Download Latest V5 / V6 and V7 Software – Dated November 2016

The pctvlab team have released performance enhancing software for their Gsky series. There is no much of an additional features with most of the software. I will simply say its a stability and security update software. Be that as it maybe, you are advised to upgrade your Gsky decoders to this latest software.

gsky software


To start with, i want to warn anyone who will be downloading and using any software for any decoder to be very careful during the course of updating. I mean you should avoid power(electricity) interruption by all means. If there is a power failure during the upgrade, your decoder will be soft-bricked or enter bootloop. If you encounter any software problems as a result of wrong upgrade of your decoder, you can fix same by reading up some tutorials on this site or pctvlab. I am however not going to be responsible for any damage done to your decoder as a result of your wrong update methods. This software is updated via usb flash drive and it is pretty easy.

The second disclaimer is the fact that; you should have all what it takes before you ever think of going for any powervu solution. To put it in a clear terms, i mean, you must have the following imperatives ready before buying any powervu decoder; 1. minimum of a 1.8 meter dish, 2. a good cband lnbf , 3. An installer skilled in cband installation and big dish handling.

My final disclaimer is strictly related to the software being provided here; I have not confirmed it to totally fix HBO, CNN issues  on sony but it is expected to do so. Also, this software is expected to fix the issue of tracking mtn worldwide on 34.5w while you scan it on 57e but this has not been confirmed as well. You can confirm it and get back to the house.


Newest upgrade software for GSKY V5 HD Africa/Asia/Europe version


*Realease Date:2016-11-03
*Software Version:V20161031

Added function:

1.Add more Tandberg Keys Auto roll
2.Updated the latest powerVu algorithm; claimed to improve auto roll function

3.this Version support wifi dongle only base on MT7601 chipset, and Through the WiFi Dongle link to network, it can get the latest PowerVu algorithm automatically. This simply means for V5 you can fix general auto roll problem without waiting for a new software release by using a wifi adapter to connect to server to update Powervu Algorithm

Download Now:GSKY_V5_HD_20161031

Note:The downloaded file is ****.rar format, please extract the file, copy the ****.bin file to your USB easy disk to upgrade.


Newest upgrade software for GSKY V6 HD Africa/Asia/Europe version(V20161101)

*Release Date:2016-11-01
*Software Version:V20161031

Added function:

1.Add more Tandberg Key
2.Updated the latest powerVu algorithm

Download Now:GSKY_V6HD_20161031.rar


GSKY V7 Global newest upgrade software for Africa/Asia/Europe(V20161101)

GSKY V7 Global newest upgrade software for Africa/Asia/Europ.The software was released in Nov 1st,2016. Africa/Asia/Europ customers can download this software and upgrade to your box to test.

*Realease Date:2016-11-01
*Software Version:V20161031

Added function:

1.Add more Tandberg Key
2.Updated the latest powerVu algorithm

Download GSKY V7 GLOBAL newest software Now:GSKY_V7_Global_20161031

All GSKY V7 Global user need to just connect your GSKY V7 global receiver to internet for a small while, it will automatically get the auto-roll update. after internet auto-roll data update, no need to continue to  keep connecting to the  internet before you can watch channels.

For GSKY V7 Global,it is suitable for customers in the  Africa/Asia/Europe market.


  1. please Mr Lemmy I Need to help cord for sky sat 9800 patch

  2. Hello sir, is Gsky v6 going to support tandberg V2 keys? I have been a user and a seller of Gsky by your recommendation. Pls do reply.
    Thank you

  3. Hi Lemmy, am in East Africa, I have had sport 24 on Gsky V7, but when I upgraded to the new software, it dissapered.. I do not get it now when I scan NSS12.
    What do I do now mate?
    Please advise.

  4. Hello sir, does the new software for Gsky v6 support Tandberg v2? Pls do reply. Thank you.

  5. What about HD Box powervu decoder. is it good and can it work on tandberg.

  6. Thanks Lemmy! In addition i have a big opportunity for those who haven’t gotten a copy of the almighty Gsky receiver! Here is the gist; When Lemmy intruduced Gsky to us on this site, i did my best to get it. And, as an installer, i started telling some of my clients who were cable of getting it and also installing sports24HD. One of them showed interest. Then sports24HD was on 1 meter dish with scaler ring. So, we bought 2 Gsky V6 receivers from Lemmy and it was delivered to me. Eventually, Sports24 went away on 1 meter dish and he became discouraged. He didn’t even use his box up to 2 weeks. Right now, that box/receiver is for sale! If you want it you can contact me here; 08060394247 for the price and delivery details. Remember Gsky V6 is no longer in the market. It has been out of production for more than two months now. And, it is no comparison to V5 in terms of hardware. And, that’s why i narrated this whole story! So Hurry!!!

  7. Lemmy good morning Sir, pls can you help me with Sky SAT receiver 9800HD software for powervu autoroll. Thanks.

    • HAOTADULLAHI says:

      Plz Lemmy we user of skysat 9800HD need ur help abt auto roll softwer plz we need auto roll badly god bless u sir

  8. pls oga Lemmy and the house can super max cband lnb track sport 24 pls I need help urgently pls

  9. Mr Lemmy, what about qsat q11g. it seems that the qsat team has dropped it.

  10. Am not picking hd 24 after upgrading gsky v6 but I get Sony
    What do I do Lemay. Scanned with Apstar and nss12

    • Those having issues with Sports24 on the new Gsky V6 software; After new software upgrade, connect ur box/decoder to internet using a 3g modem for like 10 seconds then remove/off; Connect your Gsky to Sports24Hd; Go to menu> Cas> Keys edit> powervu and delete a few of the existing powervu keys or all if you so wish and watch Sporst24 come up. Do same for Sony, Apstar or anyone that refuses to open. Enjoy!!

  11. Works fine on 68.5e and pasta 76.5e at my end.. But couldn’t open my on 57e..the previous versions had already stopped to work on appear 76.5e..

  12. pls, I need original 4950e power vu software that is open sports 24,the one I have open afn sports but not sports 24.Thanks

  13. Kumakech Denis says:

    Oh Mr Lemmy between freesat v7 and alpha box 6 which 1 is better do they have easy access to software upgrade?

  14. Up the Gsky team! I’m back on My V6. V6 now has tandberg patch menu. Tankx to the Pctvlab guys!

  15. Pls sir is that soft were use for mytv?

  16. baba small says:

    Pls Lemmy Morgan my tiger i 555 link does not opening sony hd what should I do pls

  17. pls oga Lemmy which frequency can I use to track Sony entertainment and also sport 24 pls house help me pls

  18. good morning sir, please oga lemmy i want to ask this question? can super east keep maintaining in time of supplying software like gsky have be doing?

  19. Please lemmy, have u tried the set 4922a software from crosat? Instead of auto rolling it rather scrambled my afn that I used manual keys. Or must I use internet?

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