Download Latest Update Software For T.link 900 HD decoder / Receiver(With Bug Fixes & More Options)

tlink softare download     A whole lot of people out there who uses tlink 900 HD usually perform an automatic updaaate via the decoder’s update system (Expansion>>Ftp>>check for update.> Am not disputing that this kind of update check is Not good, what am simply saying is that if you are in the habit of always updating your products automatically, you should also have it in mind that not all updates are designed to fix bugs or help the users.. some updates may even be rolled out to restrict the users from doing certain things on their decoders. Some updates may remove some features and replace them with other annoying features.

This sole aim of this article is to give my esteem readers the latest trusted software for tlink 900 HD with a lot of new added features and bug fixes. I personally tested it myself and it performs wonders.



Most people who bought the tlink through me will discover they are on version 1.30 of the so9ftware as much as this version works flawlessly with sds mode, the same can not be said of the internet mode.

i. This newer software allows you to use your internet mode with little difficulties. i mean it connects faster and it even opens more channels

ii. More channels now opens on Nss7 with the internet protocol and others

iii. there is some redesign in the user interface with upgraded TPs

iv. When you press “f1 111 ” on your remote now you will now notice an additional protocol namely “SSSP”

V. If your internet mode has not been connecting at all with your router previously, then you need this software as it will correct that bug.

Notice before you install this Software; Make sure you are aware that you will have to re-configure your tlink after the upgrade, you will have to rescan in a nutshell the upgrade will rest your decoder to factory defaults. so you will manual set the antenna, lnb, channels e.t.c


Updating it is very easy just get a clean virus free flash drive, then extract my file on your pc and copy the .bin file to the usb flash drive. Mind you the software is in .rar meaning it is in an archive you must open it with Winrar and if it prompt you to enter a password, simply type lemmymorgan.com  as the password then once opened copy it to your flash drive.

Now plugin your flash with the software inside your tlink and make sure you have a steady electricity or beta still use a generating set or an inverter if there is power failure while you are at it, you may kill your decoder.

Now goto “Settings>>Expansion>>USB then choose the software and press the side of the remote to choose yes”‘ once the upgrade is completed, your decoder will reboot to life. Do the necessary settings and you are good to go.


Now download the software Tlink900_V1.70_20130904_8M_2Tuner


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  1. i wish to get one of de t.link to use. I would please if one show or dircet a shop where dey sell t.link 500-900 hd in ghana

  2. isa sanusi says:

    Oga wats wrong with dstv on tlink 600 nd w3 server (sds)mode for 900 hd gone for three days now thanks once big boss

  3. My boss i have downloaded the software and followed all the procedures i.e extracting the file into flash disk then expansion usb, yes to update software/database. At last it response is FAIL. And any hope for SDS MODE? If yes please for how long are we going to wait?

  4. gmustapha says:

    oga lemmy is like the software has passward attached.

  5. mustapha says:

    oga lemmy, the SDS mode is still not back with this version 1.58

  6. Mr Lemmy I want to ask few question about the latest update of Tlink 900, I have d link but when I download d winrar the software open with VLC media player, so before I copy into my USB for the updating want to know if I am still on point and can continue with the upgrading

  7. odjighoro ochuko says:

    what is the different b/w v1.58 and v.1.59

  8. tnx i ve updated it buh still dnt know if i can watch dstv,nss7 and aljazeera wit d internet mode coz i ve tried it nd its nt workin nd it s connected wid d internet or d u think is d Ccam issue? coz ol d 40 servers are 0. tnx and God bless you

  9. I am enjoyin my new software thanks, also hop our d**v channels ‘ll still come back full fledged?
    My tlink900 doesn’t record effectively, wat could b wrong, no matter d usb I use. It only record a little n hooks wen playing back.

  10. Thanks Morgan L.

  11. odjighoro ochuko says:

    thank you so much , my t-link work with azsky adapter when i use the twin procol. but the problem i have is, where can i get the software that will work for sds mode?

  12. I will like to have this t link 900 but don’t know where to get one. I have been using liberty for a while now but it stopped working. Please I will like info on the decoder. Thanks

  13. odjighoro ochuko says:

    please i dont know why my t-link channels still hang even with router and azsky adapter . is there any thing i need do?if any please i need to know .thank you.

  14. odjighoro ochuko says:

    please i dont know why my t-link channels still hangs even with router and azsky adapter. is there any thing i need to do . thank you.

  15. can you please help me with the software for tlink 900hd dated 16/03/2013. thank you very much.

  16. how can i repair my tling 900 which does not come on again

  17. i mean tlink

  18. where can i locate the article

  19. odjighoro ochuko says:

    how can i stop the hanging problem of my t-link decoder 900 hd

  20. odjighoro ochuko says:

    my t-link version is 1.62 .where can i found the latest firmware? please help thank you.

  21. odjighoro ochuko says:

    how can i upgrade my router?

  22. odjighoro ochuko says:

    my G1 just stop working i dnt know why ? is there any update software?

    • if it is more than two days at a stretch, then change your sim.

      if the sim change doesn’t work, reset with my APN loader and set it to mtn nigeria apn.

      if the above two workaround doesn’t work, then it simply means your box has expired (especially if you have been using it for upto 8months since the time of purchase)

  23. Hello baba I need the driver 4 tlink 900 and 600

  24. akarsinha says:

    pls sir, where to buy TLINK 900 600 300 new server and [azsky] new account thanks

  25. j’ai installé la mise à jour v.173 tlink 900 et j’ai probleme de canaux car l’un a diparu

  26. Good day bro.I have a tlink 300. It dies not connect ask the time with the router.it connects once in a while and if I test the router on my qsat, it works. What could be wrong

  27. Abdelkader says:

    Hello ! what’s wrong with microbox and Tlink , is there any information please ?

  28. Thanks, but mine stop working . What shall i do ? please help…

  29. mike Seedorf says:

    morning Morgan n thanks for this platform. pls I av a tlink 900HD but has stop working. I’ve not been using any external descrambler on it except the inbuilt microbox. what shudbi do to get it start working again?

    thank you.

  30. mike seedorf says:

    Thsnkx bro but how can I get to buy the cccam.account and which of the single wud u recommend I go for? I got one today and at d moment its not working. I’ve tried all the network on but just hanging n coming up with scrambledchannel. A1SKY G1SUPER. Pls ur recommendation?

  31. Helllo! my Tlink 900hd entered boot and it wosn’t start on,i tried to start it on so many times but it wosnt start on.it only shows boot, pls what should i do?

  32. temitope says:

    Please mr. Morgan my tlink 600 dst* channels have stop working going to a month now. Please do u have the idea what is responsible for this. Can’t watch any of their channels on it anymore. Please help me out

  33. where can i buy tlink 900. i live in abuja

  34. Raymond K. Kpin says:

    I do not know how to unlock TV3 on strong decoder number ( SRT 4950H, 4950, 4930 and 4933) i need your help.

  35. Please need Tlink 900 full hd mastercode

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