Download APN Loader / Editor for Azsky G1 Gprs Dongle (With the How to Use Instructions)

download apn editor for g1     One major advantage that Azsky G1 dongle is presently having over liberty star decoder is that it the manufacturers provides for a way or means of editing the APN also known as Access Point Name. As easy as the process to do this is, the tool is not easily accessible but in this article i will give you the link to download the APN ;Loader for G1    GPRS ADAPTER.

I have explained in full details in my article here  how  G1 GPRS ADAPTER works. It is a device that is plug via RS 232 interface of a receiver to watch some more satellite TV. mostly active in this Satellite estern part of africa..However if your device stopped communicating with a receiver or maybe for one reason or the other, you want to change your APN, this tool (loader) is required to perform some repairs
modem settings for g1
The tool is designed to to confirm the level of what is wrong with your GPRS Adapter after you confirmed other GPRS Adapter is working but yours is not working. this tool allow you to set APN and service account on your GPRS Adapter.


Access Point Name is the name of a gatetway between a GPRS or 3G etc. mobile network and another computer network, frequently the public internet.
to short cut our way we need MTN,airtel,etisalat and glo settings to fill in the loader and load it in your GPRS Adater this simply determine the sim that the GPRS Adapter will prefer to work with better.



Username:web                                                                                                                                                                PASSWORD: web

Username: internet
Password: internet

ETISALAT APN: etisalat
Username: etisalat
password: etisalat

GLO APN: glosecure     or if you use a bundle it is APN: gloflat
Username: gprs                                                     USERNAME : flat
password: gprs                                                       PASSWORD: flat

you fill it correctly in to this tool (loader) and load it to your GPSR Adapter. If it return setting successful good plug it to your receiver and it should work if still not work the GPRS Adapter is not bad completely yet all you need is a receiver that can connect to it since your PC can load the APN setting to your GPRS Adapter sucessfully.
i recommend strong 4669x, strong 4922, 4930, Tlink 900, dreambox,  s10,x3,x4 etc it will work.

if after filling the loader correctly and load it but the process was not successful with this response: communication failed. there are some IC inside that most have burnt mostly caused by higher voltage power Adapter of 12 voltage. while the standard voltage require from the Power Adapter is 5 voltage. in this case i suggest you to give it out to the specialist in this repairs to avoid consistent IC explosions from your Hand.
Caution: don’t pay for your G1 Adapter repair in this case if not confirmed the problem is solved. you can negotiate the repairs


Service Account it can be explained in different meanings base on each understanding. but here is my: is an identity of every devices that is required to log into a server sucessfully. this permision must be from your G1 Adapter service provider so that your G1 Adapter Account will be valid to login sucessfully. but this is process is required now untill you need to renew your Account. is not much important at this moment.

How to set APN and Service Account on a GPRS adapter:
G1 GPRS adapter is a great PC to cell phone network tool for data communication. If you have some application service account, here will teach you how to set it on a GPRS adapter.
1. Run the “install.bat” in file folder “Modemsettings”at first, then can run “modem settings.exe” PC setting tool. There will pop up small window as below picture 1.
Notice:If your PC OS is WIN7, Please firstly run “cmd.exe” by administator ,then run “install.bat” in command line.

2. Use the RS232 cable(packed in G1 giftbox,it’s standard cross type RS232 cable) to connect the G1 and PC. When connection ready Power on the G1 ( !!! 5V DC power adaptor only !!!)
3. Select the UART Port base on your PC configuration. for example,normal desk PC with RS232 port will be COM1,USB-RS232 tool connected with a laptop will be COM3 or COM4,etc …
4. APN (Access Point Name) setting: with the right APN setting, your GPRS adapter can access the cell phone network. for example,the GLO Mobile APN is “gloflat”,user name is “flat”,password is “flat”. (Cell phone company will give the right information)
5. Server account Setting: (Picture 2 as a reference.)
Server: server address
Port: server port
Login Name: your GPRS dongle account name.
Login Pass: your GPRS dongle account password.
6. Checking all detail setting is right,then press “set” button to start setting.
7. Start Use: power off the G1,connect a RS232 cable between the G1 and receiver. And insert your SIM card to the G1 SIM slot,then can power on.
8. Activate receiver’s Y4/Twin protocol,and wait a moment,the encrypt channel will be open.

Download the loader lemmymorgan.com_G1_gprs APN Loader

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NOTICE!!! this article is no longer relevant to any azsky products, click HERE for the new way to renew your azsky account




  1. Kenneth says:

    Please, can Azsky G1 Gprs work with strong receiver 4950?

  2. please i want to connict my g1 azsky to my pc but i don know what to do

  3. Please my decoder srt 4669XII is dead and i was told its fake. Please can you send me any software to revive it here in Ghana through my e-mail:

  4. engr. Ben says:

    please i just want to confirm if the AZSKY GPRS 1 is working now…………..

  5. please am using x-man with an sclass decoder, when i connected it, it started working and then scrammbled so i want to know if the xman still works cos the light keeps blinking red and green

  6. Timothy says:

    Please my g1 super is not working perfectly like before, its either it opens ss3 or nothing is there any solution for this now?

  7. Please Sir i need account for my azskyg1+ and how can i access your email because the one that you said that you have change to, I try it on yahoo and it was not going. Thanks. I need the account as soon as possible.

  8. please i want to buy a decoder which one should i buy ? between Q SAT 11G and AZSKY 6G please help!t
    what is the difference between the two ?

  9. I have the new model of AzSky G2 , But the signal is always showing ecrypted program after 5-10 mins of watching programs. kindly advice on the remedy. thanks boss

  10. Adetayo abbas says:

    Please lemmy my A+ dongle have stop working three days now i dont know wat is the problem and how to solve the problem please help me out

  11. thanks for your reply mr Lemmy, the only decoder i have left is a multi tv decoder, i dont know if the g1 azsky would work on multi tv decoder, and i was hoping to get more details from you on how to upgrade the firm ware of strong decoders.

  12. Hello, I have my Azsky G2 dongle I have tried to set new account several times but It doesn’t support and It shows this massage when I try to set it “The firmware can’t support imei” so I don’t know what to I need your help.

  13. Hi Lemmy, gud day, i appreciate your work, am trying to configure my strong srt 4653x to work with azsky g1 gprs dongle, but the indicator on the azsky shows an rs 232 error, please how do i configure my decoder to work with the azsky? I have not upgraded firmware on the decoder before. Please am hoping to hear from you soon. tnx. keep up the good work.


  15. leslie white says:

    can i get the apn settings for mtn,airtel,glo for ghana

  16. I hav A+ Model No. K- 2. but looking for the software to upgrade. Pls help, am new in this thing. Please use yor church mind to help pastor please

  17. Hi sir,i just bought a new x5 from china,but it blink red then green but i can’t view any station,after contant the supply i was told to use y4/twin please sir i don’t understand this,i need your help on this.thanks

  18. Lemmy I need a decoder that can open he channels successfully and need to renew service accounts authentic accounts .send me ya contacts if necessary

  19. hello…i am new here…will like to know the frequency and satellite name for dstv.. just bought Strong Srt 4922A decoder…and i want to install it myself..pls your reply will be appreciated..thanks…

  20. hi there, just wanted to ask, does the dongle work on the Wiztech 555 or wiztech 222

  21. mine just keeps blinking red. and scrammbled channel. it has never worked. i use mtn, and i did the apn settings

  22. sir pls i need the new G1 account to buy

  23. so were can i get the software

  24. Azure Ibrahim says:

    how do I get ur account for my azsky un Ghana. am in ghana and want to buy by azsky account from you Lemmy.

  25. hi, infact all your support in azsky is all superb. i want a help, i have downloaded apn settings install and even pop up dialogue box for updating but there is some information confusing me i.e Server address, Server port, Dongle account name and Dongle account password. pls help more with clarification in order to open account for my azsky box pls.

  26. s l t l e s a m i s j e s u i s n o u v e a u d a n s l e b l o g j e m ‘ a p p e l l e F r i d o l s h i e t j e r é s i d e a u B e n i n . mo n D é c r y p t e u r A Z S K Y G 1 g p r s n e f a i t p l u s s o r t i e l e s c h a i n e s c a n a l + . e t j n e s a i s p a s s i v o u s m ‘ a i d e r a r e s o u d r e c e p r o b l e me ? mo n ma i l e s t : n u r s j o l i t o@gma i l . c om . me r c i d ‘ a v a n c e . . . .

  27. A-Plus dongle stopped working in Ghana please do you have any solution to that?

  28. Hi Lemmy,my g2 is not working well,anytime i plug it the green light moves to STB at the SAT mode and remains there till u off it again, nothing blinks the only light is the one i mentioned,plz help me solve this,if there is any software to flash de device too i will like it,thanx

  29. Good day lemmy, i sent you a mail regarding the AZSKY G6, but still havent gotten a reply. I will be happy if you can send me details as to how i can get one for myself. My Email is

  30. Dr. Morgan,
    Thanks for this ur humanitarian service. May God bless you. I just learnt of this site today.
    I suspect that this DS*V people have finally caught up with us. Cos for 2days now, all we see is scrambled channel .
    I hope ur response will annull my fears.

  31. Dear Lemmy,

    What can I do to solve the issue on my G1 gprs adapter that the image goes of after some minutes of viewing and would only come up after I must ahave disconnect it from the power source. I goes off again after some minutes and I would still have to repeat the same process of disconnecting and connecting it back to power source to view images.

  32. Pls how can I connect the azsky with the liberty T 1 or T2 pls I need ur help all my friend have it

  33. Nchinda Terence says:

    Thanks sir. you mean i need to crate another acount or paying some money

  34. Dear Lemmy,

    Thanks for your articles here. I have a question to ask you, my G1 shows blinking green light and maybe after 40 Seconds it will turn to blinking red light and back to green without opening any channel. What is the solution to this problem as I have tried all the different sim cards I normally use it without any success. Is it account reactivation or APN problem?

  35. leopold says:

    bonjour maitre, mon g2 s allume et qffiche just enjoy it, et s eteint aussitot, vous avez demande a eddy de flasher avec le firmware.bin, comment on le fait? merci d avance.

  36. bonjour,
    je voulais qu’ont m’aide car les dongle Model: AZSKY G1 on cesse de fonctionner je pense que APN des tous nous reseaux de communication ne le fond pas marche. je suis aux Niger

  37. emmanuel says:

    Pls Dear, which account do i use for expired-Azsky G1+ with only one light instead of two. i tried G1+ account on it but did not work

  38. Lemmy pls where can one get the bin software? And is it for the 4922A?

  39. How am I going to do, to upgrade my Azsky G1?

  40. my azsky g2 only shows “azsky, enjoy it ” and turns off and on. it can’t boot.any help?

  41. I use an srt 4922A strong decoder.I recently subscribed a new service account but my decoder can’t pick my dongle (azsky g1) ..the light blinks normal green n orange when the channel is changed but the channels r still scrambled…any help?

    • having the same problem. .actually my g1 expired and i bought G1+ but to my surprise it refused to play with my 4922A but when i put it in another 4663, 4669 it does play very well and my decoder is original cos i confirmed from strong website with the code and serial no. i ve tried all the software i could lay my hand on but yet it didnt work even took it to a repairer and he comfirmed that nothing is wrong with the decoder. i have to repair my 4663x and thats what am using with the dongle now. my 4922A is just collecting dust here now and i really like the decoder. ( my g1 was playing with the 4922A b4 its expired)

  42. omole tolulope says:

    Is thesame apn loader compatible with G1, G1+, and G2 and even G6

  43. morgan my azsky g1 has stop working what do I do for it to work again i need ur help from Ghana Thnks

  44. Hello Lemmy, pls, can u help in subscribing for avatar?If yes, how much is it?And for how many months will the subscribtion list

  45. Please i want to pay for my azsky subscription. I use G1 adapter. my email- for your help

  46. Hi

    my G1 is not working. the led green blink…

  47. Please i want to pay for my azsky subscription. I use G1 adapter

  48. bro ! i changed the apn for my azky g1 box but its still not working .any new step to step to show me .ty

  49. Please i want to pay for my azsky subscription. I use G1 adapter

  50. sir, after uploading the apn loader where can i find the apn menu?

  51. sir thanks for ur suport, first the apn software at end of ur post is not downloading and secondly, how can i upload it on the my G1 device?

  52. Hello lemmy… For 2dayz now my G1 has stopped working.. It shows green light then the orange light comes up and blinks for some seconds then it goes back to green but it doesn’t change the channel and I’ve tried with Mtn and airtel which I normally use it with but to no avail. Pls I want to know if my account has expired, if yes, how do I reactivate. Thanks

  53. Oluwaseun says:

    Pls I try use APN loader

    it says: Communication Failed, Please check setting!”

    What do I do pls.

  54. God wi bless u 4 all d gud wrk am enjoin mi g1 is wrkin fine.

  55. p/s send me fake srt 4663x and 4663xii software email

  56. @lemmy thanks so much for ur quick reply. Is it possible that my account has expired. If so how do I renew it pls. And which network is working on ur own now

  57. Pls everyone is the azsky 1 still working my have refused to work for 3days now have tried all the sim cards but its blinking normal. Is there anyone experiencing the same?

  58. Pls, do you sell service acct? If yes, how much is it? And how can I get it? You can send the details to my mail if you don’t want to reveal it here. Thanks

  59. slt.cmt tu va?je n’arrive pas a reconfigurer mon adaptater en jutilise moov.j’ai telecharger le charger mais je trouve pas le cable pour conecter l’ordi et l’ j,arrive pas a installer le me semble que ce compatible avc xp et non avc window7.merci

  60. Good day pple, for sam tyme now my g2 behaves funny, when i plug the power cord,the light moves to STB on the SAT option,it doesnt blink but stay on all day, nofing display nofing work and dat is all,wht could be the problem?

  61. Ok, thanks.How do I renew my acct? Can u pls send me a link where I can renew my acct, and how much it will cost.Thanks in advance.

  62. Hi lemmy, I believe my azsky has expired,and I heared I can renew through paying through my serial number, buying another Rs232 cable, or changing the communication IC. I really need to renew pls, what method is the best for renewal, and how can I go about the renewal process?

  63. Prince Kiss says:

    would like to send you mail for you to teach me something.

  64. ibrahim says:

    thanks pls. i need it

  65. ibrahim says:

    this is good

  66. Oga Lemmy, thank you so much for your help. I loaded the apn loader on my g1 and inserted the MTN apn and now my g1 (which had not worked for 3 days, blinking green and orange colours without opening the channels) is working perfectly with airtel and etisalat sim cards. My question now is: HOW DOES ONE KNOW THAT HIS G1 ADAPTER HAS EXPIRED? Because before I loaded the apn loader, I had thought that my G1 had expired.

  67. LEEMAN SAAHA says:

    Kindly provide me the software that allows orton hd receiver to work with the AZSKY.
    Thank You

  68. how do i Activate receiver’s Y4/Twin protocol

  69. Please Oga Lemmy, I tried to load the apn loader with a windows 8 laptop, but I wasn’t able to do that. Could you advise me on what to do? Thanks for your help.

  70. Hi, I’m in Ghana. I use AZ Sky G1+ Quad-Band Adapter. It has been for a few days and then problem. It blinks orange for some seconds and then green. The green light stays on (without blinking) till I’m fed up and put the dongle off. Could u pls help??? What cld this possibly mean? Thanks!

  71. lemmy, pls what are the signs that tells the g1 dongle has expire, secondly i purchase 1 of the azsky g1 dongle n it stopped working after two days, pls any help…

  72. my decorder has twin, gprs and sat protocols.

  73. Hi Lemmy . am from east africa and wish to use the G2 Azsky decorder but am stuck cant encript the channels. Please advice. we have airtel,orange and safaricom networks.

  74. i have dreambox DM500-S and i connect azsky G1. its not working . i want to know how connect azsky g1 and my dreambox DM500 . What settings enabled in the decodeur dreambox DM500 ? please help me thanks !

  75. help ! I want to connect azsky with a decoder dreambox . what settings enabled at the dreambox ??
    how to run azsky with a dreambox

  76. Francis says:

    Gudmorning boss…hope u r doing well…can u plz help me with de manual settings….cos still mine is blinking red nd cannot connect to green.

  77. Lemmy, thank God for people like you. I tried the APN editing software when my channels were continuously breaking and unfortunately things turned for the worse. Now, the channels are not coming at all. I want to know if there is a way of restoring the Azska G1 GPRS to its factory default setting. Will be more than happy to get this problem ressolved. Thank you once again.

  78. Francis says:

    I mean it doesnt connect to de green light…always red.and have tried many sim

  79. Francis zeviah says:

    Man may God bless u with ur good deeds nd knowledge.plz am using azsky g1 nd for about three days now its nt green light flash for some seconds den goes back.i have tried ur loader but still nt from Ghana and plz need ur help

  80. Hi Lemmy, thanks for the good work. the solutions you have suggested to others has always helped me without needing to ask anything. But pls how do i know if my G1 has expired because it has been blinking red for 2 days.

    • you must have used all simcards on it and you must have set mtn as your default apn if you are using g1. if it doesn’t open at all for more than two days with the same sim that has been working on it, then there is problem of account expiry

      • yes, you are correct. I’ve been using both glo and airtel sim on it before. But since 2 day now, non of them has worked. It has continued to blink red.
        Please how do i renew the account? i dont know where to buy, can i buy from you or through you which ever the case may be. Thanks again.

        • maybe through me but that will be on tuesday

          • Hi lemmy, my G1 just came up again. i just noticed the green light blinking so i put on the decoder and TV, its all working. a few channels stopped showing but it does not show scrambled channel. I’m still satisfied tho.
            thanks again for your time and attention. i’ll be in touch again should i need the account renewal.

  81. my az sky g1 has been blink red since on sunday and i just bought it a month ago, i have tried different network,all thesame. Any suggestion?

  82. maxwell says:

    i need ur phone number

  83. joachim says:

    Do I have to insert my simm card before apn change and if soat whattime ? After simm finish booting?

  84. chuckychux says:

    Sir how will i renew my expired aszky G1

  85. I think my azsky has expired, since I have not been able to watch anything since last Saturday. So how do I subscribe to make it work again?


  87. penopere says:

    Good morning sir, u said some g1 has expired. how do we know if my g1 has expired. mine is not showing and wen it show it freezes like hell. have tried all the network apart from glo and the problem is the same. wat can i do. pls i want to know the next step to take. thanks for u expertise. Be blessed

  88. mr lemmy gud morning pls i want to know how to update expired azbox?cos my own is nt working it blinking green and also orange open channel for 10sec.i was told that is already expired pls tell how to update it.thanks???

  89. Mornin mr lemmy hw u doin my azsky is nt working it blinking green but refuse 2 change to orange even when í change channel pls sir what can i do i have downloaded apn setting to it and it still not working it has stop working since last month tnx

  90. Hello Lemmy, I have a couple of questions please.First, I want to know if the reason my azsky has not worked since Saturday is because I used my mtn sim,loaded with bis, which I removed from my blackberry, on my Azsky. I’m thinking maybe the mtn somehow changed the apn, or messed with the azsky somehow.Although my etisalat, my bis mtn sim, and a new mtn sim I just bought no longer descrambles any channel now. My second question is that, if I want to edit my apn, will I just edit for the network I want to use alone, or I can edit for all networks, so that I can put any sim card inside anytime, because one never knows when the network one is using can fail.

  91. Well done for the good work you are doing. Sir please I need your help, I have downloaded the G1 GPRS APN Loader but when I try to run it on my windows7 following your step it refused to install by giving me this message The module “C\Windows\system32\mscomm32.ocx” failed to load. Make sure the binary is stored at the specified path or debug it to check for problems with the binary or dependent .DLL files. The specified module could not be found. That is the result and I don’t know what to do.

    • did you run in administrator mode?, do you have java runtime environment installed on your system?, do you have framework installed?
      confirm the above and try opening it again

  92. Hi Lemmy, just as I asked u 2 days ago, my azsky is still not working o. It just blinks without descrambling any channel( my type of Azsky only has red colour, and when working normally, the red colour blinks)

  93. Underdogg says:

    Hello. I am curious about being able to receive a signal at 61.5w, 72w and 77w. The signal footprint mad covers Nigeria although the signal beam is not intended for Nigeria. EchoStar 15, Nimiq 5 for Dish network in the USA transmit pay Tv and FTA from these satellite locations. I have a very nice tool for android and apple devices called Dish Align that lists all visible satellites and tells you exactly where to point the dish etc. Any insight, advise, suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

  94. samuel says:

    thank you mr lemmy.

  95. samuel says:

    i need your number??

  96. samuel says:

    mr lemmy pls i want u to explain how to set up server settings for gprs apn loader.example server…………..
    login name…………..
    login pass…………..

    pls where can i sign up to get login name and login passwork?????pls reply

  97. for all of you asking for the apn link here is it once again:

  98. pls, my x-man gprs adapter is blinking red every do i go about fixing dis problem.cos its urgent.please

  99. HI MR LEMMY i need ur help on my azsky it blinking green but refuse to change to orange i hav used all sim but is still not working pls what can i do tnx alot i appriciate

    • it should blink which means everything is alright unless there is a problem with g1 in terms of their server been down. before g1 blinks orange, you must have change to another channels and their server is updating to meet the demand of the channel changed to. so it is normal for g1 to continually blinks green without blinking orange if you have not change your channel or their server is not auto updating

  100. My G1 only has red light, it doesn’t have green light at all.When its working normally, the red light blinks, and when there is no network access, the red light will just be on without blinking. Its been blinking since sunday, without descrambling any channel.Its relieving if its a general problem because I thought the g1 might be faulty.

    • point of correction. green light blinks when working but orange light may also blink intermittently while g1 working. red blinking means internet access is not available sir

  101. Hello Lemmy, pls I need ur help. Yesterday, my Azsky g1 adapter didn’t work at all. I use etisalat sim card, and it had been working well before yesterday. Although 2 days ago, while watching a match, the etisalat service wasn’t stable, so I removed my mtn( I subscribed for bis on the mtn) from my blackberry, and put it in the azsky, and I used it to watch the match to the end. Shortly after I finished the match, I put back my etisalat, and it worked for the rest of the day. But I’m now confused bcos both my etisalat and mtn is no longer working since yesterday. Pls help.

  102. Sharon says:

    My Azsky G1 Gprs Dongle has been blinking red light almost 2 days now I have been using MTN SIM card. Now it has stopped working, please help me out.

  103. Hi. Oga lemmy. How do I get the below account settings for my azsky g1 gprs adapter? I bought it from kano, and I stay far from there now.
    Server port:
    Login Name:
    Login password:
    Thank you for the previous reply.

    • read instructions before asking questions. server settings is useless to anyone for now it won’t change anything. all you can modify is apn settings

  104. Sharon says:

    My G1 GPRS adapter has been blinking red light almost 2 days now I have been using MTN SIM card. Now it has stopped working, please help me out.

  105. Edgard Lacle says:

    I have recently acquired an Azsky G2 dongle. In my house I have the DSTV frequencies,Multi TV and
    Nile Sat. I am a complete novice with this new tool. My question is, what do i need to do to configure the dongle to work with my Airtel Sim in Sierra Leone (Freetown). Thank you in advance and for all what you do. Ed

  106. am still having this problem, wht cld b d possible cos why G1 shows steady green light without blinking or opening a channel. initially i thought it was because of mtn i used, i hv changed d apn to airtel n inserted it, it still d same problem.




  108. poundzranty says:

    ples lemmy im in ghana so after i hv finish downloading the g1 apn loader and run on it apart from mtn im using now which simcard shld i use again in ghana?the input settings what shld i put in whiles im in ghana…thankz

  109. anaafkwesi says:

    pls can you send me the link to get latex update for my az sky dongle adapter

  110. Lemmy why does my g1 shows steady green light without opening a channel..thts with mtn and airtel showing red thru out. pls help

  111. Enebeli Fabian says:

    or what do you think i should do with my G2 now?

  112. Enebeli Fabian says:

    also in one of your Article you sed some thing about troubleshooting “How to Troubleshoot Ur Liberty star t1 & t3, Azsky G1 , and Tlink Decoders(To know why yours is not working)” on the solution pert that “make sure you turn on the dongle option in strong” but i still dont understand what how to turn it on or where to tourn it on. i use Azsky G2 and a Strong decoder STR 4669X and an Airtel sim loaded with #400 and 2GB of data on it still it cant work. Please help sir.

    • use a newly purchased airtel sim that has not being used for blackberry subscription. to turn on dongle option it is applicable to g1 follow the part settings>>installations>>options>>dongle

  113. Enebeli Fabian says:

    ok so how can i get the t1 or t3 setup?

    • t1 and t3 is liberty decoders a manufacturer different from g1 and g2 and you cannot edit anything on liberty as of now you can only select APN on liberty. please know what you are doing and always ask about a product before buying it

  114. Enebeli Fabian says:

    Pls this is my second post. i have a new G2 azsky. but still can not set it up with my decoder (Strong 4669X). even wen i connect it with my decoder it still cant work. i connect repeatedly with my dish still it cant work all my channels are still lock. i need your help on how to set it up. how to do the loaded part in G2, how to connect it to my System and do the loaded pert if it is so. also how to make it open all my DSTV, and MYTV channels. i am in Nigeria. delta. 07063966326.

  115. Sir, can i edit my g1 to work with all network? Bcos the airtel i’m using is not working fine. If yes, how do i go about it?

  116. pls help me my AZSKY G1 blinks red, blinks orange then green light stays not blinking on Airtel sim. it’s a new adapter i’m in Nigeria. it says scrambled channel.

  117. in addition, do you mean if someone want to use a USB-RS232 cable on laptop the COM that shld be selected on the azsky g1 apn modem setting shld be COM 2 or 3 and come COM1? does it have any effect if COM 1 is selected?

  118. Well .. here is a notice for those using G1, if you insert ur sim airtel/mtn into an original blackberry phone, then i guess uneed to go get another sim for ur azsky because it will never work again for azsky, black berry has a way of resetting your sim which will work against the Aszky gprs

    this question is for Lemmy, you doing a good job, i will like to know if the airtel apn is :, and username is Web/Wap, pw:web/wap

    will it work fine or messed up…. also i guess mtn is not working in some area even after inputting the apn setting

  119. hi lemmy,
    keep up the good work. I have downloaded the apn loader software but the Rs232 cable cannot fit into that of my laptop or desktop as they have 14 holes and not nine.

  120. i follow the information on the webpage after all its tells me failed check settings . is the apn on the page working or its not or do i need to call my isp for apn .am from GHANA

  121. Osei Yaw says:

    PLEASE i want to know if this APN Loader can work on liberty star decoders? if yes how do i go about it and how can i download it on win7 i need explainations please.

  122. Eclink X5 GPRS dongle support Airtel,Orange,Glo,Tigo,Mtn,Moov,Eutisalat,Celtel,Mascom,Bemobile,Comium,Green…etc. Not need setup APN info,5V-2A adapter,Mini Dish and Rs232 cable.
    And opening HD&SD channel for 117pcs of canalsat 22W,20pcs of Mytv 68.5E and Around 80pcs dstv channel.

  123. Gabriel Edjere says:

    Thanks my lemmy

    I have done that already. I took my box to his house, and used his working sim on my own box but it my box was still blinking green. I took his box to my house and tried it wit his own sim on my own decoder, it work. so the issue is with my own box. please help me

  124. Edjere Gabriel says:

    Thank you Mr. Lemmy for ur response. I was using MTN sim and it work for 2day and started blinking green light but all channels are scrambled. When I put in airtel sim, it was blinking red only. The I use one of the APN loader in the zipped file I downloaded from this page to load in airtel APN and I tried it again but this time, the airtel sim started blinking green but all channels are still scramble. I called a friend and tried my airtel sim in his dongle, it worked perfect but when I tried his sim in my own dongle, it was blinking green and all channels are scrambled. Pls what else can I do to salvage my dongle. Thanks for your help.

    • nothing than for you to take your box to that your friend’s house and try the sim he is presently using to watch his g1 with your g1 and if it works then you know the answer to your question already

  125. Edjere Gabriel says:

    Hello Mr. Lemmy

    Thanks for helping us here.

    Please I want to upload Airtel APN into my AZsky G1 GPRS dongle. I downloaded the APN uploader here from you site and when I tried to use the APN uploader, it was requesting for the following Server setting: (1) Server: (2) Port: (3) Login Name: (4) Login Pass:…. please I dont know what to fill in these server setting tab. please give me more info. Thank you greatly.

  126. Mr lemmy which one is better azsky or liberty… Can u tell me any decoder dat does not make use of sim card like d first one avater?

  127. hi pls what is the apn loader for airtel in ghana

  128. william says:

    kindly help me with vodafone ghana settings. and ca n i use the apn loader to load the settings to my liberty T2?

  129. Hi,lemmy

    I’m from South Africa,and would like to enquire about the azsky g1 dongle and how to set it up?I’m having a bit of difficulty as the dongle only flashes red with my sim card in.I tried another sim card and it only stays red.
    I used the same APN settings for both the Sims but they both having different you know what the settings are,or how else can I get it to work?could you email me the setup for South Africa,please?
    Do you have an email address,so that I could email you?
    Thank you

    • you need to confirm before buying it if it can work in south africa

    • Hi I bought the same thing It will not work its rubbish I paid R660 for mine.I have learnt my lesson I rather go and put dstv lite and get something than waste my time with this toys please return yours mine will be returned today

  130. Good day lemmy morgan, i have little challenge with my azsky G1 connection with strong decoder, i couldn’t locate where dongle is on my strong decoder. please help me out, am waiting for ur respond

    How far about liberty does it’s working bcos, the station are no more showing

  131. Ab Sule says:

    Lemmy my Azsky still wont open any channel, I loaded both apn and server settings of airtel on it and it confirmed it ok but still wont open channels. what can i do?

    • this is not a software update that will make your g1 work again. it is simply a tool to change your apn should in case you travel to any part of the country that doesn’t have the network you were using on it before. and mind you, only airtel and mtn sims are working with azsky g1 and g2 in Nigeria presently if you use an airtel sim and you have bundle on it and its not working, please go and use mtn nigeria or buy a new airtel sim, register it and use it. otherwise something else which i cannot explain is wrong with your own brand of g1 so take it to the person you bought it from

  132. which cable can i use for connecting my az-sky dongle with my laptop computer… and i need the dstv frequency, tp, cordinate for my strong 4922A decoder….thanks

  133. gabby foli quaye says:

    man please i cant download it and i dont know why ?

    • maybe u are using the wrong medium to try and download it. like i said earlier use your pc then extrack it with winrar or winzip. or use ur phone and download it with opera mini browser only then extract it on your computer.

      Finaally you have to click on the file link twice before it start downloading. e.g when you click on it at first, wait it will take you to the download page then click on it again

  134. Thank you… I can’t install the APN loader… I’ve followed the instructions you gave vividly still I can’t install it. I use a windows system as such the installation is not straight forward. I opened the modem settings rar file, unzipped it to my desktop and then I ran the “Command” by administrator afterwhich I double clicked on “install.bat” file…. It says it cannot locate the file. Please what should I do?

  135. Mr. Lemmy thank you for your response…. Just one more thing tho. I guess I can leave the server address, login name and login pass boxes empty and just edit only the APN for each network provider right?

  136. pls lemmy where can i find the down loader

  137. hello Mr. Lemmy thank you for taking your time to write this post….keep up the good work the lord will bless you. The only issue i have with my G1 adapter is that it only works with MTN line and even at that not all the channels are accessible. i beleive with this APN loader ii will be able to edit the APN so i can make use of other sim cards and please must i neccessarily input the server address, login name and pass because i do not have those details since i bought it from someone? thank you

  138. mustapha says:

    mr lemmy i read ur post very well i dont mean to add any account to it all i said is sugesting if that can be posible in future. I hope u get me.

  139. Hello Bros, please nothing is downloading. kindly check, thanks.

  140. mustapha says:

    pls i want to know if i can use a cccam account detail to set it up on AZsky using this APNloader and power it with my sim card, pls will it work.

  141. mustapha says:

    pls i want to know if i can use a cccam account detail to set it up on AZsky using this APNloader and power it with my sim card, pls it work.


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