Are you a lover of good music, movies and lifestyle? Do you care for quality entertainment and information? Is it cartoon or sport that catches your fancy? Now you are in for a swell time. A homegrown company, Continental Satellite Limited (CONSAT), has put all these and more in a bouquet. And it is affordable! Their maximum ubscription is #4000


CONSAT(Continental Satellite) is a new Nigeria pay TV which offers subscriber more interesting world class channel, with foreign and local content on a superb picture quality, with the aim of reducing the high pay to enjoy satellite programs. The only downside for now is the fact that  There is no EPL on Consat tv,however you can enjoy other leagues on Optima sport and Dubai sport

the dish and accessories is N15,000
90cm KU dish
transmitting on Eutelsat 16A at 16.0 degree (the same position with Amos and Daarsat)

They have more than 101 channels which include the followings:

TVC News
BBC World News Africa
Sky News International
Al Jazeera English
Fox News Channel
France 24 English
Bloomberg TV Africa
CNBC Africa
Business TV
Eurosport News
Wap TV
Kennis Music Channel
Primetime Africa
Tiwantiwa TV
Viasat Explorer Africa
Viasat Crime Africa
TVC Entertainment
Iqraa Africa & Europe
Oyo State Broadcasting Corporation
Lagos TV
Ogun State TV
Edo Broadcasting Service
Osun State Broadcasting Corporation
and many more…

subscription plans are…

(1) free to view N1000 per year which will give you access to all the news channels like BBC news, Aljazera news, fox news, sky news and many more

(2) basic ___N999
(3) mini premium___N1999
(4) premium____N3999

Learn all other things you need to know from their official website at:

Dstv days are numbered with such competition, I only pray that consat should be able to add sports channels that will be showing live English premiership matches.


  1. Nice work Sir Lemmy, kindly advice what to do< i have mounted my CONSAT dish just like the others around mine, D|STV and CONSAT and ran the cabling to the back of the decoder, ensured that the parameters are on correct, Dats LNB details as No DisEq; 16.0o E, nd others but still my decoder is still not picking any single channel, it states that the card has expired. i have tried updating th software and it states that there is no software to update, can u tell me what i am getting wrong? Also, i'm i supposed to call CONSAT customer care to activite the decoder, as that's what my friend said could be the problem but i said that since the person who purchased it for me paid for subscription, it should have been activated. thanks…

  2. pls how can 1 get consart free ?

  3. Can I use strong or qsat to track consat TV

  4. besofluck says:

    Hi Lemmy. I want to know how to track 16A eutelsat the new mytv sat. Is it close to DSTV or JoyTV. Is it facing down or up

    • @beso, 16.0e is facing up and East. Please if you are not an installer. I will sincerely advice you not to try tracking any satellite frequency yourself. Please call an installer and pay for his service.

  5. Ericnyambi says:

    Mr Lemmy, pls which wifi adaptor is compatible with
    qsat 11g, can u list them?

  6. can+S, sprt+ cH+ B4u is not showing on q11 & q13 again why

    oga lemmy have i offended u bcos u did not answer my question if i do sorry sir and answer my question

  7. Mr Lemmy, please what should I do to my Aszky? Should I throw it away? cos am tired of seeing it USELESS in my cabinet

  8. Abayomi says:

    Pls Mr Morgan, My Qsat will xpire soon. What can I do?

  9. sir.lemmy. . . .can i get avatacam hd acct 4rm u?

  10. @Darlington……..I so agree with you . This Continental Satellite is suppose to be street satellite because there is nothing in it (na gbangolo satellite. Lol)

  11. sir.lemmy,pls my qsat 11g just got burnt through electricity,is it still repairable?

  12. paeffiong says:

    Kindly drop the frequency and symbol rate for us.

  13. the packages is not ok qsat is still the best I see no need for that yeye consat

  14. This is actually a very good competition against DSTV. Getting channels to show EPL on the Consat platform is an ongoing process which doesnt come overnight. The licence given to DSTV to show EPL hasnt expire yet. Untill then will the competition be stiffer.

  15. kumakech Denis says:

    Hi mr Lemmy greetings.pliz is Dqcam working on q sait 11g?

  16. adeadex55 says:

    Gud day oga lemmy,pls why is q23g not working wifi adapter.bcos all d my conection is ok…and if I change back to 3G modern it wil work…kindy help on dis issue

  17. pls mr lemmy, can u do the house a favor cos i know that majority of the house does not know how to interprete data. i personally doesnt understand their data. so pls educate us.i hv done some research on google about it to no avail. i,ll appreciate if u can help as soon as possible.
    About consat, some chanels like tvc news,tvc ent,kenis music,aljazeera etc are working with strong decoder. itz good anyway.

  18. Chemicool says:

    With my qsat I can watch tvc news, consat info. I have tiwantiwa,eurosports, tvc yoruba, tvc nollywood, infact, all the consat channels. But all of them are not showing. Why?

  19. @Lemmy……… Yes oh I dey tell you (no channel there)

  20. is it available in jos¿?

  21. Morgan gud morning must someone buy their decoder or is it possible to use strong decoder with their smart card

    • @micah I don’t know if strong will work with their smart card. But the fact remains that strong will not likely work with their decoder so you may need to buy their full package

  22. hello mr. lemmy, this my first time of posting on this site and it will be very bad of me not apreciate all I learnt from this site.
    so therefore I say a big “THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS”.
    please I have a little question to ask you. is it possible to track ‘badr4’ with a 60cm dish?. coz I have tried to no aveil. and if no please can u mail me the minimum dish size to my email address thank you.

    I want to start enjoying mbc2 and others. thank you once more

  23. Please this does not worth the effort of reading it, this is because there is no special channel among the listed.

    • @larry you have dubai sports and other sports channels showing matches from other league apart from EPL. YOU ALSO HAVE MANY ENTERTAINMENT CHANNELS. AND MORE CHANNELS ADDDED FREQUENTLY

  24. Oga Lemmy pls help me with my qsat 11g because i was unable to view my favorite station like B4U ,CH O and SS3 very well again and i know it was the problem of my Freq and Symbol rate pls if you know anyone that will be better for me kindly get back to me through my email pls na beg i dey beg you (

  25. How much is qsat account

  26. Can i use strong decoder for consat?

  27. Plz
    let me ask, in Nigeria do u instill watch analog tv channel or move to digital channels.
    b’cos u people are advance.

  28. Thanks for the info broda, i blind scan my Qsat saw all those channels but non of dem is showing just scramble. Anyway thats a good fight for DSTV if consat can meet up their target of the EPL.EPL makes DSTV a big head.

  29. Nothing like DSTV

  30. hi great work u are doing in educating us thanks.
    Pls I have a dove decoder and I want to renew the account can u help thanks .

  31. How can we track it using a strong decoder?

    • @pa_effiong you can track it with a strong decodr, but you can’t watch it using strong decoders. You need to buy their decoder to watch 99.9% of their channels

  32. My guy, there is no channel there @ all; abeg no think am because Joytv even better pass am

  33. Can we turn our dish to Eutelsat 16A at 16.0 degree to open by qsat decoders.

    n if so
    what’s de frequency number
    n symbol rate.

  34. Paeffiong says:


    Can we track this using strong decoders and if yes, what is the frequency and symbol rate

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