. Okorare Ogheneochuko says:

    Hello Mr Lemmy,
    My A+ gone off for some time this evening,i wjust want to know whether it is a general problem. And how much is the AZsky decoder sold.

  51. bonjour ‘ j’ai un demo srt4922a et je pocede un routeur wifi , je voudrais connecter 3g wifi a mon srt4922a comment ca se passe aidez moi svp.

  52. Okorare Ogheneochuko says:

    Thanks very much for your info, i have restored my OPTION ON MY DECODER SRT 4669X, but it has refuse to come up. I am using A+ Dongle. I need your help.

  53. Okorare Ogheneochuko says:

    Hello Mr Lemmy, I just found out that my A+ dongle is no longer working since yesterday evening. Pls is there any problem with it.

  54. felka201O says:

    plise lemmy i lost my srt 433O parental code and i want to reset with flash …. but i don’t have the laoder for srt 4330

  55. Bros.. I need the latest software for my SRT4329 .. the rubish decoder is giving me a lot of problem…. After i got a donggle from netkaysat, it neven refused to work properly.. it freezes intermittently.please HELP ME…

  56. abdul salam says:

    Can i access my strong decoder4669xii for internet to be used by pc.

  57. God bless you sir for solving peoples’ problems. I use AZSKY Avatar in my srt 4922; and it opens some channels but with many scrambled channels. Is there a better Avartar than AZSKY that can open scrambled channels? If not how do I get over it?

  58. hello lemmy,how do i watch youtube and browse with srt 4940?

  59. Ivoirian says:

    Hi lemmy, I have just bought a new strong 4922A. I have install the new software for 4922A which I took on the site of strong to activate cccam server . I lost the menu options and I was not able to activate the cccam menu with press 8281! Please help me . i am lost i can’t see crypted channels with my dongle. please

    • i don’t get you at all. dongles with decoders are different from cccam with decoders. And you don’t just go about installing softwares for the fun of it. Please explain yourself better

  60. hi Boss, i need ur help with my srt 4930l with A+ dog, it take up to 30sec b4 up even if i change d channel it take up to 30sec b4 shoe up while 4922a show immediatly, pls is there any thing wrong with my 4930l . Yo wish is my command

  61. Olusola Oke says:

    Hi Lemmy are you a Nigeria? I am posting from Nigeria. Kindly advise me on purchase of 4992 I had a 4669x which got damaged recently by thunder srtike all efforts made to repair it proved abortive. Is 4922 a good one and what advantage does it have above 4669x.

  62. Olusola Oke says:

    Hi Lemmy are you a Nigerian? I am posting from Nigeria can you pls advise me on buying srt4922 I had a 4669x that got damaged recently by thunder strike all efforts made to repair it proved abortive. Is 4922 a good one and what advantage does it have over 4669x

  63. stonlex says:

    sir please when I upgrade my SRT 4922 with the new software am I supposed to loose the “options” under installation & dish settings?

    • yes because strong has dropped support for dongles on their decoders. so once you upgrade with their original firmware, you will loose the dongle option menu

  64. Ur email is nt goin

  65. J’achète régulièrement le str 4922A et le vendeur me remet le flash ccam qui marche bien quand on connecte le décodeur a un serveur Internet.Je voudrais savoir comment connecter plusieurs décodeurs str 4922A en réseau local ou un seul dans un réseau wifi.Expliquez dans les détails pour me faciliter la compréhension stp merci

    • Hi lemmy , i have the same problem i cant download the firmware to configure my new 4922a. i want to configure cccam option but i lost menu option

      [iss] peux tu m’aider, j’ai besoin du flash cccam pour l’installer et profiter du cccam merci

  66. ok! but i have not a dongle.

  67. Hi,
    Can I use an A+ dongle on a Strong SRT4922 decoder? Thanks

  68. Lemmy, Pls Kindly Send Me The Link To Download The Dongle Options For SRT Decoders…
    Thanks For Your Warmly Co-operation!!!

  69. opekayus says:

    pls i need software to upgrade my SRT 4622XII decoder, may i could get more stations.

  70. hello! can i have srt4922 firmware who open some scrambled chanels or link to download these. please answer me on my mail boxe. thank you

  71. p/s send me fake srt 4663x and 4663xii software

  72. fred mills says:

    please i want to the type of wifi dongle on market which is compatible with the strong srt 4930l.Please your reply is highly recommended.

  73. Bonjour Lemmy ! J’ai un SRT4669XII, j’ai le “boot” avec “boot strong 4620xii” et il devient mort ! J’ai éssayé de lui faire se reveiller par des divers version de son mise à jour( 116p,117p,302p,303p,……..) mais il n’arrive pas de se réveiller) , de meme par 104p son version d’usine , car avant le bottage j’ai téléchargé via USB cette version . Aide moi s’il vous plait !

  74. hello oga lemmy please am using strong 4940 . it has lan por i just need the setting for the ip address can it browse with my system thanks

  75. Thank u lemmy for prompt respond wishes to get more update from side. Carry Go nothing do u

  76. I downloaded the software and save it in my BB.then I upgrade the reciever to the end succesufuly but fail to boot again. I have to take it to technician to fix for me at cost of N 2000 and my reciever is Genuine SRT 4922

    • why will you save to bb when the instruction was to save it to a usb flash drive that is virus free. in fact it is advice able that only the file should be there

  77. Good day I downloaded software for 4922 new menu , then I have upgrade it but after it has finished then fail to work it will on but it will not boot to show but keep booting . What do I do please .

  78. hello lemmy morgan the boss i just bought my hd strong 4922a decoder 4 days ago and it working perfect but i just browse through strong website and i download 2 new software for my decoder which one of it is for the new menu i want to ask you if it advisable to continue the uprgading or i should leave it with what i have cause my version still working well with my dongles kindly reply back soon thanks

  79. please i need strong option software

  80. poundzranty says:

    pls wher do i download the option menu for my 4669x i did not see 4669x software in post but only 4922 only..thankz

  81. i fried up my fake str4669ii decorder and i can not get another fake decorder to
    wake it. is there any other way please

  82. Suleiman says:

    Hello sir,
    i downloaded 4922A software when i loaded it to my reciever, it told me INVALID STB as the file contains three softwares(4920,4922 and 4922A), i loaded it to 4922 and it worked with it… Pls kindly direct me to a peculiar software for strong 4922A.

  83. Pls i upgrade my 4930l decoder after upgrade my option, dogle, rsr, wifi, 8281, 6969 are missing but it is there before upgrade pls help me what to do to resolve d problem thks

  84. afofana says:

    How to share one account with other decoder with same account.

  85. afofana says:

    Hi. How to use srt 4922a on wifi network. Thanks

  86. i don’t see the download area in ur post if u knw u are saying de trut kindly give detail pls on srt 4922 software for missing the option from the menu

  87. What are the prices of the Tlink and what dongle do you recommend i combine with the Tlink. Please inbox me the price so i can forward the money to you before the weekend. please specify how much the dish, cable, dongle and everything will cost. thank you

  88. Welcome to, we invite you to beneficiate of the excellent cccam service. We offer the fast cccam server with 1Gb/s internet speed and 16GbRam. We give you a lot of packages for satisfy all your tastes. Our server is updatingall the time for adding new packages. suscribe now our price is 14.00 euro only

  89. Kingsley says:

    Hello Lemmy,

    I have downloaded the software into a well known USB flash and plugged it on the decoder went through the step and nothing happened. Though i could see file in the flash disk but its not just working (it doesn’t automatically update the decoder). What am i doing wrong.

    • you will have to install it manually by clicking on it

      • Kingsley says:

        Million Thanks Lemmy. But you forgot to include in your post that one needed to extract the file using winrar, cos the downloaded format from your site is .zip which is not recognized by the decoder when extracted to become .sbt which is recognized format. Being optimistic pay a-lot cos it took me days and sleepless nights to know how it works.

  90. bandanna says:

    hi lemmy, how true is dis assertion that strong 4922hd reduces signal, and if yes to what extend, and d remedy pls.

  91. Oga lemmy, liberty t1 has been down for some days nw. pls wats wrong.

  92. emmanuel wirrom says:

    please Lemmy,
    I am in Ghana Accra and my liberty star together with others are not working since we were made to use only one Sim card Tigo for watching the system. The system was very good when we were using MTN but Tigo has come to block the system and we are watching nothing since 5days ago. Ghana is waiting on your advice as to what to do thank you.

  93. Thank You so much,God bless you, using the patch software have gotten the dongle option back. The Dstv channels are not showing except CNN which is going on and off but all the Jsport on FTA are showing. Need to know what else i need to do and what dongle shld i use 1 or 2, which baudrate shld it be on. I used an X-man gprs box and a HD 4922A

    • the patch is for you to get your dongle options back and not for it to open scramble channels. the box or cccam server you are using is what will open scramble channels not strong decoder

      • JOHN BITIYONG says:

        Dear Lemmy, I have seen how helpful u have been to others with ur write ups. My 4922A Strong Decorder upgraded this morning. I downloaded the str 4920.stb file and uploaded after which i downloaded the second file str loaderP1.92 application but it did not give me back the option in my decorder menu. what else can i do, where is can i get the patch u are talking about coz i can see that some used the patch and it worked? please help me.

        • then take it to where you bought it for a decoder to decoder transfer

          • JOHN BITIYONG says:

            Thanks alot Lemmy, after my post, i traced the link to the patch which i downloaded and it worked 100%. infact my decorder is better than before. the option menu is back and working well. i am very grateful to you for all the assistance and timely response. May God Bless u abundantly. Amen.

          • you are welcome sir

    • Kingsley says:

      Hey John, please what the frequency and symbol rate to get JSC Sport FTA. Am using 1.8m dish and STR4922A.

    • Kingsley says:

      Hi John, please what the Frequency and symbol rate to get JSC Sport FTA. I have been looking and scanning for these 2 channels without any hope. Thanks in anticipation.

  94. Thank you for quick Response, which of the downloads will i run first, Is the Loader or the other or no particular other

  95. bros my 4922 just upgraded itself this morning and lost the option for dongle pls, what can i do

  96. yes Sir your email address

  97. whats the email address?

  98. @lemmy morgan bro i talk with you can we talk behind the scene.

  99. wow that was a quick response thank you so much. u are a life saver!

  100. update for strong srt 4669xii decoder. my decoder made an automatic update and option is now missing. pls help.

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