Download Latest T-Link 900 HD Software Version 1.62( Improvement on SDS, More channels and No freezing)

D*tv are wagging war against internet decoders and dongles. But it seem tlink is in the forerunner of the counter attack against D*tv. They just released a new software to improve upon the previous ones released in March.


Among other things,  i noticed the following improvements;

  1. More formerly scrambled channels now opens
  2. sds now opens more channels
  3. The internet mode and the sds mode now works with little or no freezing

tlink 1.62 software

Notice before you install this Software; Make sure you are aware that you will have to re-configure your tlink after the upgrade, you will have to rescan in a nutshell the upgrade will rest your decoder to factory defaults. so you will manual set the antenna, lnb, channels e.t.c



Updating it is very easy just get a clean virus free flash drive, then extract my file on your computer and copy the .bin file to the usb flash drive. Mind you the software is in .rar meaning it is in an archive you must open it with Winrar.

Now plugin your flash with the software inside your tlink and make sure you have a steady electricity or beta still use a generating set or an inverter if there is power failure while you are at it, you may kill your decoder.

Now goto “Settings>>Expansion>>USB then choose the software and press the side of the remote to choose yes”‘ once the upgrade is completed, your decoder will reboot to life. Do the necessary settings and you are good to go.


Now download the software Tlink900_V1.70_9_20130425


  1. Mr.Lemmy, I need your assistance on getting the PIN CODE of my DQCAM. Its requesting for the Pin Code for it to be activated and connected.

  2. Mr.Lemmy, thanks for your assistance. I don;t know where I will copy my serial number so as to send it to you. I want to upgrade/update my Tlink 600 decoder with dat your software.

  3. Pls Mr Lemmy, my t link 300 connect usually drops to 27 instead of 28 which leads to the display of scamble channels frequently but will return 28 when matches finish….pls what can i do

  4. hi my tlink is not working for almost a month

  5. Hi, tlink starts freezing too much is there any new updates or solutions? The sds mode is being weak and all the channels scramble twice or tree time an hour, please help

  6. pls sir i need module_002p software for my newly purchased 4930 or any advise on how to enable cccam on it. Thanks

  7. Oladayo says:

    Bros Lemmy, dongle is not workin on Tlink900 since yestaday.. Pls, is deir any solution?

  8. oladayo says:

    bros lemmy.. Av bin tryin to xtract d software winrar but it kip tellin me dat file is corrupt

  9. joachim says:

    I need to learn more about tlink and how it works. Help pls.

  10. mr lemmy is t-link a decoder or add on like a1sky

  11. Mr lemmy any upgrade for the liberty users, my isn’t coming up since two day now

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