Clear Google Account On an Android phone Without a Reset

For all new and existing android users, we are aware of the fact that when you are setting up your android phone for first use or after a reset, you will be asked to enter an email which will serve as your primary email. However, for one reason or the other, you may want to change your android phone’s email /account. In my own case, I wanted to replace the email with the new one I just opened. Unfortunately, whenever you attempt to remove your account, you will receive something similar to the following messages on your phone’s screen “removing the account will delete all of its messages, contacts and other data from the device. Continue?”  

google account for android

Now some of the following reasons are genuine reasons why you may want to change or replace a particular email on an android phone.

  • Maybe your email has been compromised and you are afraid of even recovering it.
  • Maybe you downloaded an app mistakenly that is using your email to cause problems for your phone
  • You used your email to set up a phone and you want your email back
  • You may even want to use your android phone without a google account
  • Your google play store app is giving you problems.
  • One or more of your apps that requires google account to work is given you problems
  • You discovered that your data especially your contacts /messages is found on the phone that is using your email
  • You discovered that you need to look for the person who helped you set up your android phone anytime you want to download apps from playstore because that person used his  / her email to set up your phone.

If any of the above is the case with you, my recommendation will help you. Before that, I will mention some imperatives of Android users:


Not only android users. Every smartphone users should observe the followings so as to make live easier in case of eventualities

  • You must not depend solely on cloud storage. In fact, I rarely use it.
  • You need to always do a regular and periodic backup of your phone using the Pc software designed for that purpose. E.g older smasung uses, kies. Newer Samsung uses smartswitch.Please search and locate the pc software for your own phone.
  • Try to always use external drives and third party /inbuilt app to backup your data offline. In my case, I always use my external harddisk for my huge raw files on my android.


Method 1(Most Recommended): Use your phone’s suite to do a complete backup before you attempt this. Being an android fanboy, I currently use Samsung SmartSuite and it does a good job backing up everything fully including contacts settings, themes… once you have done the full backup, go through the following process: “Settings” and select “Applications.”Touch “Manage applications” and select the “All” tab. Touch “Google Apps” and click “Clear data.”Click “OK” on the confirmation screen. Repeat for “Clear cache.”Press the “Back” button and touch “Gmail.”Touch “Clear data” and select “OK.” Repeat for “Clear cache.” In fact, make sure you clear cache and data for everything associated with google under your phone’s app list. Return to the Settings menu and touch “Data synchronisation.” You will be prompted to enter a new email. You are good to go. After changing the email successfully, and you discover that something is missing, just restore same with the pc suite you have used i backing your phone up earlier.

METHOD 2(Works fine when you have most of your apps or file downloaded offline or): 

The two most important files on my phones are my contacts and messages. I take my time to do both offline(backing up using suite and copying to drives) and online backup of my contacts(using google drives). If same applies to you, you can do the following:

“Settings” and select “Applications.”

Touch “Manage applications” and select the “All” tab.

Touch “Google Apps” and click “Clear data.”

Click “OK” on the confirmation screen. Repeat for “Clear cache.”

Press the “Back” button and touch “Gmail.”

Touch “Clear data” and select “OK.” Repeat for “Clear cache.”

Return to the Settings menu and touch “Data synchronization.”

Method 3(only work for rooted androids):

   The third option works very well but it does only work on rooted android phones. The steps is as follows: For this to work your phone need to be rooted and you need to download an android apk known as root explorer

Step 1: Open Root Explorer using a File Manager app on your android phone.

Step 2: Now, go to data/system folder and search for “accounts.db” file.

Step 3: Now, permanently delete the “accounts.db” file.

delete google account using root

Step 4: If you could not find account.db file, then go to /data/system/sync directory and search for “accounts.xml” file.

Step 5: Now, permanently delete the “accounts.xml” file.

NOTE: Make sure you open the data folder within your android’s root or primary location. You will not find the system folder within the data folder of your android’s external SD card memory.

That’s it. You’re done. You have successfully removed Google Account From Android Without Factory Reset.


  1. Plz Boss, do u have someone u can link me with so that he will work on it for me?

  2. sir wat I mean is that I bought it from someone I didn’t know the Iclouds is locked bcos I don’t know inside about iPhone, only to realize the Iclouds is lock now I can’t trace the one i bought it from,and i now want to know other there is a way out?

    • @kadir : software engineers may help you. But it’s an expensive task though

    • Please,what version of firmware your iPhone is currently using, and what model?.
      For ios 7.1.2,I can provide you tools that can unlock it only if it stocked on iPhone is disable,lost mode and passcode screen.

  3. Please, is champion TV which is on yamal 402 back in action.?

  4. sir i bought it from someone like that don’t have any of its documents, don’t know if it can still be worked on?

  5. good evening Mr lemmy, plz I have an iPhone which Iclouds has been lock can it be unlocke?

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