Combo Ccccam Account Now Available to Open At Most 5 Packages

Welcome to another informative post on LM. It has been a while since a new post was published on this site. This is partially due to the fact that other more demanding commitments needed to be attended to once in a while. And since there is no co-author here, new articles are published only when am mentally and physically available. That being said, Let me go straight to the business of the day.

Multiple cccam accounts


The is a new account out there that is capable of channels from 5 different satellite packages. To be honest, only two of the channels are new.Others have always been available prior to this time. The channels being opened by this cccam are as follows:

  • It opens tvsat on Eutelsat 16e 12603 H 30000(already existed on on cccam before now)
  • It opens my-tv Africa Channels on Eutelsat 16E : 12522 V 3000(existed on qsat spycam but new on cccam)
  • It opens seasat / seaafrica on Eutelsat 16e: blindscan your decoder to get it(New on any iks account)
  • Hotbird 13e: This has existed for many years more than 7 years with a major constraint which ranges from big dish requirements or lack of signal in many african countries irrespective of the size of dish.
  • Hipasat 30w ku: came into existence as an iks solution a few months ago. it also requires a huge dish


  1. Tip 1. Nobody jumps into buying a hotbird account or buying device that can open hotbird fta channels without having the required big dish or without first confirming if he can even receive the signal in his location in the first place. For instant, in Nigeria, you require a minimum of 2.6meter or 3meter dish to get anything meaningful on hotbird. I mean 3meter dish will get far lesser than a four-meter dish. We also know that  space is not easy to come by at all. So please beware and do a grounded research if you want to venture into Hotbird, otherwise, you will waste your money buying the account. I mean, consult with your local satellite installer to know if you have a chance of receiving Hotbird channels in your location after you might have met other requirements such as; Space, Money to buy such a huge dish. I will also suggest you go for the biggest possible if you can
  2. Tip 2. As for Hipasat, every prerequisite that applies to Hotbird, also applies to Hipasat. The only diffrence is that looking at the histrory of the two, Hotbird is more reliable and hs more 100% fta channels than hipsat. hipasat in Nigeria requires even a bigger dish like 3.6m to get anything meaningful
  3. If you do not know how to load a cccam or the decoders that can load a cccam account, please search or use if your decoder configuration cannot be gotten here
  4. Final Tip; Mytv, seasat, tvsat are  on the same position on Eutelsat 16e. The three channels combine together can use a small dish of between 60cm to 90cm in Africa.


It can be heartbreaking but there is one bitter truth in what am about to say. Mytv, tvsat and seaafrica has no channels that can show live soccer. I mean you cannot watch epl, ucl, laliga, seria, fa cup, bundesliga or any major league on the 3 packages combined  together. As for Hotbird and hipasat, yes you can watch soccer on either of them, However, that is only after you must have met the huge dish and signal requirements. So please chose wisely, do not jump to buy what you do not know or what you cannot use. I repeat, mytv, tvsat or seasat can be used by virtually everyone who has between 60cm to 90cm dish but if you want sports, then you won’t get it. I will leave you with my usual subscription and disclaimer that you can read up here: What you must consider before you use any unofficial satellite package


  1. Pls. Mr. Lemmy if this account is still active, how much & your details

  2. Bello Muhammad says:

    Yes with 2.4 dish you get over 100 channels of hot bird in sokoto

  3. andrew moses says:

    pls mr lemmy can i
    use 1meter dish ,
    2catch kewese
    sport tv channel?
    if yes pls can i also
    use l nb on it or

    October 27, 2016 at 7:12 am
    mr lemmy pls is there any free to air freguency where i can get international news channels like bbc, cnn or aljazeera? ku band pls

    Track ses5°east with 11900v27500 for DW from Germany and France24 English

  5. andrew moses says:

    pls mr lemmy can i use 1meter dish , 2catch kewese sport tv channel? if yes pls can i also use l nb on it or cband?

  6. sports 24 has grown wings can we catch it again?

  7. Pis Mr lemme I have 3meter dish can I get frequency for hotbed and hispasat

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  9. could someone confirm if multi tv channels are still on. because mine is showing no signal.

  10. plz Lemmy can the new star time combo decoder telecast UCL,liga and EPL, your comment will be appreciated cos am about to buy one but I need your info abt it. thanks

  11. andrew moses says:

    pls mr lemmy how much hs the account , i need it pls

  12. pls can someone help me with auto roll software for strong decoder SRT 4950h for me to open sports24 HD

  13. we hope to the restoration of dqcam

  14. Lemmy, does iptv on qsat still works

  15. andrew moses says:

    pls mr lemmy pls link me 2 were i can inbox u 2 ur email? I want 2 knw the price of the combo ccccam acount/ i dont knw were i can inbox u to ur email

  16. please do you have any software that can be used to upgrade my speedhds1 before i can load my combo cccam account into it..

  17. mr lemmy pls is there any free to air freguency where i can get international news channels like bbc, cnn or aljazeera? ku band pls

  18. how much is cccam account and qsat account

  19. For watch mytv, tvsat etc at 16east1
    I guess u said is working fine

  20. Yes the cccam that enable one to watch both my tv & tvsat on eutelsat 16e. Thanks

  21. David Kaku Kumi says:

    Thank LM so what should I do with my qsat13g

  22. Gilbert kayuni says:

    Lemmy i have problem with my q23g is not boting when i plug to power is showing in zambia
    please help me to recaver my decoder.

  23. Please lemmy, can i get hotbird in sokoto with 2.4m and how many channel can i get with it

  24. please i will like to know the actual price of ccam account for all the package on 16e. [mytv, tvsat etc]

  25. Pls Lemmy do you still have qsat account available?

  26. Shabale gombe says:

    The price of cccam

  27. Mr lemmy, please which English channels this opens on 9e presently? Thanks.

  28. Dear Lemmy. I would like to know the price of the above cccam subscription and the adress on wich i can send the money and if it is with western union or other?

  29. Hi Mr Lemmy, i want to know if this combo cccam stops working on for example 16e, what about hotbird and hispasat? They also stop or what?

  30. please how can i track the two satellite in one dish is it by one lnb or different two lnb? if is two which one will be a primary focus thank u

    • @Sunny it is easier with two lnb, They are all on the same position so you can receive with one dish and at least two lnb. If you are highly skilled you can receive them with one lnb. By and large, please call your local satellite installer for help

  31. @Lemmy thanks for the update. But if this Cccam can work on speedHD then why did you tag it Combo Cccam?

  32. Good work Mr. Lemmy, pls can I load that account on my qsat23 to watch MyTv?

    One more thing, are you still doing your bonanza on Gsky?

    thank you and God bless you

  33. Lemmy, can it open channels on 9 degree east?

  34. Good morning Mr Morgan, pls hotbed how many dish size can we use in Ghana

  35. please can i load this ccam account into my speedhds1?

  36. Hi mr lemmy, I have a problem on my qsat 28, i was traying to upgrade the software for autoroll unfortunately i press the wrong button before i select the software it started to upgrade the bin file at the end the decoder now show only qsat28 on the dispay of tv, so what can i do sir to wakeup my decoder for that situation, sory for any inconvinience, have a great day.

  37. Thanks Oga Lemmy. I need for zap cccam account.

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