Download Latest Software For 900 HD decoder / Receiver (v1.59) Now opens Channels on SDS Mode

As i write this post, i can say am able to watch upto like 20 channels on tlink 900 HD PVR decoder in SDS mode. the names of the channels among others include: Amag, CNN, Amag yoruba, SS1HD, SS3HD, SS2HD, SS3, SS7, MAction, Skynews, Mstar e.t.c. You will ask me how i manage to do this, well i will simply tell you that it is as a result of the latest software released for tlink decoder that am able to reopen the hitherto closed channels on sds mode. When i also checked canalsat, i also discovered to my joy that it opens 90% of all the channels there including the new added channels. As if this is not enough, the latest software comes with an option to watch IPTV (Which is now the trend) but unfortunately, you will have to input a url to be able to do this. All said and done, i will quickly show you the steps to update your tlink 900 hd decoder with the latest firmware so that you can once again enjoy your channels without internet connection.Why it took them so long to act, i wouldn’t know but thank God they act at last.

tlink 900 v1.59 software


  • A virus free USB Flash drive(preferably format it and don’t let any other file be inside when using this)
  • A computer or a mobile phone that can open archive files( i recommend you use a pc)
  • Download winrar from if you don’t have it already.
  • Make sure you have a stable power supply(if you are not sure of this please use a generator) so that you won;t kill your tlink decoder in the process of update
  • Either you download my setup file and do the manual update(you have to send me a mail to request for the password to the file ) Or you simply do the automatic update by searching for available updates inside the decoder’s ftp downloads.
  • Dowload the software TLink_900_8M_V1.09.8030_20130316.bin   (password protected request from ray 4fame


  1. Download the file from the link above or search through your decoder from the path settings>>expansion>>ftp downloads if you however download the file above, you will need to extract on your computer so as to reveal the .bin file inside which is what tlink recognizes.
  2. after extraction copy the .bin into an empty virus free flash drive not a card reader
  3. Now plug the usb into your computer and navigate to Settings>>Expansion>>USB then select only the first file and press yes on your remote by pressing the navigation button of the remote sideways
  4. Wait until the upgrade is completed and tlink will reboot
  5. after reboot set your 90cm or bigger dish to mbc vertical and track which ever satellite you want to watch
  6. press f1 111 on your remote>>sds mode>eutelsat w3a 7.0e africa
  7. Now go back to the main screen and wait for the channels to be highlighted in yellow.



  1. E LOADER ....rEGARDS Maxwell says:

    Thanks for ur reply but in between i by mistake loaded a different soft thru flash drive and now it is showing “SOFTWARE IS WRONG, PLEASE DOWNLOAD AGAIN!2 WHAT AM I TO DO TO GET IT WORKING BACK? iS IT POSSIBLE BY USING A LOADER THRU RS232 PORT ? IF SO PLEASE SEND ME TH

  2. Maxwell.M.Chennoor says:

    Thanks for ur reply but in between i by mistake loaded a different soft thru flash drive and now it is showing “SOFTWARE IS WRONG, PLEASE DOWNLOAD AGAIN!2 WHAT AM I TO DO TO GET IT WORKING BACK? iS IT POSSIBLE BY USING A LOADER THRU RS232 PORT ? IF SO PLEASE SEND ME THE LOADER ….rEGARDS Maxwell

  3. Maxwell.M>Chennoor says:

    Hi Mr Lemmy ,
    My T Link900 HD is not working. the serial number is 120511002911 and the software version is 1.59 What am i to do for viewing the paid channels. pls help me at the earliest. Regards Maxwell

  4. Pls Mr. Lemmy,

    I wld like u 2 hlp me with the password of TLink_900_8M_V1.09.8030_20130316.bin zipped file


  5. Suleiman says:

    Pls help me with patch for 4330 reciever.
    I have checked but didn’t see any.

  6. donesatlink says:

    mr lemmy how do i get g1 account mine is not working

  7. donesatlink says:

    i wan to buy azskyg1account from u how do i get it

  8. danlagos says:

    This upgrade does not work! Why dont you reply at users requests?

  9. odjighoro ochuko says:

    thank you for your reply . meanwhile I cannot get the password for theupgrade software , even when i mail the Email address. please help thank you.

  10. Thanks Lemmy. But how do I get a stable CCCAM account?

  11. odjighoro ochuko says:

    my dstv channels do hanged. i dont why , even with the use of router. please help.

  12. Hi Lemmy,
    Which is the best decoder amongst all in your opinion?

  13. thank for your quick response, my 900 HD doesn’t show MBC HD channels and SS3 HD appear without name, it just show unname. i’m using 1.5 meter dish, signal is 60% to below. pls. what could be the possible problem.

  14. Please help I know nothing about decoder update. I’m using 4940 STRONG HD. I sleep-you live on this issue. Some people never have dull moment with there decoder,eg watching some chanels that are not fta free. I will not fry my box as you warned when I use any information from you. Here is my number if i may or need to converse with you. 08030871011 or 08127537770. Thanks

  15. well done Mr lemmy you’re really great, with out you we could have thrown our receiver, (because this is the only site that you can see anything about, pls lemmy if you happen to meet any of the tlink maker tell them they are the worst and their receiver is the best. Pls. why my tlink doesn’t MBC HD channels. pls shed more light about IPTV thank you.

  16. hi lemmy, my strong decoder just lost all free stations. rescan only brought dstv free stations which i don’t want. tried to upload new firmware but when i get to ext device menu it says no usb is connected. i believe my strong decoder is fake i checked it and to my chagrin my number was not recognized. do i have a way to get my money back since i bought from a strong dealer?
    please help

    • you can demand for a replacement or refund once you said you have confirmed it to be a fake and that the seller is a dealer. am sure he will change it however you need to show him proove

  17. egyabenle says:

    Sir Morgan, thanks for the reply. I am looking at buying a STRONG HD decoder and g1 gprs (Asky) to watch D*TV. Reading every post at the SATELLITE TV TUTORIAL section of your website and going through the comments, your comments, I have realised you have a preference for T LINK HD 900 DECODER. As an astute admirer of you I have taken to T LINK HD 900 as well and will like to purchase one. Sir , how many channels , roughly, are showing on internet mode. Would you, I rather buy another decoder with Azky? Thank you Sir.

    • buying azsky with tlink will be the ultimate combination… i haven’t confirmed the channels on tlink but the internet mode always opens more than the sds mode anytime any day

  18. egyabenle says:

    Hi Lemmy , thanks for this new update. Does this mean more channels will be showing on internet mode. If yes, how many are we looking at. And Sir, does the Tlink HD 900 come with a router in the pack? How do you tell a fake HD 900 from a genuine one? May God bless you.

    • yea there is improvement with the numbers of channels shown in internet mode.router is been purchased separately a genuine one will fit all my description in my article about tlink decoder and how to configure tlink decoder

  19. Lemmy, is there any upgrade for liberty star1.


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