Download Latest Upgrade Firmware for Qsat Q11G, Q13G & Q15G _V5 (Fix bugs and improve performance)

The internet is the contemporary best source of information. Information reaching me as of yesterday claims that most or all qsat q11g, q13g and q15g decoders which refuse to upgrade to the latest version, shall stop working on January 1 2013 until they upgrade to the latest firmware In this article, i have uploaded the software for q11g, q13g and q15g.

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Am doing this to prove a point of selflessness and flexibility. Some ppl out there will be trying to sell the software which is bad. Some will delay giving it to their customers while some may even ask their customers to bring the decoder to them for upgrade either for  a fee or free of charge. Whichever way others used in upgrading qsat for their customer, i am choosing the best way which is providing it free of charge and giving you hint on how to load it.

I received the software free of charge, so am giving it out free of charge. The software was more of a security and performance upgrade. I have tested it myself and i notice no bug. It created an iptv menu under multimedia and tends to solve etisalat Nigeria connection issue. It is tagged version 5. Please don’t ask questions about HD channels here as that is the prerogative of qsat. HD channels was not disabled by qsat or azsky or tlink, it was blocked by dst*. As soon as there is a way out, HD channels will be back on all products hitherto opening HD channels on Dst*.


Inspite of the fact that i have personally tested this software on my qsat q11g, i also scanned the file with Bit defender Antivirus total security 2014 and there is no virus of any kind in this file, I am not to be held liable for any mistake or negligence on the part of anybody using this software. This is because if you jettison my instructions and warnings, you may soft-brick your qsat(soft bring translates to damaging the software part of your device). However if you do all what is required of you, then you won’t have any problem with the upgrade.

Warnings!!!:  I will advice those who cannot setup their qsat from scratch not to upgrade until they find those who can help them set it up. The reason being that after the upgrade, your qsat will be reset to factory settings and as a result, three major things will happen to your qsat immediatelly after the upgrade. 1.you xcam setup under settings will be hidden(to bring this back because you need it to re-activate your avatarcam HD code dial 1512 once you open settings) 2. Your internet connection type will be reset to LAN Internet (if you were not using lan internet previously then you need to choose your preferred connection mode if you are using direct sim card otherwise known as 2g on your remote press Menu>>Ethernet Config>>Under link type choose GPRS Network>>then Select Config>>Under GPRS Network Window>Area>>Select your country>>Operator>>select your provide>>>Mark auto link and reboot your decoder) 3. Your channels will all vanish (to rescan your channels, goto installation>>password is 0000>>Antenna Setting>>Change Satellite to Eutelsat 36A, 36/ 036.0E>>press blue button on your remoe to start scanning>>another window will pop up change scan type from manual to Blind scan>>press enter and wait till everything completes.) 4. Your avatarcam code will be deactivated you need to re-activate it after the firmware upgrade (to do this press menu>>setting>>xcam setup>>AvatarCamHD>>press red button>>press green button>>reboot your qsat) If your avatarcamhd code begins with 54xx or 56xxx, for now your channels may take longer to come up, to hasting this, try the following tricks; use a 3g modem with mtn Nigeria, etisalat or glo>> now goto multimedia>>iptv>>open any of the iptv channels and watch for seconds>>go back to your dst* channels>>it should be showing by now.

  • You must have a stable electricity, if your electricity is not stable, please use an inverter or a generator.
  • You must use only a virus free USB flashdrive( to be sure of this, you can format the usb drive before you copy the file into it)
  • Once you download my files, you will need to extract it after extraction, you will see two files inside the folder, the read me file.txt and the software.bin you are required to copy only the .bin file to your flashdrive then read the text file.
  • It is worthy of note that your qsat need not be connected to the internet throughout the upgrading process.
  • Download the latest Version 6 software of qsat from the following article: Download Qsat Software V6 For Q11G, Q13G & Q15G [Fixes Code 54xxx & Code 56 Issues for Now]
  • Download  For QIIG: Q11G-_V5.11.20_20131221_3.zip (No password required to extract)  or FOR Q13G:Q13G-_V5.11.20_20131221.zip (No password required to extract)and for Q15G: Q15G-_V5.11.23_20131224 (You need to extract the Q15G software with a password and the  password is <lemmymorgan.com> )
  • Once you have met the above requirements, please plugin your usb to your qsat, on your remote now press MENU>>UPGRADE>>USB / UPGRADE, select the file you copied to your usb earlier and click on ok to start the process. Once the process is completed, your decoder will reboot that is all.


PLEASE DON’T SEND ME ANY MESSAGE OR CALL ME ON THIS ISSUE. I AM ONLY TRYING TO HELP THE PEROGATIVE OF RESTORING NORMALCY TO QSAT WITH 54xxxx and 56xxxx avatarcam codes lies with qsat team. I can’t influence proceedings of qsat whatsoever, i can only influence azsky team to act to a reasonable degree.



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  1. Thank you Lemmy for the update. I hope the software solves the problem of my q13g of not detecting USB modem I bought recently.

  2. Thanxz @lemmmy I will try it now

  3. The download link is not working

  4. May you be richly blessed for providing this information free of charge to us.

    Lemme upgrade my qsat 11g immediately

  5. You are simply the best.

  6. Hello lemmy please any update for qsat q15?

  7. Lemmy can you please help me with the download link?

    • @evans the download link is there already

      • HELLO Lemmy, Im Antony from RWANDA AFRICA; may you help me by giving some contact like a phone number, Skype address, or others; where I may pick informations on my “QSAT Q16 xmater”, because sometimes its work others not and I don’t know the problems, some channels show then stop, and so on, please help me if you can.

  8. I wish to state that i have just finished upgrading my decoder.

  9. trustworthy is ur symbol

  10. I also wish to bring to your notice that i have also activated youporn and redtube on my decoder.

    A new thing called DLNA has also been added to my decoder but upon clicking each of the items under NETWORK, i will get a message that says “fail to catch message”.

    Kindly help me out here

  11. Lemmy can you please help me with the link or qsat q15

  12. pls lemmy do i have to put the sim card and make it write network connection sucess before i start up grading? pls i need answer urgently tanx a lot

  13. I have installed the software but after all setting I can’t activate my account and the expering expiring date.if I go to the avatarcamhd it gives me a message, which is ” can not get accounts,please try later”what should I do since I can’t watch d**v.thank you.

  14. Thanks for the file know where I can get a firmware update file for skybox f3

  15. Pls help me i upgrade my qsat with the soft ware you gave us and i follow the instruction correctly after upgrading it reboot and write no channel found what can i do pls help

    • @danjuma, you will do everything from scratch i mean the scanning, avatarcam code activation and changing from lan internet to the internet connection you were using before the upgrade

  16. pls oga lemmy i have rescan and all the channels are back but i can’t find avatarcam under settings, is it wifi network or which one bcos there is nothing like internet there but my qsat write network conection sucess pls i want u to give me a comprehensive guideline on how to reset it bcos i don’t have my activation code pls help me

  17. Hi Lemmy. Have been using my q13 for over 2 months and i just did the upgrade but in the Xcam setup, I cannot retrieve my account. Keep getting the message:cannot get account., please try later. What do I do?

  18. hi pls lemmy i have upgrade my qsat 11g and activite the account again but still the channels are not coming

  19. paeffiong says:

    I have done as instructed by you, ie, using a 3g modem and it has worked very well.

    As at press time, am watching AMM1 via my airtel 3g modem

  20. Boss is now working good. With fastest connection. In fact the software is very good. Thanks

  21. Tosin
    I had successfully performed the Q13 upgrade but after doing that and the machine reloaded,i went back to check the usb were i loaded the soft ware from and in the process,as i was trying to scan through i mistakenly pressed the left volume botten of my remote which triggered off the merchine to commense the cleaning of my flash and urgently i offed the machine and removed the flash to avoid it cleaning the things in it.Since then my machine writes load and dispalce i should upgrade from TS,i tryed exiting yet it refuses to exit.What do i do.

  22. Lemmy thanks so much for your good work, I wanted to ask if I can apply this update on X man G8 decoder, the reason I really want to update is to bring back my avartercam HD menu, cos ever since I did a factory reset the avartercamHd was no where to be found. I even wen as far as using the 1512 and 1513 code to bring it back but all to no avail. Happy new year to u all.

  23. hello my qsat take longer to open sramble channel what can i do to be fast open sramble channel

  24. lemmy.tanx for the update.just completed d upgrade…didnt notice any change sha…it rebooted and restored all earliet settings automatically. pls wat re we suppose to see.mine is q13g

    my earlier complaints that my reception keeps going off intermittently still persisted after the upgrade.i have used glo and etisalat network so far.others are nt too ok in my area.
    ur response will be highly appreciated.

  25. After upgrading xcam/avatar option in setting did not appear. Please help me.

  26. hi lemmy, wenever i read your post, am enthralled with your sincerity and selflessness in sharing knowledge free of charge. My buying of azsky g1+ was as a result of reading one of your post. Am happy for that cos am really enjoying it. Thanks to you lemmy. Happy new year to you lemmy and all your fans, myself inclusive. Keep up the good works

  27. Firstly mr lemmy i wish u and ur family a very happy new year 2014 , and simply just want to thank you for the update and may God continue to bless us in Jesus name . Amen

  28. pls i have an issue, after upgrading i dont know anything about the “avatarcam code activation”, will be most grateful if you tell me where and how to put it.

  29. @ lemmy,
    i did exactly as instructed, now the device is telling me cannot get account, when i try to check the expiry date.

  30. pls l;emmy, after the upgrade, i cant activate my account, it keeps showing could not connect to account. what is wrong or what do i need to do

  31. Please can u help me post how to go about all the process after upgrading,because I have upgraded but still having problems in setting my decoder up. Please help

  32. pls sir i upgrade my qsat and i have scan all d channels,and i have activated the code it always write network conection sucess but it wouldn’t open any channel i have used all the network still the same pls help

  33. @ lemmy,
    i seriously need help, after upgrading the q11g, am getting no channel found. i tried updating the account on avatar and the response is can not get account, pls try later.
    help ASAP.


  34. hi
    after upgrading my expiring date for the decoder has moved from November 2014 to April 12 2014. have i done something wrong?

  35. Plz bros, I really need to watch a match, I can’t get the guy who set it up for me.how can I get my Xcam setup back? Please bro, I need ur help

  36. Pls lemmy how can I get the 15g qsat…thanks bro

  37. Lemmy the 15g qsat software upgrades…thanks again

  38. Hello lemmy my qsat 13g has been hanging continuously for 3days now.I don’t knw wat the problem is kindly help.urgent

  39. pls help. after upgrading I could not find d avertercamhd in d received again pls kindly tell me what to do to retrieve it thanks

  40. still awaiting ur response lemmy….my qsat 13g reception goes off intermittently for few minutes and restores again.it started two days ago and have changed my sim from glo to etisalat to mtn yet no resolution. ..have upgraded with d upgrade u provided…still no resolution.kindly assist.

  41. does anyone have issues with SS3 …not showing today

  42. @lemmy I use a airtel sim card shuld I just buy any airtel sim card and use.or can I use my airtel bb sim to try it out.

  43. paeffiong says:

    As instructed, i am now watching iptv via my 3g modem.

    But i wish to also state that my qsat has started freezing .

    Also my friend’s own is still working though he is yet to upgrade.

  44. well…cant really count myself lucky…ss3ni not working..notin to watch…and again

    my qsat decorder now switches off itself and reboots.this started after the update….

    any clue lemmy

  45. its still displaying 000000000 after pressin red then green buttons like u said

  46. pls lemmy i have upgrade my qsat and i have activate the Acount but still no any channel open and my code start 56****** will qsat fix the problem for me?

  47. will do d reset soon lemmy…but wat is d effect on d account activation.hope it wont alter my expiry date.

  48. qisto pisto says:

    uncle lemmy.You be too much.You are real sat intelligence blogger.Keep the blogging going as we follow your foot print universally.

  49. paeffiong says:

    Pls oga Lemmy, my code starts with 55***.

    Wat is my faith bcos mine has refused to unscramble sports channels?

    It freezes like 2moro no dey.

  50. Sorry lemmy,d error message is cannot get account,pls try later,and I av tried 3 sim cards

  51. The activation code that doesn’t take seconds to come up keeps saying cannot find account, try again later. I shouldn’t have done this upgrade. It keeps saying the same thing even after factory reset. And my Q13G decoder was working just fine.

    • @Chidie, i said if your deice was working fine you may choose not to upgrade till it stopped working. For solution to your problem, you need to change your sim card and use the sim card inside a 3g modem change the connection tyoe inside your qsat then reboot qsat before trying to connect qsat to the internet. read my article in-between-the lines to know where you went wrong. It is very clear that you hurriedly downloaded and upgraded without reading my Disclaimer very carefully

  52. Hey lemme.. Mine is connecting but nt displaying and when I try to check the expiry date.. Its always writing cannot get account..try later. Please help me

  53. U’re really God sent, lemme indeed u shall never lack providing these free for us I Pray God should uplift u. Uve been a piller to many of us hear.

  54. pls lemmy, i dont have flash drive,can i download the software to my android and transfer it to my qsat tru usb?

  55. hi lemmy….still same issues even after factory reset…intermittent scrambling of reception lasting for minutes or not even resolving at all.till I manually reboot.etisalat…glo…and mtn have been used yet still d same.
    worse but not particular with sports channels.
    kindly look into it pls and any suggestions or similar complaints from co bloggers too will be welcomed.

    • @max as at the time of respnding to your comment 2nd, January 2014 8:40AM Nigeria Time, all qsat releases are working pefectly with litytle or no freezing. Mr Max, if yours is still freezing, you have only one choice, continue changing your sim card / sim card inside your modem till you get the one that works for you without freezing. In others words, your problem is 100% internet connection related. It has nothing to do with qsat server or upgraded software thank you.

  56. Bros lemmy, I just want 2 say a very big thnk you,my Qsat is back On.God would continue to reward you and shall meet u at the point of ur need..IJN

  57. hi lemmy i have updated my qsat q13g but i cant get the code when i pree the red and green button

  58. morning lemmy. av upgraded and my avatar code has been reactivated but still no channel is openng. pls kindly help. Or is there other way to reboot other than to switch decoder off and on?

  59. Hi @lemmy. I followed all d steps in red,blue and brown.my decoder has been saying:cannot get account since yesterday till now.i av done factory reset also bt still no luck..wht can I do again

  60. Hi Lemmy thanks for all your help to people having problems with their decoders. I have taken time to read most of the comments and it seems my problem has not been posted. I have a qsat q15g. This morning I was watching a program all of a sudden the channels started to change by it self, to the extent that I can no longer watch anything. I managed to do a factory reset and 10 mins after I finished searching the channels it started again. Since then I have not been able to watch anything. What do you suggest I do? Will a software upgrade solve the problem? Thanks

  61. Hello Lemmy,
    Thanks for everything. I recently upgraded to the new software for Q11G V5 but I’m running into some problems. I cannot view any channels again. I did the blind scan like you said on the particular satellite you instructed (Eutelsat36A/ Eutelsat 36A, 36/ 036.0E). The channels were all loaded but none are showing. I went into settings and activated XCAM settings menu item, but on trying to re-activate my account it says “can not get account, please try later”. However if i revert back to V4 of the software, which I still have on my computer, everything works and channels appear in less than 30 seconds. What am I doing wrong, and what else do I need to do?
    Thanks once again.

  62. @Lemmy thanx alot u are the best in 9ja my receiver now is upgraded even my HD channels are riding with speed all tnx to u my OGA. I appreciate gbosa for u……

  63. hello lemmy, thanks for your help. I have not done the upgrade yet cos my code starts with 57. But my channels have started freezing since the 31st.sometimes lasts up to 5minutes.will the upgrade help or i need to keep changing simes. I’ve used vodafon, mtn,tigo and airtel.

  64. paeffiong says:

    @Eze, could u pls upload that your version 4 to dropbox and then share the link with us here.

    I wanna try something with v4

  65. Ma qsat q11g start freezing every moment since jan 01….thou it shows sometimes…can I do the upgrade on it…and can d upgrade make it stable back……hav try all the sim wit it..

  66. moses ysg says:

    please how can i upgrade my Qsat ..i dont have the code that can enable me to upgrade it properly …..pls sir i want u to help me …….cos my Qsat dont show all the time and i think its upgrading….pls sir if there is any thing i can do explain to me

  67. @Lemmy, Can you pls give us the download link for the V4 of Q13G…..for Downgrading….thanks

  68. Helllo Lemmy,

    After my Qsat 11g upgrade, my viewing experience has gone from bad to worse.
    It freezes every 2min.
    How can i get revert back to the initial firmware version 3?

  69. Hi Lemmy i am using q-sat q11g with v4 and all my channels are gud but its not stable it freezes most times, so am asking dat if i update it to v5 will it cause any problem since u stated in ur article dat “you should wait till your qsat stop working before you upgrade”but mine hasn’t stopped working but just freezing.

    • @francis, am so happy for your comment, since its coming from someone who has not yet upgraded his qsat. I said it months back that no dongle or iks decoders can run steadily without hiccups. this is the trial period of qsat you should all fold your hands and pray it is over soon.I ask some ppl not to upgrade because they are attributing qsat freezing to the latest firmware. Am saying it with all authorities that, the intermittent freezing of qsat has nothing to do with the firmware version. It affect mostly those whose their qsat decoders come with 54xxx or 56xxx avatarcam code.

  70. Oga lemmystic,aow ya ends….abeg ma qsat start freezing often since early dis year….abeg shuld I upgrade it or d upgrage will not make it better

  71. qisto pisto says:

    hi lemmy. it took almost 4hrs to open scrambled channels. I only maintained one network for the duration between after software upgrade and opening scrambled channels.I really appreciate your blog mr lemmy.

  72. My avatarcam code start with 58xxxx and is freezing….what are the possible solution to it…thanks

  73. paeffiong says:

    Weldon Oga Lemmy, i wanna state that my sports channels are showing very well without freezing but the nigerian movies channels freezes like evry minute.

    I wanna ask if this freezing has to do with the latest upgrade or is from qsat’s server?

    My code starts with 55xxx

  74. kodus to you mine is upgraded now even d HD channels are working but pls give me d frequency of ss3 and a mag thanx

  75. qisto pisto says:

    hi lemmy, I observed today that while qsat is working and it freezes,it takes exactly 30 seconds to streaming again on freezing. I really timed it with my stop watch.

  76. pls can i use my 3g android phone as a modem for qsat?

  77. thank u sir 4 d update, but my problem is dat wen my q13 is working it always freez, dat is, it will stop like 5mins b4 coming back, i change from etisalat to mtn but d problem remend. Wat do i do so dat it can be working wit out d picture skiping

  78. Good day mr lemmy,thank u for ur great work,please is it possible to use q11g decoder together with srt 4930l decoder on the same dish and television while both decoders are on,if yes, how do i go about it.pls enlighten me

  79. talk2medo says:

    Lemmy, dont even know how to say thank you for your posts, Qsat is back right now on 566*** HD channels are back too. Thanks…….

  80. I initially thought I was the only one experiencing the incessant freezing problems of recent, especially after the upgrade. But after I read other people’s comments here, I was a bit relieved.
    @Lemmy, is that it’s only the Eutelsat 36′ 36′ that it works with? I asked this because I saw one of the decoders using the Hotbird satellite and it’s showing.

    • @Wilfem.. the freezing has nothing to do with your upgrade. the freezing has a lot to do with your avatacam ID.
      Secondly you are free to scan dst* channels on any satellite of your choice badr….

  81. pls sir i need firmware update for my qsat q16

  82. I forgot to add liberty decoder to it. Now that they are off the system, if I use a cccam account on liberty, will it work? Thanks.

  83. Thanks Lemmy for the response. God bless you. I really appreciate taking your time and resources to respond to issues like this. Kudos to you.
    My AvatarCam Id starts with 55xxxxxx. Is there any problem with this that I need to take care of?
    Thanks once again.

  84. can+c channel shows flawlessly without freezing out….Maybe dsTHIEF is fighting back. The God of Qsat Almighty shall prevail at the end of the day….its a tough fight, survival of the fittest u’know.

  85. hello lemmy, how can i know if my avatarcam code is 54xxx or 56xxx .

  86. Pls lemmy my qsat begin with 58xx and it not working i don,t know if i should upgrade it

  87. A piece of advise. As Lemmy already made Qsat users aware, upgrading ur devices will have absolutely no effect on its stability. Look if you don’t want ur decoder to be ideal then switch it to canal+c, F or any canal which are the only stable n non freeze channels on Qsat. A supply in China says “i can’t know when it will be completed. That’s all the news I got from the factory. Server is being adjusted and not stable these days. Need wait for it. 

    Let’s just hope they fix the problem.

  88. Well done Mr lemmy. My qsat have started frezin while many channels are not even open@all . And I have switch from airtel to etisalat also MTN. The problems still repeat. And my ”active code” start with ”57” and I have not update it. Does mean I have to update it b4 the problems stop or what. Tanxz

  89. Currently showing on qsat without freezing. Canal+c,canal+f,canal+s,E,true movies,spice,C+H,all CCTV channels,style,max 1p,mnet zone,etv,max 2,mnet showcase,mgm,

  90. Pls oga lemmy, i followed one of ur posted articles on how to use dongle wt qsat, i av az sky g1 wch am using wt my strong but i try it wt qsat q13 by using rs 232 cable that comes wt g1 super but to my surprise after d connectn and i put it off and but it did not unscrrable dst… Place what could be d probllem or does it need any settings?

  91. Happy New Year Lemmy, thanks for the upgrade. pls after updating my Q11g, it is not detecting sim cards again. I have changed to GPRS network and also tried all the networks to no avail.

    AvatarCamHD gives the message : ” Active failed, maybe the network has problem, please check your network cable or WiFi” when I press active.

  92. lemmy…have adjusted my settings to improve signal strength 62 to 88 percent…yet d qsat reception is still freezin…I just have to conclude that its a general problem…u ve done a good work trying to educate people…maybe it will resolve over time.l have been forced to re subscribe for dstv…..

  93. good evening
    since this morning my q13 that opens almost 5 channels. I’m updating although the code starts with 58XXXXX pls help me.

  94. Chief lemmy thanks for all ur doing sir .am still expecting your mail for the qsat 15g software upgrade …thanks once again

  95. am tired of getting ‘can not get account pls try later’ on my avartarcam code. its just not coming up and the visuals are dead

  96. Good job Lemmy, anytime i connect Qsat HD Decoder Q11g through LAN it always give me DATA ERROR. kindly give hints on how to connect via LAN properly. Thanks.

  97. Same DATA ERROR or NETWORK ERROR problems when connected to Qsat HD Decoder Q13g through LAN setting.

  98. hi lemmy.
    throughout friday 3rd jan, my qsat didnt work till now

    here”s what i get
    AvatarCamHD gives the message :
    ” Active failed, maybe the network
    has problem,

    please check your
    network cable or WiFi” when I
    press active.

    what is wrong?

  99. hello lemmy,i wonder why my posts have not been coming up on this platform,,,,anyway,,do let us know when qsat has fixed the problems


    • @max, qsat is getting better. check yours

      • lemmy,,,well its obvious that qsat q13g reception is still a mess going by peoples comment and my experiences so far.have not been able to unscramble any d*** channels so far
        when u said its getting better, i hope im not missing any step or steps. pls enlighten on possible measures apart from the already posted ones.
        i understand that these issue may be server related,do let us know when its fixed.thanks
        on azsky g1+, how can i get one from u and its cost.
        i sent u some personal mails this morning on another topic…still expecting a reply.

  100. Awalys to appreciate ur good effort and mind to be helping me us wt all ds informations on ds dongle s.Sir may U divinely assisted.Pls my A+plus is no longer working,what do you know I can do,or can I get d renewal setting to reset it.pls help me even the one I sold out too are no longer working pls help. Thanks.

  101. hi lemmy,was going through all comments, some have my type of issue, what I want to ask is; how do I know if my reciever is connected to d internet b4 I do d upgrade.

  102. Finally finally….qsat forkup….mine show on one xhannel hiptv and freeze every second,infact it has start select sim card even wit 3g modem…only glo work wit it…oga lemme pllz advice me on which dongle dat I can buy to use wit ma g11g qsat….dat can serve has back up for now…

  103. Is it true that d*tv just shut down qsat server? OMG! what a shock!

  104. johnengine says:

    Oga lemmy , thank you so much for your assistant and update, God will surely bless you this year.
    i just updated my decoder xman G8 with version 5. and its improve the decoder all super sports showing steady but other channels still freezing badly. what will i do sir?

  105. bakare bisi says:

    hi lemmy, my q11 has been freezing since jan 1 my cam number is 57xxxx. what do i do about it. thanks

  106. Good Morning Lemmy, my code is now active (activated using a 3g modem) but all my channels are not showing. My code starts with 58xxxx

    Secondly, does it mean my qsat Q11 g won’t support sim cards again?

    • @Idriza, the problem qsat is facing is more than your connection problems. As i speak no qsat brand is unscrambling anything.. I believe they will fix this soon enough. so take a break till it is back or better still go and get azsky for yourself if you cannot wait till the problem is fixed.

  107. HUSSENI HABU says:

    I’ve Q13G which was working well till last 5 days it started freezing intermittently. Freezing worsen yesterday as most channel refused to unscramble. Today no channel unscramble. I’ve changed several sim cards, yet to no effect. My AvatarCamHD is 58xxxx. its suppose to expire next december. I’ve just used it for less than (or about) a month now. Should I upgrade? Pls, help. Thanx for this selfless service.

  108. Only one station now work in ma qsat…..oga lemmy if I buy azsky dongle wit it serve has back and did it not need any settings on qsat afta connecting it wit r232 cable….ma qsat is q11g….should upgrade it becus it now select sim even wit 3g modem…waiting for ya rply bro…

  109. Only one station now work in ma qsat…..oga lemmy if I buy azsky dongle wit it serve has back and did it not need any settings on qsat afta connecting it wit r232 cable….ma qsat is q11g….should upgrade it becus it now select sim even wit 3g modem…waiting for ya rply bro…

    • @ibrahim buy azsky as a backup i have always isssued this warning. ppl think am azsky agent. i always say don’t do without azsky because of times like this. yes g1 super or g1+ works directly with qsat via rs232 cable

  110. @lemmymorgan pls sir i need firmware update for my qsat q16 pls answer me

  111. Pls Mr Lemmy how much is the Azky I am tired of this qsat rubbish. And do you honestly think it will not have the same issues with qsat?

  112. johnengine says:

    Now, Qsat13, Qsat11 and Xman G8 is working well No freezing with glo network on 3g network. please make sure that sim is browsing in the decoder by accessing iptv for just few minutes or lunch into google news , if it load up just wait for some minutes the channels will start working. Confirmed is what i’m using now and also my friends.

  113. pls educate me on back up.

    im having same unscrambling challenges as others and a friend, told me to get Gseries back up.

    how do they work? also why shd i remove the back up when Qsat is back? can’t i continue using it with the back up?


    awaiting ur response before i make purchase

  114. paeffiong says:

    Currently using X5 as my back up with my beloved q11g to watch FA Cup between Blackburn v Man city

  115. pls help me

  116. @Eze, pls I need the v4 firmware for Q11G. How can I get it from u.

  117. Gud day lemmy, bought 1 Qsat yesterday for a frnd but had neva opened any channel yet, despite changing frm 1 network 2 anoda. shuld I go on wit the upgrade since it had never worked b4. the code starts 4rm 58****.

  118. Lemmy
    I can read from your post that u and some friends in Nigeria are now enjoying ur Qsat. What happens to us in Ghana.

  119. pls lemmy, my qsat 11g it only open hiptv with etisalat, airtel and mtn. And i dnt no wat to do. Hope soon it will get better. Am missin alot.

  120. matunyengule says:

    Hi Lemmy how about g15 is it getting well like g13?

  121. Oga Lemmy i wonder why my post dont show ANYWAY MY QSAT G11g STARTING WITH 54…… ITS BACK UP AND BETTER WITH OUT ANY FREZE ON gprs with glo sim its cool only waiting for my 58…….. to be back up becuase its totally off air now.

  122. Ma avaterHD code start wit 55xxxx and am using glo 3g modem,currently only hiptv is the only one showing…..oga lemmy ki lon sele …..should I upgrade it?

  123. my avatar code starts with 59…and I use glo sim card too.yet the stations cant be unscrambled.

    u did not respond to my other questions

    • @max, it has been confirmed that qssat with avatarcam codes 54xxxx and 56xxx are now working perfectly without freezing while the ones with 58xxx, 57xxx, 55xxx etc are either offline, or showing ver few channels

  124. Lemmy, can qsat 13g open mytv scrambled channels?

  125. Lemmy, welldone for all u are doing. I can rightly confirm that avatarcam codes 54xx and 56XXX are working. Please do you have and are you giving out the Q15G upgrade software for free?

  126. I have upgraded my qsat with 57xxxxx model. IPTV is working and i am using LAN Internet with Swift Networks but DS** not working yet. I have Activated my XCAM. What should i do please

  127. boss..i have upgraded my q13 with avatar 58** hope i have not brick my decoder..the channels were all scrambled before i did the upgrade and yet still..hope it works fine after qsat ar through with their thing…thanks

  128. Plz oga leme can u tell me the the frequency to get multitv on qsat…I hav d dish already installed buh I lost d frequency when I upgrade it…& what is the channel of redtube/youporn on iptv …..I could not get buh other stations are showing there…since ds** no show sometin must sha show nah

  129. Helo Mr. Lemmy, Ur really doin a gr8 job. To my surprise 2nit, my qsat 11g has ben stable 4 sum mins nw, am ℓ̊ 2 bliv dat d problem has bn resolvd. Cos ℓ̊ was forsd to buy a swift box, conctin tru LAN. ℓ̊ pray dis remains stable oooo. Tnx a bunch Sir, ur really doin a 1daful job here, we all apprec8 U̶̲̥̅̊.

  130. matunyengule says:

    Hi Mr Lemmy thanx for your response, my qsat 15g has Avatarcode starts with 57xxx. Let’s waits up to when will get better.

  131. HUSSENI HABU says:

    what’s the possibility of changing to 54xxxx and 56xxxx since that’s the only working ones now

  132. @misa, how did you come about the problem?

  133. @kenny4yemi you will need to first attach a wifi adapter into your qsat before your qsat can search for wifi hotspot

  134. Hello Lemmy, how doing go any reloading q11g? where can I download d decode software.

  135. lemmy it happened as a result of power glitch while I Was upgrading. no I want to reload

  136. @Max, its 56xxxx

  137. @lemmy thanks for the great Job my own code starts with 599**** what can I do to make it active. All stations are not working. Thanks

  138. joe. …oh..d lucky ones…mine is 59…na wa oo for dis server..hopefully it gets resolved soon

  139. My Oga, my Qsat 11g stop working for somedays now, i have tried both 3g and Lan, its same thing, and since the upgraded link you provided cannot work for me, my Avatacode starts from 57********. What do i do?

  140. Hello Oga Lemmy, em experiencing an unusual problem. Whenever my Q11g is trying to unscramble a channel, a display message comes up showing “Smart card removed”. pls any idea what this might means. thank you..

  141. Funny enough this few channels started showing on Qsat with 58….. cnc,learn,braziltv,cnbc,daystar n islam.
    This cant be what we need. But hoping some thing good result.

  142. Lemmy, kudos to u..u re doing a very great job. pls any idea abt ow soon Qsat wit code begining with 58 will start to wrk

  143. Lemmy, I dnt fink this qsat company is out for business! how can some working and the 58)********* not. infact they are not serious minded at all……Chinos wake up!

  144. lemmy, you said wifi adapter? where will i put that? and what type of wifi adapter? remember i am a network guru, also kindly let me know when all qsat begins work properly

  145. SkyyWalker says:

    Dear Lemmy,

    Thanks for all the guidance. I am new to this and just heard of the QSat decoders. Can you please advise which decoder is best to acquire and if that has any bearing on the avatarcam code, whether it will start with 54…, 55…. etc. I would also be much obliged if you would point me in the direction of a reliable source to acquire one in Lagos and how to activate the account and renew it subsequently. Last but not least, would I need to update the firmware to start off with the latest one?

    Thanks very much and best regards

  146. Hi lemmy. Your advise has been instructive. I did not upgrade my qsat but it went off since yesterday. However, most of the channels are up and running now with etisalat sim but SS3 and 5 is not opening. Any idea what I need to do

  147. yes , i can see qsat has opened some channels except ss3 and some, ss6, aljazeera, cnn and host of others , lets wait form ss3 and drest to load. good work and well done every1 here, lemmy carry on your good job, am using etisalat sim for now, you can try othger sim as well, try to put glo first then remove and use eti or mtn, it work wella, it is a trick you may not know

    • all other channels were showing except ss3 and some

    • hello lemmy and folks,
      i just noticed that my qsat 13g with avatar code 59***** has started working except for some SS channels,and few others. and streaming excellently . seems they re really working on it.
      hopefully all channels will be back online soon.
      lemmy shd be breathing sigh of relief from all the barrages both legit and illegit. welldone for handling d issues with utmost maturity.u ll definitely be a good manager of people in the nearest future.

  148. Ok, can I use flash loader or any serial loading app?
    where can I get the factory waste software to load on d device?

  149. skyywalker says:

    Hi Lemmy, thanks for the reply, I will search for the posts.

    I presently have a Strong SRT 4940. Is there a patch available for it to view the dst* channels or is there a dongle one can get rather than buying a new decoder and if so, what would you recommend?

    Thank you and regards.

  150. HAPPY SUNDAY TO ALL QSAT USERS…..EVERYTHING IS WORKING PERFECTLY WITH Q13G. The gprs connection even opens virtually IPTV CHANNELS and NETWORKS. Am using the above named hd decoder with activation code starting from 57XXXXXXXXXXX. Thanks Lemmy for your great assistance so far. UP QSAT!…….. LONG LIVE LEMMY MORGAN!

  151. You don’t need to upgrade anything

  152. elsupreme says:

    Hello guys,

    good news !!
    Q-sat with code 58**** is now showing fully without hickups almost all channels 100% .. thanx lemmy 4d encouragement …
    And i also got updates from Qsat/Azsky team that the reason 4d freezin is becoz they grouped some decoder to connect on the serever “port B” and these Group B decoder refused to connect automatically.

    kindly note that port A and B are using same server as all qsat use same server.
    its only seperated in ports to balance connection and stable service. this is a minor issue as it is currently almost completely resolved. kindly turn On your decoders to confirm that youre fully back online..

    Everyone should or might be watchin their channels happily again before the day runs out … fingers crossed.. Enjoy..

  153. This is the best thing ever happened to satelite tv. Qsat decoders are working flawlessly. Those that theirs are still not working should exercise patience Qsat management is working hard to put smiles on their faces.

  154. Hi 2u all, pls my qsat just stopped showin dstv stations dis afternoon and up till now its still not showin. Am i d only experiencing dis if yes wat do i do? Tanx

  155. @esupreme pls where did u get that info from

  156. @Lemmy, good evening to you and thanks once again four the wonderful work you are doing here. My AvatarCam Id starts with 55xxxxxx but must of the channels are not showing.
    More so, I would like you to please put me through on how to use a Mobile Wifi Router with this Q11. The Mobile wifi has a USB cable, and I know that the Qsat has USB ports at the front and back. So please kindly put me through on how to use it.
    Thanks in advance. God bless you

    • @wilfem you are not alone in the scanty channels fight. As for wifi, search the site for how to to use wifi on g6, then apply same techniques for qsat

      • @Lemmy, I carefully followed the instructions on how to use the Wifi Hotspot on the Qsat.
        From the instructions, I got to know that one needs a wireless adapter, which I have, (TP-Link USB version to be precise) But I know that the Windows usage of the adapter needs a Driver. I have inserted the adapter into the qsat, but its like it is not being detected.
        Please help me to shed more light on it.

  157. @stevelikdat says:

    my guy thank you, may ur desires b full.
    My Q11 is working but the sports r nt working, hope all can b fix too.

  158. HUSSENI HABU says:


  159. paeffiong says:

    I am here to confirm that my q11g service is back
    and better. It has opened all the HD channels and
    other ones except ss3ni – ss7ni.

    Thanks to this great team.

  160. hello lemmy,
    avatar code 59**** all channels now streaming well this morning includng all SS channels and even the HD component
    please, iptv and you tube have never came up even bfor these issues.how can i configure them to work.it always shows network failure and i use glo sim and etisalat sim.


  162. @lemmymorgan u are such a wonderful fellow I have never met on line, may God bless u for ur selfless service, Have a wonderful years ahead happy new year.

  163. 100% HD all my channels r back…..thanks lemmy Morgan for making us still believe.

  164. paeffiong says:

    Oga Lemmy, i was only asking if the upgrade has any effect on the decoder.

  165. Lemmy cannot fine my account.id is not support, pls get a code to active it.pls help me out

  166. hi lemmy
    not yet uhuru for qsat ooo….SS 3,4,5, and HD , blitz not coming up.
    my iptv,,,youtube saying failed to connect.
    any solution pls

  167. U,v done so well lemmy. More grace to u. Kudos :-);-)

  168. @andy iptv can be watched only with 3g modem, lan internet or wifi

  169. thanks lemmy, ba i hv a rauter which can be used as wifi network so what should i do to use it in watching iptv

  170. pls help me with the old firmware of q16

  171. pls oga lemmy my qsat code start with 56****** it has refuse to unscramble any channel for the past three days now pls what is the cause pls i need your urgent reply

  172. Hi lemmy, thankd for helping us out in this decoder issues. I have a q13g decoder and my code start with 56*****. It was not unscrambling any station and i did the upgrade, so it started working well. But it is no more unscrambling since saturday. Have been trying all sims but to no avail. Please is there any hope that it will work again? Secondly, sinxe the upgrade, some feature are not working any more. Features like google map, infact all the features in multimedia are no more working since the upgrade, it complain of network error. Please what should be done. Is there anyway or getting the original firmware that came with it? Let me stop there. Thanks for the good work.

  173. this qsat aint stable joor…must they ve issues all the time.we just celeberated going online again,,,,now some important channels are still scrambled….pls lemmy wat seems to be the problem?

  174. Mr. Lemmy Morgan good morning. Thanks for all I have taken time to read the comments from people to see how I can use it as it yesterday my Q-Sat Q11G worked well and truly all the HD channels showing but in the evening all wasn’t show again only channel up till now and how can I view the iptv it show me (fail to catch message) on the iptv. Please help.

  175. Pls lemmy my qsat 11 only shows at night say from 11.30pm and shuts down during the day.. Don’t know exactly what time. But in the evenings say from 5pm till 11pm it does not show.should I pls upgrade my decorder to the latest firmware for this issue to stop. My avater acc starts with 54xxx. Also I use a 3g morderm with bundle inside.. Thanks in anticipation of ur speedy response

  176. Thanks Lemmy i just concluded my upgrade and it’s now working perfectly also watching AMMovies smoothly without breaking….. Thumbs up lemmy.

  177. is azsky working fine becos no comment on it

  178. pls i need reply lemmy morgan but lemmy is dongle not blockable by dstv .

  179. Innosaint says:

    Kindly help me o, my usb 3g glo modern is not functioning its says storage device is found and further go to say no dongle device,what should I do?

  180. happy new year morgan keep the good work up.nothing do u

  181. Eben Hayford says:

    Hello Lemmy
    I did updated my gsat13, went throung all the process, some channels are work perfectly but others too till scramble… my major concern is i can seem to find XCAM Setup AvatarCamHD after the update… please help

  182. @lemmy, I have followed your instruction and have updated my qsat q11g successfully. The only challenge i have is activating the avatarcam code. When ever i try it, it shows me “can not get account…please try later”. I currently use a 3G etisalat modem. What else do i need to do?

  183. Emmanuel kwame israel says:

    i need your help about azsky g1, i have almost 50 azskys i try all best i can but it cannot flash but others i have is dont 100 percent
    please can yu help me for solution
    i will be happy for your kindness thank you

  184. Hello lemmy, my qsat 56***** has been taking longer time to come up since yesterday. I had done upgrade 1st January 14. It went off yesterday while I was watching, I reboot the decoder and watch IPTV for few seconds when it refused to come up and return back to DS** it came up. It hasn’t come up as of today. Thank you

  185. @ lemmy pls how do I connect my q11g with 3g universal moderm av tried bt to no avail.

  186. @lemmy pls sir I need ur help, after upgrade this morning avatercamhd refused to update the code, despite pressing red button repeatedly, the code I see is a bunch of zeros, and if I try my 3g universal morderm it tells me no dongle pls what do I do. Pls help me on what to do.

  187. Hi Lemmy,
    Pls some of my channels esp Sports and Africa Magic channels are not showing though it showed earlier on monday but stopped like 10 am and up till this afternoon its not.
    is this local to me alone or everyone? my code starts with 58

  188. Oga LEMMY,
    My QSAT 13 with AvatarCam Id 57xxxxxx , but must of the channels are not showing.
    please advise if i need to upgrade to get the other channel showing?
    please reply
    Kind Regards

  189. hi lemmy, pls none of the channel is showing aside dish tv n cctv channel. pls what is the solutionm many thanks

  190. Hi Lemmy, ℓ̊ posted earlier dat my qsat is up, bt ℓ̊ notices dat it takes up 2 an hour 4 it 2 start showin. Wht culd be d issue. My code starts wit 566xxxx. Pls respond, duo av don an upgrade, even b4 ℓ̊ postd dat my qsat is up. Tnx and God bless yaa plenty.

  191. Adeadex55 says:

    gud evening oga lemmy,pls my qsat is working,but it takes like 1hour to display.
    my AvatarCam Id 561*******

  192. Pls my qsat 11g does not work during the day. It works only at night say by 11.30pm. My avater acc starts with 54xx. Pls do i have to upgrade to be able to stop this error. Thanks

  193. goodday lemmy, my Qsat13 start with 59xxxxxx but d sports channels and drama stations such as Amag, Amm1 etc, is not showing do i need to upgrate it so dat all sports channels can start showing, pls i nid badly. Pls help me

  194. Lemmy,
    Please how has Asky dongles been since Qsat epileptic services.
    I am thinking of getting ASKY as back up, ‘cos am very frustrated.

  195. Hi lemmy, thankd for helping us out in this decoder issues. I have a q13g decoder and my code start with 56*****. It was not unscrambling any station and i did the upgrade, so it started working well.
    But it is no more unscrambling since saturday. Have been trying all sims but to no avail. Plese is there any hope that it will work again? Secondly, sinxe the upgrade, some feature are not working any more. Features like google map, infact all the features in multimedia are no more working since the upgrade, it complain of network error.
    Please what should be done. Is there anyway or getting the original firmware that came with it? Let me stop there. Thanks for the good work.

  196. @cheks upgrade won’t solve the problem

    • Lemmy, Kindly provide us with the link to upgrade Q16. It is not working, I learnt it requires an upgrade. Thanks.

      • @Pa Jimoh, only your dealer can give you the upgrade. i only have software for what is sold to africa specifically

        • @Morgan, I read ur incisive solutions given to people and I must commend ur efforts. Please I want to know if I can connect my QSAT116 through Wifi and the process to connect it.

          • @abolore, simply search for how to connect g6 to wifi, same trick applies to qsat

          • @Morgan thanks!! Does it mean that if my account expires, that’s also the end of my decoder or will I av to upgrade to bring it back to life? Also, to enable the two adult channels, wud u b able to av access to them if u r usin SIM cos i tried the process, it came out but tellin me that ‘fail to catch message’.

          • @Abolore, please read the following:

    • thanks for your response, but what should i do now

  197. Pls lemmy should i get an azsky and does it work with qsat cos its getting too long for qsat to resolve their issue. Also is there a better azsky one should go for? . Thanks

  198. Oga, pls how do I connect azsky dongle to qsat 15g

  199. hi lemmy
    i am using qsat16 with avartarhdcam 556…………..x ,mostly supersports stations on dst.x are not showing.what do i need to do? your article on software upgrade of qsat does not include q116.please kindly help

  200. elsupreme says:

    Updates Direct from Qsat team:
    Hello friend, Here to inform QSAT and X-MAN G8 users that by thursday all decoder operating older version will be stop!!!
    Only QSAT with V5 will work, our engineer just completed work on server and soon by friday / weekend all decoder operating port A and B must have pick fully back to service.
    We are very sorry for a week outage, is just because we want to give you the best service ever in IKS world.
    ATTENTION: If your decoder is not working now please do not worry as all port will surely resume service by friday and latest weekend.


  201. Hi Lemmy and everyone using Q-Sat, the best way to get it working is to watch IPTV/YouTube/YouPorn/REdTube for 2 to 5 minutes before returning to normal TV channels. That’s what I’ve been doing in the last one week and all sports and movie channels including SSHDs are showing on my q13g.

    • @ John, please how have you been using MTN to watch the iptv/youtube/ channels?
      Is it through the same GPRS or you use a 3g modem? Please let me know.

  202. gud mornin sir, pls i hav problem wit my Qsat decoder q11g first dey said is power bcos is nt on, nw is board prblm. pls if i change it wil i able to get my acct back. pls nid urgent reply, thank

  203. johnengine says:



    Hello friend, Here to inform you QSAT and X-MAN G8 user that soon by thursday all decoder operating older version will be stop!!!
    Only QSAT with V5 will work, our engineer just completed work on server and soon by friday- weekend all decoder operating port A and B must have pick fully back to service.
    We are very sorry for a week outage, is just because we want to give you the best service ever in IKS word and soon by weekend every QSAT and X-MAN G8 user will come in here to confirm. (PLEASE HELP US SHARE INFORMATION TO FRIENDS)

    ATTENTION: If your decoder is not working now please do not worry as all port will surely resume service by friday and latest weekend.

    ATTENTION: IF YOU HAVE NOT UPGRADE DECODER PLEASE KINDLY DO SO NOW!!! (link to download V5 in our previous post).

    ATTENTION: Kindly use steady power supply when upgrading decoder.

  204. HUSSENI HABU says:

    Lemmy more grease to your elbow. Which among Q11G and Q13G has 54XXX /56XXX? I notice from comments above that only those that upgrade there Q11G are enjoying full service. I and my neighbor have 58XXX and 59XXX respectively and we are not enjoying sport, mnet, Africa Magic. Is there away you can relay all of these complaint to Q-sat especially for us latest customer with Q13G – Let me not sound bias to Q11g users. How much does AZSKY cost? thanx

    • @Huseeni, i was told the problem will soon be solved. however, i was told those still running old software maybe disconnected tomorrow while the server will start picking up by friday

  205. I did all that this article says but my channels are still scrambled it has been stuck that way forever. I have all the possible means to make everything is perfect and yes everything is super perfect but the channels are not unscrambling. Any help please.

  206. Thank God for my azsky g1+, qsat is just messing up, I just bought my qsat 2 weeks ago n I have not enjoy it for a full day what a waste of money.

  207. pls Lemmy, do I have to go to the cafe before I get internet connection to upgrade or do I make use of my etisalat modem? at home…pls how do I go about it?… thanks a lot..

  208. Lemmy, I upgraded my qsat 11g but after the upgrade, i get network connection success but channels are not showing. I tried 3g modem but I still get the same result. my active code starts with 57**. it just doesn’t show anymore. 3days ago, mtn that didn;t use to work without modem worked without modem but now it doesn’t work anymore with or without modem. All other networks also not working. please help

  209. pls i wat 2 no if gprs networt will work wit v5.11

  210. Lemmy, am just get info about your site this evening am using q13G from your info above i digest everytihng but the challenges am having now is dat i dint understand what you mean by (Setup their qsat from scrtach). Can u please put more light on this statement for me. Thank you.

  211. hi lemmy, i hv done the upgrade and my sw now reads v5 but after the upgrade my decoder did not reset. am sitting using the old setting. hope its really upgraded

  212. lemmy guy for us all, i got 54….. which is showing all ss including all others but also i got 57…… which is not showing ss at all , what can be the problem please help me out or will it come up after friday as said up there?

  213. Hello lemmy, pls I just want to know u have lay ur hands on a means to reload my q11g. I’m still stock wit empty device.

  214. pls my xcam activation is nt working. any time I try getting the active code, I keep getting the “can nt get account ….pls try again later ” msg…pls I need help …..none of my Dstv channels dey come!

  215. pls after the upgrade , my xcam activation is nt working. any time I try getting the active code, I keep getting the “can nt get account ….pls try again later ” msg…pls am using q13g and I need help …..none of my Dstv channels dey come!

  216. Hello, i have been able to download the file for software upgrade, but am having problem extracting the file, can anyone help me with this

  217. Thanks Lemmy u re a good manager despite all dia questions u didn’t sound harsh to anyone. I use Q11g and I’d starts fr 54xxx, I experience the same issue but to my greatest surprise I turned it on dis morning and everything is working perfectly. I didnot upgrade it.

  218. pls how do i connect a 3g moderm to my qsat q13g decoder or is the same way used in connecting to strong decoder in your other article. thanks

  219. bamidele stephen says:

    you have being a great help to many of us especially from exhaustion from installer who has access to you
    before now may God continue to bless you.

  220. Hi Lemmy, am a keen follower of your blog and articles and have benefitted emencely, but surprisingly my Only NEW YEAR gift a QSAT13G packed up, I have upgraded to 5.11.20 Courtesy your gestuRe, but up till now the active code CONTINUOUSLY have failed even with more than Ten different Sim cards, kindly help if any…

  221. HABU HUSSENI says:

    What I have on my q13g are these after pressing system version
    S/W VERSION STB V3.10.12
    Which version could this be? What happens if one upgrade after friday deadline, will it still work well? Thanx

  222. and also whenever I open youtube and other tin relate to browser it always respond fail to catch message plzzz fix this.

  223. when i try to upgrade it through usb flash it shows me NO MATCH FILE. and if i try the OTA upgrade ot shows YOU ARE UP TO DATE. and my version is qsat q11g v3….

  224. morgan…pls this 5514075271 was my code b4 the upgrade …bt after getting several error msgs, u tried it ..n it also gave thesame msg …I dont wht to do now …I even reset to factory settings ….bt all to no avail. pls gv me sm directions ……the avata Hd code is jst the problem. pls help me out!!! ..

  225. God shall surely see us through with Qsat…Amen

  226. Oga lemmy pls v 5 software for q 15g….still reminding you sir.thanks

  227. Mr lemmy I am of the opinion you do an article on how to upgrade qsat to v5.I knw u did a little bit of dat in this article.bt a full article on how to go about would be much appreciated.tnx and more power to ur elbow

  228. Hello friends, Here to inform you guys that our server for QSAT DECODER as start to shutout system opereting under V3 also port on decoder operating V5 as started to resume service, latest by weekend all port operating will start working and connecting

  229. Lemmy Morgan still on the matter qsat q15g software update sir. It seems av been left behind.bc I hear others are working flawlessly nw…pls help thanks

  230. Isa Aliyu says:

    Mr. Lemmy, Most channels are back but no HD is back, though mine has Activation code 57xx. Can you confirm if HD channels are working on those with 54xx or 56xx?

  231. kind update me on how to check the firmware my Qsat is running on… Thanx

  232. Please kindly let me know how to check the firmware my qsat is running on…..

  233. hello lemmy and folks,seems qsat is getting there ass back online.switched mine on now and guess what,all channels are back online except HD channels.my code is 59**** and on v5. using glo sim lemmy,how do i make the multimedia channels work,its showing network error.thanks

  234. God bless u lemmy. under iptv i can see different channels with the first as wwe

  235. Enimil Ashun says:

    Lemmy I am confused. My Qsat box shows G11G but when its booting the screen shows Q 16G is mine fake or already upgraded. Please help and by the way how can I know how many days left. I was upgrading with the q 11 g software before i saw the difference

  236. paeffiong says:

    Am I allowed to share the software for q15g?

    If yes, here is it

  237. lemmy, i just want 2 appreciate u 4 a nice job u are doing, u strongly told me not 2 upgrade and dis afternoon wen i switch it on all d sport channels are working including d drama station. It is just only d Hd sport dat is not working. Thanks lemmy, i appreciate alot..

  238. all my channels have started Showing including SS3

    i use v4 and avatamcode is 59*******

  239. Some of my mnet channel are showing bad signal on my q 13g when dre is signal someone pls help

  240. Lemmy,i must really commend you for your ability to reply almost every comment. I am a newbie to this qsat ish…I got to know my activation code,version etc from this blog and still gaining immensely.
    Mine is the 57xxxxx and as at today all dst* stations are up and running,i mean ALL!
    The keyword i followed from your post is “patience”.
    Keep up the good work and God bless you.

  241. Good day Lemmy, thank you very much for the support. All good now on Q11G V5 with 58xxxxx, three gbosa for you. Take Care Bro.

  242. Pls oga lemmy, I have successfully
    upgraded my q11g to V5 but none of my dstv channel except dish is showing contrary to few channels I could access while on V4. The major problem now is I can’t activate my xcamHD the error is “can not connect please try again later” please kindly help.

  243. Hello, I get problem with my 13g…..it cannot detect any sim card. i ve upgraded to v5 but still the problem is there. pls help me out now!

  244. Hi Lemmy,
    While i upgrade power goes off and the receiver is only showing Download from TS message. Please help

  245. john balogun says:

    bros pls am having a problem wit my qsat q13g i downlaod d new firmware software n install to upgrade it after i finish upgrading it.
    it restart normally bt d problem is dat it does nt load d account code n d expiring date again it only say (can not get account pls try later) n it is showing d dst again pls wat should i do pls.

    • @john balogun, this is what you will do, goto menu>>setting>>ethernet config>>config>>then use the blue button to manually shutdown your connection. reconnect your connection with the same blue button and go back to re-activate your avatarcam code

  246. thnks Mr morgan, for d good job u’re doing. I have learnt a lot frm ur numerous articles. remain blessed broda.
    however, I have issue connecting with 3g netwrk via 3g usb modem having carefully followd ur instructions as highlighted.
    I could not locate nigeria on a 3g netwrk connection on d configuration. when I change to 3g netwrk, on d link, its only egypt and d rest and no nigeria netwrk provider.
    this is issue has been before and after my qsat q11g upgrade to v5. thnks once again!


  248. hi i upgraded my qSAT 11G this afternoon with 54xxxxxxxx to the v5. i used a router and the IPTV worked for a short while and stopped. The error messages are: data error, xml parser error. Meanwhile the DST* could not open. What should i do Big brother Lemmy?

  249. Hi Lemmy, happy new year. Do you know why some channel before and after update cannot be found like C+S and C+F or GTV those have the same frequence.

  250. @Morgan Lemmy…I inserted my original xcam code (ie
    ….the code I ws using b4 the upgrade ) …..initially I ws getting “cannot connect to server, …pls try later ” msg
    …bt as I kept trying wth different sims, it finally activated ……nd so all my important channels are showing except the Hd channels ….so am jst posting to show my sincere appreciations and heartfelt gratitude for yr selfless support and also to ask if there is smtin I shld do or can do to view the Hd channels ..

  251. pis help my qsat is not coming and my code start with 54….

  252. hi lemmy pls i will like you to help me my glo modem is not work on my qsat 13g after the upgrade there was no nigeria network in the config settings so how do i go abt it. Tanxs for a work well done

  253. i purchase etisalat ZTE mf190 hsupa modem i selected 3g as default connection with autolink with my q11g yet not working pls what is the solution to this problem sir

    pls sir i need instant solution

  254. Good morning, lemmy. As at now my Q sat 11g is not working since on friday with avatar code 54**** nd I have upgraded

  255. @ lemmy pls help Mine is not working anymore. Avater acc is 54xx and i hve upgraded.gsat11g.

  256. Lemmy, pls can i use dis sosftware to upgrade my xman g8?

  257. Oga lemmy,Hope its the qsat servers.My qsat dst* channels has gone back to scramble around 12pm Nigerian time today 11/1/14.

  258. Qsat Q13G with 58xxx is not showing any channels except HipTv

    Pls Help

  259. Is Qsat server down again….none of my channels are showing again using Q13G latest firmware V5 with 58xxxx code

  260. Mr. Lemmy, I tried to activate and it says ”cannot get account.,Please try later” .. I used a LAN INTERNET AND Sim card but still to no avail.. And also how can I find my ACTIVATION CODE??

  261. my qsat q13 with avata code 58***** is perfectly working.

  262. my qsat 13 has stopped working…
    pls help…
    I need to watch my FCB match today pls…thanks….. wot do I do?

  263. a friend tried upgrade n after the decoder restart he cant see anything. the colours a mixed up and its not stable. any help

  264. Hi Lemmy
    Thanks for the software link.The software upgrade was successful .I have an etisalat zte 3g modem its not seeing the decoder when connected. Do i use the sim directly nd select 3g, will it work that way?

  265. @Jboy, please ensure your glo has data bundle and it is connecting fine on your pc with full 3g

  266. Gdday@lemmy my Q13g stoped working midday 2day. Afta dat I downloaded the software 4 version 5 u posted nd installed it. Now wen I tried to get my active code its telling me ” can’t get account pls try later. Wot do I do? Nd my active code began 4rm 59****
    b4 d upgrade.

  267. Goodmorning lemmy my Qsat 13G, refuse to show all d channels, should i upgrade now ? My arvatacam start wit 59xxxxx

  268. lemmy my qsat 13g i not showing anytin since yesterday. Do i need to upgrade to the V.5

  269. tanxs mr lemmy my qsat 13 is back and is working too well even my cotenat that i help to do his own upgrade is work too well, mr lemmy i believe you too well you are one of the best in this sat of a thing tanxs and God bless.

  270. pls I have upgraded my qsat g15 to 5v. but is telling me “can not activate now, try later” sir pls help me on wat to do

  271. How does one identify
    1. QSAT model number and firmware version on the box
    2. Identify which file is the correct upgrade file
    3. Save existing settings for restoration after upgrade

    • @Garvey, firmware version of qsat can be found in the following path;setting>>system>>version

      You can backup your firmware under menu>>upgrade>>usb/card upgrade>>okay>>fav button on your remote

  272. Hello boss Lemmy, I will be glad if u can link
    me to Qsat 15Q software to update my decoder.

  273. Stanley S says:

    Thanks Lemmy. It worked as I followed the instructions. Am very greatful.

  274. hi lemmy, please can i upgrade through OTA

  275. boss ML am with u, pls wat can I do sir, am stranded here. pls tell me what to do to reactivate it bc is showing me “cannot activate now, try later ”
    pls pls help.

  276. thanks man.It works in Ghana, fantastic

  277. Aminu Kamal-deen Ayuba says:

    Hello Mr lemmy morgan, please I have qsat(q15)and it has stopped working. Please how do I make it to start working.

  278. pls@ lammy hw do u connect a wifi network on d Q13g sat cos av bin doin dat to no avail.

  279. pls @lemmy hw do i use a wifi network on my Q13g sat, cos av bin trying to no avail.

  280. bammydele says:

    Pls sir, how can I contact u for the Qsat 15G v5. Thanks

  281. oga lemmy
    my qsat 11g with avatarcam 55xxxxxxx stop working i then upgrade to 5.1v ,but i can not find xcam setup from the list of item on setting to get my account , pls wat should i do oga lemmy
    kind regard,

  282. Pls. . I’m using a qsat 13g stb v3. . And i av tried upgrading it with d v5 13g and v5 11g but it says NO MATCH FILE. . Pls where and what link do i av to go and get its own match dat wil help me upgrade it. .pls help lemmy

  283. My Q11G decoder has bluntly refused to see the sofware on all the flash drive that I have save them on even after formating them. Kindly help out here Sir.

  284. abatan samson says:

    bros tanks for a job weldone. please i did my update on q11g and after the update it was ok but almost 24hrs later its not working again saying scrambled. please what can be responsible?

  285. Thanks for the workthrough Lemmy my upgrade of Q11g fro V3 to V5 was seamless and successful.
    Thanks once more

  286. hello lemmy, my q13 started displaying “file upgrade info fail” with a blue background nothing is working even the remote. i was actually doing upgrade when the power source went off. please advice me on what to do

  287. Mr lemmy I have provided you with my email.can you provide me the means in which I contact you. Thanks

  288. Kingsedem says:

    Hello Lemmy,
    Please after upgrading my Q13g, It tells me can not get account, I tried using a 3g modem but it does not have my country (Ghana) in the list. I can only watch free channels now.How else can I activate my account. Please help.

  289. Thanks lemmy, I just finished Upgrading and it working well. God bless u.

  290. Thanks for the information. I use q11 but for a while now it has not be showing. I downloaded the v5 and upgraded my decoder according to your instruction. Immediately after rebooting the channels started showing needing to go to set up. My channels did not dissappear at all.
    Thank you for your selfless service.

  291. prince henry says:

    how can i get access to my avatercam HD ?

  292. @lemmy i need a cccam account so pls how can get it from you

  293. trustlink investment says:

    @lemmy i also need g1+ and g1 account

  294. Hello Lemmy, how are you and how’s everything going? I would like to once again commend you for the good work you’ve been doing here. More grease to your elbows.
    I have a Q11 here with me, the problem started with power outage during the upgrade process. For now, it only shows Download from TS with a Blue background combinations.
    What else could be done in order to bring it back to shape?
    Thanks in advance for your wonderful response. God bless you.

    • @wilfem nothing can be done to bring it back for now.. until qsat releases the loader

      • Good morning Lemmy, How’s your night? Kudos to you for all you’ve been doing here.
        I just want to gladly inform you that there’s been solution to the problem of faulty upgrading. There’s been a ROM released for that. As a matter of fact, I have successfully taken care of the faulty decoder with it. Let me know if you need any info about it.

  295. Thanks lemmy for the good works, my qsat 13G stopped working and after the upgrade of my version from v3 to v5 its back on. I appreciate.

  296. Ure good bro. Ur info is authentic. My 11G upgrade process worked without any hitch. thnx a million. cheers

  297. trustlink investment says:

    @lemmy pls let me have detains of the contact

  298. IHENYEN WILSON says:

    Gud evening Mr. lemmy, i just downloaded the update soft for my q11G, but no password to open the zip file. How do i get it? Thanks.

  299. IHENYEN WILSON says:

    As my personal opinion, i think i should called u “CHIEF”. Bcos u deserve to be given that tittle. I may be new to dis forum, but what i have benefitted is worth a million ideas. I pray God will continue to replenish ur ideas. Thanks all the way.

  300. Lemmy, I have done the upgrade successfully on q11G, all my channels are still intact but non is showing. Pls what else can I do

  301. Hello lemme tnx for your great work here.my Qsat 13G came up 54… Acct over an hour n since then its been good. To my suprise now it isn’t up this afternoon.pls is there anything I can do? Those with 56… acct are still up n running.Plz I will like to know how to use d modem as well for the IPTV cos under the 3G Ethernet config I can’t find Nigeria.pls help

  302. Mr I have observed that qsat with codes 54xxxxxxx are not working. What could be the problem.Thank you.

  303. @Lemmy the q13g software file is it rar file or zip

  304. Aminu Kamal-deen Ayuba says:
  305. Yakubu Aliyu says:

    Alhamdulillah! I just finish the upgrade successfully. More greese to your elbow.

  306. lemmy pls i upgraded my Q11G with the v5 but it says ‘cannot get account’.pls help me fix it am frm ghana. thank you

  307. IHENYEN WILSON says:

    Hello! Gud morning every one in the house. Chief Lemmy, i send two post on you site yesterday but it look like it has been deleted. What is d problem? No reply to my request and d message is no more there. Plse help.

  308. Good day lemmy pls which of the network simcard is to be use at first after upgrading for connection and configuration.pls i need ur advice

  309. Twumasi Eric says:

    Lemmy pls good morning pls my q-sat q13g stop working 11-1-2014 mid-day and all the channels are not working again. Pls help me to solve this problem thanks.

  310. I need help pls,my q11g v3 has stopped working.

  311. Hey Guys!!! Can anyone confirm to me that Qsat 13G is working as at today 15/01/14 mine last worked xterday and refUsed coming up! Even avatarcamHD cannot be activated!!! I need answer am going nod with trying to activate it…..

  312. pls bros i want to know if there is any password in extracting the software for q13 that u gave

  313. Gud morning boss, please how do i get the password to extract file for Q11G and Q13G. thanks

  314. pls lemmy i need ur help, i no am not ur loyal servant or follower but for the past one week now i av not watched on anytin on my q13.i av download the firmware u posted but pls i need ur password to enable me install it on my q13. pls help ur boy.i was the one who sent u a mail in ur box.

  315. Hi Lemmy,
    Please my brother is having difficult using the Qsat 13g in Dakar. Please what should he do.
    Your responds will be very much appreciated.
    He Got the box from Ghana and we believe it should work anywhere in Africa.

  316. thanks so so so much i have jst upgrade my q11 now and it work, God blees u, and upgrade ur life to a higher vasion too.

  317. Hi lemmy

    how are you
    May i have your private email or skype thank you

  318. Samuel Oko says:

    Good evening Mr Lemmy,

    I downloaded the software and everything is working fine.
    I want to thank you so much for the help you’ve been rendering to the world at large.
    May the Almighty God continue to grant you all your heart desire in Jesus Name, Amen
    Thanks a lot,

  319. hello please an installer i just wanted to upgrade a customers Qsat 13 which the light went off. am now in a big problem and dont know what to do. plsease please help me. hope i will hear from u soon. thank u

  320. Hello Lemmy, pls, how do I scan for nilesat and multitv on qsat. I scanned on nilesat 101/102 it got only d**v channels. Help needed.

  321. pls ur help need, i download Q11G-_V5.11.20_20131221 and the WinRaR file is asking for password for me to extract it, pls if there is any way i need to activate my Q-Sat Q11G please

  322. Tanx oga lemmy, i upgraded my q13g wt d ur software and it was successful and d upgrading was done wt etisalat and when it didnt come up , i change d sim to mtn and change d ethernet setting to mtn nigeria and it comes up wt ease.

  323. hi lemmy and folks…solution to problems encountered during update as a result of power failure is now available…I have the software to reload the v3 version back on d decorder and d instructions but I will leave it to the owner (lemmy) of this blog to upload the details and the software.its good to cross reference ideas..

  324. mr Lenny… after the upgrade of my qsat q13g… I went to activate my avatacam but its saying cannot get account… pls wot do I do? thanks a lot

  325. Please how do I open the Adults stations. I don’t understand how and where to press and1513. Pls help…. And can it open via gprs

  326. bernard bekoe says:

    hi lemmy
    tnx av upgraded de qsat successfully to V.5 but to ma surprise ma settings stay intact, ma ethernet didnt change to lan, so i wanted to knw if de process can go in dat direction everyfin will still be ohky

  327. @lemmy thanks so much,my Q-sat 11G is nw working..jah bless

  328. Hi Lemmy,
    I downloaded the update for Q11G and Q15G and when I try to extract the system asks me for password. What do I do?

  329. Twumasi Eric says:

    Please Mr Lemmy i need the password to extract the winRaR file this my Email ([email protected])

  330. Please sir, i need password for q11g after downloaded the software.

  331. Thank you Lemmy for the update

  332. Plss MrM Lemme I need the extraction password

  333. thanks i upgrade my Qsat11 decoder… it went off and came on well. i did not change sim or do any settings… Am in Ghana..Brother my God bless u

  334. @Lemmy, can I upgrade my ‘QSAT QIIG’ by copying the firmware from another working ‘QSAT QIIG’ receiver with a serial cable? thanks

  335. Olu'Gbenga says:

    Good job you doing, keep it up

  336. My Oga, Lemmy, I am got myself into the deep shit you warned against, talking about upgrading the QSat 13g. Actually, I had done an two upgrading already with a generator set until the 3rd decoder which my power went off and was telling me upgrading fail….

  337. lemmy thanks for the file, can anyone please help with the winrar password?

  338. hi , i need help on which firmware to use to fix my Q11,i learnt it on your blog that it can be used to work on the hard ware and the soft ware

  339. Please oga lemmy I need the extraction password for 13g. Though I saw your reply concerning this, all I could see is “the password is ” please help me as I really need it.

  340. sir I salute you.
    thanks for such an insight and therefore I request you send me the firmware upgrade for q11g to my email pls.

    from kenya

  341. @Lemmy extraction password pls


    Chief Lemmy I’ve took my time to read through all the comment and your responds to all the issued raised I can see that you are a truely committed fellow may God bless you the more.
    Actually I was having problem with my Q11G, but with all the testimonies I am rest assured that my problem has already been solved. Thanks so much. I will join the testifyer group after doing mine. So from now as a prince of the most High God I confirm on you the chieftancy title CHIEF TAIYESE of God’s kingdom.

  343. Welldone my Oga at the top… May Almighty Allah keep on bless you.

    Have sent you mail concerning the password to Unrar the file.

    Thank you.

  344. Please I ve not gotten the password am still waiting

  345. Hi,

    I can`t upgrade X Master decoder which works like the Qsat with similar features and software.

    what help can u offer me please?

  346. hi thanks alot for your good work may the God Lord continue to keep you.

  347. Pls lemmy Morgan I have Download the file and when I Extract the file both text and bin are 0kb ansd is asking for Password when I used the passwords I used on my laptop is saying wrongs password pls what can I do. Thanks.

  348. hello Morgan pls how can I get qsat g116 upgrade software mine has not been showing

  349. pls advice which to buy, 11g or 15g? plsssss

  350. It worked! initially had challenges but it did work finally. I just hope I could get help for my libertystar T2.

  351. HD did work. Yepiiii!!!

  352. Pls i have the account,thank you

  353. chief lemmy.your guide is fantastic.i just finished upgrading my q11g.no hassles at all.but d HD channels not working.any help in this regard.plsss

  354. Good day Lemmy Morgan, I sincerely need yur help. My Q11G decoder has a problem of blue face on the screen (Download from TS). This problem occurred as result of power outage when i was upgrading. I have followed the solution you proffered here on HOW TO REVIVE A QSAT THAT GOT DAMAGED WHILE UPGRADING but the decoder is still not responding, please.
    What do i do?

  355. @lemme,how can i create the account for the active code…i have lost contact with the one who sold it for me…..pls help me as to how to deal with the account.

  356. Great work bro. The world needs you, dont stop what you are doing.

  357. hi lemmy im trying to download the upgrade for q15 but after inputting the password it can’t extract can we please have a new download without the rar file encrypted with password please

  358. joe pinto says:

    I just finished with the update of Q13 with the steps provided ,still can not have access to the channels in Ghana. please help me out.

  359. please this is the error i get while trying to extract Q115 files after downloading ! C:\Users\george\Downloads\Q15G-_V5.11.23_20131224 (1).rar: Checksum error in the encrypted file Q15G _V5.11.23_20131224\Q15G _V5.11.23_20131224.bin. Corrupt file or wrong password.

  360. What’s the password

  361. oga lemme well done ooh,,,mine decoder is now working flawlessly….God bless u soooo much

  362. IHENYEN WILSON says:

    Gud evening Chief Lemmy, how is d going out there? What is the latest in the house concerning Q-Sat. Am eager to know if new update are out. Thanks.

  363. @lemmy,pls am having problem with my Qsat wish I upgrade to v5,to active the Avatar camhd is the problem is telling wrong active code number pls what can I do to resolve the problem,I seriously need help

  364. please how can i get in touch with you,my g1+ has stop workin and it need upgradin,i need a reliable source where i can get it done
    Thanx man

  365. why 54……account breaking

  366. lemmy,
    i followed your instructions in respect to the upgrade and it was success. i watched throughout the week days without a problem.
    i turned my box off from the main and traveled for two days. i returned this evening turn the decoder on but nothing is showing. all channels are scrambled.
    my xcam/avartcam code/internet connection /expiry date are intact.
    what could be the problem? the channels will simply not show. reboot has been done several times but still………….please help

  367. I upgraded my Qsat Q11G and load everything as instructed, when I reboot all the channels worked but when I short down and on later it did not work again pls help…….

  368. good year, lemmy s’ you like me I want the link to download the software from my decoder q-sat Q11G here is my email b.issiaka @ live.fr Thank you and good day to you.

  369. good year, lemmy s’ you like me I want the link to download the software from my decoder q-sat Q11G here is my email b.issiaka @ live.fr Thank you and good day to you.
    please help me because I is not nobody else you advance thank you yet I count on you good day

  370. Bukar Adamu Timta says:

    Oga I upgraded my receiver instead of upgrading it downgraded it to version 3, initially mine was version 4, how can I do? If there is any password required, how will I contact u to give me. Thanks

  371. Pls. I was upgrade and power. Went off it now blue screen with …..load from tsunami kindly helpme

  372. asiymah d. t. says:

    Hi Limmy, in deed u have been doing great i must confess, thanks. However, i have downloaded the upgrade software and tried open it with no success only with rar file extractor, however, i am always being asked to provide password to open.

    Please, help.


  373. Please LEMMY help me with my XMan receiver, it stopped working since Qsat stopped.. but I can see qsat new software posted.. pls any software for XMAN?

  374. man u are d best people here are selling the software for gh 20 t0 30 cedes in ghana here oh God richly bless you with the good work done

  375. Dear Lemmy, I notice after the upgrade my qsat Q11G to version 5, my dstv channels is not opening sometimes especially when important matches is to be played sometimes for 1 day and it will later come up. i ask from people using same decoder around me some of them are not experiencing this problem while some their own do same as my own. but those that their own come on were those that bought their own not to long, but for those that bought there’s same time with me we have this problem. we bought our own around august/September last year. pls assist to provide information on how to tackle this issue. Thanks

  376. Hello, Mr Lemmy Morgan. Kudos to you once again for the good work you’re doing here. I really appreciate your efforts. God bless you. It’s just of recent, like 2 days ago that I started experiencing the kind of problem stated by the last post. I mean the channels not showing, despite the fact that both AvatarCam codes would come up whenever you check them, meaning that it’s not a network problem. My AvatarCam Id starts with 55xxxxxx. What could be wrong?
    Thanks and do have a wonderful day.

  377. Thanks a lot Lemmy. i appreciate

  378. hi mr . lemmy i appreciate alot the way you help us ..last week i upgraded my q sat 13g to V5 it worked very nice up today..then it has just gone off…all channells are scrambled….what ca i do brother

  379. IHENYEN WILSON says:

    Chief Lemmy, Gud evening. Plse i want u to help me with my Tlink HD T600 dual usb, on how to renew the account. It stopped since two years ago. Is there any way the account can be renewed again. Thanks for ur usual cooperation.

  380. thanx 4 d good work. mine was bought november last year and upgraded 2 version 5 and i xperience on and off problem. what is d cause?

  381. Please will Q SAT Q 13q with accounts code beginning with 54 work again since after the upgrading it works for few day and almost people using Code 54 are complaining.

  382. Lemmy….

    I have a new Q15G decoder, and have issues activating Avatarcam. When I go to settings I am not asked for password. How to I enter the 1512 code to view Avatarcam settings

  383. Can you please educate me on what normally cause the q sat decoder going off at times (when mostly needed) and comes later

  384. I install the software on my q11G but still it was not showing, but well scanned. Pls, what can I do.

  385. Lemmy I have the first q11g product but on the boot screen the it apear q16 no g and is not working even if you use the q11g software is not working please help me.

  386. Thanks lemmy for the info.
    I just upgraded my Q116 to v5 and followed the steps but when I tried activate the avatarcamhd I get the error “cannot get account please try later”.
    what is the issue and please what should I do?
    no channel is showing and even the iptv channels are not showing.

  387. Hi lemmy just want to ask if azsky G2 can work with qsat 13g.because I need a back up since qsat goes off intermitently.And if yes where can I purchase it from and what’s the cost.Also hw many DS** stations does it open.tnx

  388. Please lemmy, in our house we use 3 Q13G decoders with three different activation numbers i.e. 54xxxxx, 57xxxxx and 59xxxx but all have stop working as at yesterday 22-01-14. Is it a general problem?

  389. @Lemmymorgan Pls is your Decoder 54XXXXXXXXX still working?? Mine stopped few days after the upgrade *Guess the problem is from Qsat??

  390. BIG THANKS to Lemmy for the v5 upgrade which i did first week of January. It worked perfectly well until Jan 21.

    MY Qsat Q13G stopped showing channels since Jan 21st, please what could be the problem? Do I need another upgrade or is the problem from their server? I need your candid advice on what to do. all the DST* channels are scrambled again

  391. Hello mr lemmy, I reall appreciate ur effort and ur enlightenment on Satellite issue pl my qsat11 is not showing despite d fact dat I was able to get d avatarcamhd code 56xxxxxx I guess is from their server I jst wnt to hear frm u…….thanks

  392. Hello Lemmy, i use 11g but the one who upgraded the software used 13g but i have not had any problem with it. Would this have any problem in the near future? QSAT has been off in Ghana since yesterday 22nd January, is it the same elsewhere?

  393. Hi Lemmy, I noticed my Q-Sat stop showing since last night and i’ve actually upgrade. So what might be wrong now plz?

  394. Hi Lemmy, I noticed my Q-Sat stopped showing since yesterday…And i’ve upgraded it. Since I did d upgrade it’s been working fine, until on Tuesday when it started showing scrambled channels. And it hasn’t shown since last night. Plz what cud be wrong?

  395. yusuf aji says:

    Oga lemmy i need g1 6month account ,pls i need details how to get it, for qsat some are acting good while some are bad with the same newest software ,may i know why?

  396. It’s like there’s yet another upgrade (Version 6.0.22)
    I have already downloaded and as well upgraded my Q11, but still not showing yet

  397. God will continue to bless you.

  398. Husseni Habu says:

    my Qsat Q13G and my neighbours’ with 58XXX and 59XXX respectively stopped working from Monday till date. what could be the problem? It was fine after the update to V5 on the day u said Q-sat will be back fully.

  399. Hello Lemmy, I received information from Qsat management today that there is new update software. I had been in contact with one of their Engineer for sometime now. He said new update V6 software is out for all Qsat decoders. I had download the software from the web link he gave me under their website. Please confirm this info. Zyno

  400. Lemmy I was told now by the Qsat Rep. that if your qsat decoder is not working upgrade to V6. I just want to help with this information. Mine is working but freeze at intervals. I have the web link to download Q11G, Q13G, Q15G which they sent to me today.

  401. nwanne david says:

    How do we get the latest 6.0.22 upgrade for qsat

  402. NANA ASAMOAH says:

    lemmy reply my mails

  403. nwanne david says:

    Bros I downloaded d V6 and upgraded into my Q11G and its still on V5 nd not working, pls put me tru ogami

  404. thanks a million for this education and information you are sharing. How do i use a modem for my Q Sat? God bless you.

  405. nwanne david says:

    I don’t know how to extract d V6 only and apply it to upgrade my Q11G in d upgrade menu, its showing flashfile.bin wenever I press FAV to download the whole flash

  406. Good morning Lemmy. How do I know my avartacam code ?

  407. lemmy the q11g’s with the account number starting with 54 eg. my start with 5424088621 are not working even if you upgrade with the software. please help us solve it.

  408. i just got a qsat and it is showing scramble channel. the installer said everything is registered. only joy tv is showing. what can i do, i hope i hvnt wasted my money.

  409. My qsat 15g is not showing on v6
    It last showed 2mins of the nigeria match …network is successful .

  410. Gud Morning Mr Lemmy please you didn’t say anything about my SRT4669Z I posted yesterday

  411. Mr. Lemmy, my avatar code is 57** and am. Using q11g, can I upgrade? As I saw that u said the upgrade. Is for 54** and 56**

  412. pls advice which to buy, 11g, 13g or 15g?

  413. thxz Lemmy. got d upgrade it worked. but not showing again. na wa o for Qsat, I bought 2 Q13, so u can imagine

  414. q sat goes off when epl is been played.. why?

  415. Dear Lemmy,

    How can I get the V4 software for QSat Q13G?
    I upgraded to the V6 and it’s still not working. I read from this thread that when you downgrade to V4 and upgrade to V6 it works okay.
    Thank you

  416. 1. .Lemmy….I did the upgrade on my q13g with the v6 bt it did nt reset to factory settings…whn I checked the version, it ws v6. all the channels were still present ….I ws nt sure I did it well so I tried it again and still had thesame outcome. …..

    2. .Lemmy, ..how do I use my dq-cam?? it is asking me some codes. can u help me with those codes??

    3. .Lemmy ..I want an Azsky decoder as a backup ….am in Ghana …and never heard of it. Can u pls direct me where I can get one in Ghana??

    • @gallery, please it is not a must that your decoder should restore to factory settings. you will buy dqcam code it is not supplied freely. azsky g6 is a worthy alternative

  417. it wasn’t coming but it came this afternoon. From Ghana

  418. Please Lemmy, is it possible you can to recording with my Q-SAT Q13G? Please if yes, teach me how to do that. thank you.

  419. Hi Lemmy, I recently upgraded my Q-SAT Q11G and I used it to watch Man City’s match last night but this morning it has been switching off and On, on is own!!! please how do i rectify this? help please!!!

  420. Hi lemmey,
    Am in Ghana and wondering are there specific 3g modems that work with the q13? cos i have tried a couple and they dont work


  421. Hey, since i updated my Q13 is been having issues and now is not showing completely. i try everything i could but it shows scramble since 4 days now. Please assist and advise

  422. nwanne david says:

    Lemmy good a.m how do I get or buy dqcam for my Q11G and how do I also get V4 to Downgrade my qsat

  423. hi lemmy, read that we should downgrade and reupgrade, how do i get the v4 or can i downgrade to v5 and upgrade to v6. your advice wil be appreciated pls. God bless you.