Comparison Between Mobile IPTV & Android IPTV Boxes For TV

In this article, we are not directly discussing the stability or otherwise of iptv channels. I am simply going to give a detailed comparison between the two categories or method of using iptv services. The first category is.. using it on Mobile phones or Tablets / phablets, and the second category is when you watch your iptv channels on larger screen like Tv or monitor using android iptv set-top boxes or computers.

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The best answer to this question is that, if you have the means, augment your phone with a dedicated iptv box or receiver or, purchase and android iptv box mainly for your iptv needs. I present to you the following arguments:

  • The argument on convenience: the word IPTV  (has an element of TV which means television) is simply video streaming and most people will agree with me that, you can never compare web browsing or video streaming on a PC or TV to that of a mobile phone or tab. You can conveniently watch iptv on your tv screen with families and friends, you cant do that conveniently with you mobile phone as you will  need to strain your eyes, put pressure on your phone’s processor and endanger your phone’s batteries.
  • Argument of versatility of Android Boxes and some receivers that supports IPTV: While all android iptv boxes can support paid iptv subscription, npot all android smartphones can support paid iptv packages. in fact not all android can run the free iptv apk. On the contrary, a good android box e.g, Ancloud p5, can run all iptv solutions both free and paid. I mean it can run all the Apks on your android phones without issue. A standard android tv box can run Android Apk(Apss).
  • You are more prone to straining your eyes with watching iptv on your computer or phone than you will be watching it television. I mean you can get as far back from your tv as possible without loosing any detail. you need to be reasonably close to your computer or phone to see a clear view. this is also worthy of note.
  • For more convenience, you can switch between different resolutions on your tv or computer in other to suit your viewing and to enhance the picture quality. there is limit to what you can do with some phones without losing some details in your video.
  • You are indirectly shortening the life span of your phone if you are a hardcore gamer on phone, you are addicted to HD video streaming on phone and your phone is not among the ones with the highest specs out there. Issues that can arise as regards to this include; a swollen battery, a hot phone,  a brick phone or a dead phone. So please, if you are consistent with iptv on mobile, start considering getting a android tv box to preserve your phone.
  • Another constrain is your limited ability or inability to access other apps conveniently while streaming live iptv because you do not want your phone to hang or the app to quit while you are busy accessing other apps in the background.
  • Interruption and or distraction from voice call, whatsapp call, imo calls, BBM calls, video calls, sms while you are enjoying your iptv streaming. As you already know, once a call comes through while you are streaming, your internet will cut off or slow down(unless you are using a wifi) and the incoming call will overlap your current session. This doesn’t happen with your television or computer.
  • You also experience interruption from adverts when you are using free mobile iptv apps like mobdro, and sports tv.
  • Risk of computer virus especially malware or adware are more common on those using iptv on their phones compare to those using it on tv unless you install the same malicious apk on your android tv. even at that, it cannot tak total control of your android iptv box same way it can take control of your phone
  • You cannot compare the convenience and picture quality of connecting your decoder / computer / android iptv directly to your tv with what you will experience when you connect your phone to your tv.


The only one mobile iptv have over android boxes or computers iptv is:

Emergency needs and mobility: I mean, you can quickly watch some highlights anywhere you go as ling as you are connected to the internet and you can carry your mobile phone with you anywhere you go.



I do watch offline video playback on my phones, but i hardly bank on watching live iptv on my phone because its extremely inconvenient for me. I however, watch live iptv on my ancloud p5 most of the time infact anytime i have the dat at hat is enough for it. My recommendation will be: have the two(in fact almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays) but if you want to but a device basically for iptv, buy an Android iptv dedicated box like Ancloud p5 or the likes. If it is going to be iptv on phone for you all the way; you need to be careful with your usage.


  1. kingsley says:

    Lemmy pls can I subscrib for IPTV box bcos I already have one pls

  2. @sadiki as d boss ve rightly said its possible but u need a smartphone DAT ve castscreem and a smart TV DAT ve mircast function or ur smartphone will ve AV out and u connect to ur TV Av in,while d former is wireless.

  3. Ahumaraezemma says:

    @Prince,please which model of qsat are you using?I use Q26g.Please reply,thanks.

  4. prince 0234575527 says:

    I can confirm that Qsat is working watch TOT vrs WBA. On canal sports, 2 and stability was very ?

  5. @Lemmy pls help me, my Q-sat (Q23) connect to server and later show me the remaining days left, after some few seconds it will reconnect to server again and show the remaining days and it will keep doing that continuously, any solution to my problem? thanks

  6. Eii this iptv data and network problems , not easy oo, hmmm africa

  7. Lemmy you are so bost about this Android don’t you know all criteria that behind this box since a+, AZ stop working have been watching live matches on my phone have tried all network none is stable to watch iptv when i compare consumption of phone is far better than box box consume 800mb while phone consume 300mb and there is no better subscription to watch iptv i won’t lie to you if i should use #1200 for match on box is better to go to viewing center to watch all over the country we have poor network well i watch my ball on TV from phone Tru chromecast

    • @emmynol: you subjective with your comment. While you have it difficult just like me to get huge data at a cheap rate, we have 1000s of Africans who have good internet that are wasting away. Secondly, not everyone loves viewing center boss. As for your final comments, yes you can watch your TV content on TV.

  8. Donjp,if u have a solution kindly drop it.

  9. I just want to bring the good news that u can now track sport24 mtn worldwide wit a 1m dish. Those that’s abandon their 1m dish should make use of the opportunity and start enjoying sport24. It require some trick

  10. Sori. Itz stil d old way. Pls reverse it @Lemmy. This my comment is supposed to be at the bottom. That’s the way i like it.

  11. Yes i like the way u drop our comments now than before. First ones first at the top, last ones last at the bottom. Thanks.

  12. muhammed says:

    nice work

  13. nnachi404 says:

    tell we africans how we can watch tv with small money not this ur iptv off a thing. to get data na wahala come add paid apk haaa please help ur brothers biko .what u should be tell us is how we can use 1m dish with jack so that the few free sat tv here an there we can watch them without have 3 to 4 dish on our homes thanks no vex biko

  14. Ahumaraezemma says:

    Good evening mr Lemmy,please I read earlier today that qsat is welcoming to sever ,mine isn’t as I write .I use q26g.I use USB Modem yet no avail.Please what else will I do.

  15. Mstar, ss2,mact,bbc, Sony are currently showing on q sat

  16. Mstar, ss2,mact,bbc are currently showing on q sat

  17. pls me wit me a link to download 1.94 powervu software for 4922A

  18. pls me 1.94software powervu for 4922A to download

  19. Please how much does the anclond p5 I would like to get one please drop me a line

  20. Hi Lemmy Can u please advice us on the iptv in qsat.can we add more channels?

  21. Good morning house especially our administrator, LEMMYMORGAN.
    My Qsat 23 has welcome to server this morning and the good news is that the CANAL part is blazing like never before.
    No channel on dst… part is working. Please, anyone who has seen channels on dst… part working should update the house.

  22. Please Mr. Morgan, what about the IPTV feature on the Q_SAT dongles? Is there anyway it can be used or they just there for the beauty of it? I wish to get android iptv boxes but there are no agents in Ghana here that i know sells them.

  23. My qsat welcomed to server this morning after some days but only mact is displaying pictures with poor stability. are there other working channels? @ oga Lemmy nice piece but our problem is that data is very expensive and iptv consumes a lot of data. I am looking forward to the time where 10 gigabytes will be sold for #1000 by our service providers

  24. my question is that can one transfer what ever he is watching live on IPTV from his phone to a tv screen for a better and convenient reception? if yes, how?

  25. Which one is cheaper, mobile or the box

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