10 high-end, quality, cheaper alternatives to Samsung, Sony & Htc phones

Even though am a fan of one of the brand names mobile phone manufacturer(specifically Samsung even though have use sony, LG and htc at one point all the other). I still gie maximum respect to those Chinese guys who have made life bearable to everyone out there who either can not afford and expensive phone or who considers and expensive phone unnecessary. Were I not to be a tech-blogger, I wouldn't have cared about brand-name phones. Android would … [Read more...]

How to Get the best picture quality for your 4k/led/ lcd HDTV

I have been in a situation whereby I saw a very wack picture quality from a television that cost about#400,000 $1000+ compare to the ones that cost $500 or less. Funny enough, what make the difference was not because of the brand name, it was actually due to the picture settings(you can also call it colour calibration. In this article, I will give you valuable clues that can enable you to get the most accurate picture quality on your LCD tv … [Read more...]

Four most important news from Facebook’s developers conference F8

The annual F8 always gives a good outlook on the company focus of Facebook in the next twelve months. The presentations by Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues showed that the social network is specialised in three topics: Virtual Reality (VR), the expansion of the Facebook Messenger to the platform and the bots. 1. Facebook Spaces With FacebookSpaces, Facebook has now launched a VR app. Currently, the application is available in the beta … [Read more...]

Anti Theft Devices to protect your car- How you can choose the best

The topic for discussion today coils down to car theft and how to minimise it. My special focus is on attempt to steal your car when you are not around. This will not work against snatching of cars at gunpoint. However, you can retrieve even a car snatched at gunpoint once you have the necessary security facilities installed before the theft. There also situation whereby some places are more secure than the others. For example in the … [Read more...]

7 Features you must look out for before buying any Android TV Media box

The rave of the moment is media sticks and media boxes. The world over, people are streaming video contents from their television via either iptv sticks or boxes. In the USA we have very popular iptv boxes like Amazon fire stick, roku stick, richino, nexsmart,  and so on.  However, in today's article, I will be talking about the features(mainly hardware) you should look out for before buying any Android tv box. This article has nothing to do with … [Read more...]