[Download] Best Antivirus Suite for Android phones(ESET Mobile Security with Anti Theft & Anti-Malware Protection)


ESET  Antivirus Company is a household name when it comes to protection against virus and malwares. However the good news is that this wonderful security suite has now been extended to The Android platform. It now supports tablets and the user interface has been so developed in such away that it is easier to configure.

Those who have used eset antivirus on pc just like me will know how effective and efficient this antivirus is i have been saved several times from hackers and internet virus with the help of this wonderful antivirus suite.I congratulate android users for this







Let me post the excerpt from by the developers courtesy play.google.com


Protect your Android smartphone and tablet from emerging threats.

Keep your phone or tablet secure and its contents away from prying eyes with award-winning ESET antivirus technology.

Use your mobile device without worrying about emerging threats or privacy breaches. Stay secure while you do your internet banking, connect to public Wi-Fi, exchange emails or go online shopping. Your sensitive data is kept safe against abuse and you are protected against malware hidden in applications. The Anti-Theft helps you locate or block access to your device in case it is lost or stolen.

Antitheft features

– Simple SMS commands to help you maintain control over your lost or stolen device
– Remote Lock: Lock phone remotely by SMS to prevent unauthorized access to data
– Remote Wipe: Delete contacts, messages and memory cards
– GPS Localization: Locates lost or stolen phone by a remote SMS command

Other features* to simplify your mobile life

– Anti-Malware Protection: Scans all downloaded and accessed applications and files for malware
– SMS/MMS Antispam: Block SMS/MMS messages from unknown numbers
– Call Blocking: Block unwanted incoming and outgoing calls
– Security Audit with Built-in Task Manager: Monitor vital phone functions, including battery life, free disk space, running processes, Bluetooth and device visibility
– Program interface localized in 25 languages: English, Polish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Japanese, Russian, Hungarian, Spanish, German, Portuguese Brazilian, Dutch, French, Romanian, Turkish, Swedish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Italian, French Canadian, Korean, Spanish Latin, Czech, Hebrew and Slovak
– Some features are not available for tablets which do not support calling and messaging

Online support

For any issues or answers to common questions, please visit http://kb.eset.com/android

This is a 30-day trial version of the product. One year license of the product can be bought within the product for $9.99.

Note: In order to uninstall ESET Mobile Security for Android from your mobile device, you must deactivate EMS from the device administrators list. Click here for more info: http://tinyurl.com/esetandroid

We have Other Mobile Security options by ESET:

Anti Malware – This is very effective in that whenever you use your Android smartphone to download any application or file from the Internet, ESET mobile security program would scan each of them for any Malware, and protect the entire file system and other apps from being attacked.
Call Blocking Function – This a kind of White list/ Blacklist function to prevent you from making or receiving calls from unwanted sources.
 You have an Built-in Task Manager – The task manager of the ESET mobile security would perform its own functions like helping in maintaining a good battery life, controlling the running processes, freeing the disk space and monitoring all the vital phone functions.
You can Trusted friend – With this feature you would be able to send an SMS to any one number that you have set, when any unknown SIM card is inserted and this trusted friend can also change the password of the phone using SMS








Now what are you waiting for any security minded person will go for a good antivirus software like eset. and what is more you can try it for free for 30days after which you can buy the license for 1year for just $9.99. dont leave your wonderful Android smartphone unprotected or else you might end regretting your actions

you can Download the ESET Mobile Security for Android from Google Android Play Store here.


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