How to make money as a vehicle diagnosis expert-With little startup capital

In some big cities, you will be charged between #5,000 to #15,000 to diagnose a vehicle. This depends on the personal offering the service and the vehicle concern. The newer the vehicle, the higher the charges. The bigger the city, the higher the price as well. I picked special interest in finding solutions to a vehicle's problem using an electronic device when a friend who is like a brother wasted a huge amount of money trying to solve an Auto … [Read more...]

Comparison between a plasma, lcd, led, oled and Qled televisions

I am of the habit of researching every bit of an electronic device before recommending or making purchases. In one of my earlier articles, I talked about television based on their resolutions /  such as vga, hd, fhd, qhd and 4k. TodayI shall be discussing in details various television display technology that we have. My focus shall be on LED, plasma, oled and qled. Buying a television may be influenced by your personal preference, image or taste. … [Read more...]

What to look out for before creating your Online shopping platform-Top 5 (foreign web designers)

This article is not to discredit local web designers. In fact, this site was built by a web guru of a friend and there is hardly any designer that he is incapable of implementing to near perfection. What this article will be treating is what to consider before launching or build online stores and details of the best site constructors online. Today, online stores - one of the most popular forms of business activities. They have a whole list of … [Read more...]


No matter the angle at which you are looking at this, it is well worth it. We all know that these people are the satellite pay-TV giant in Africa. We tend to work our ways around them or dance to their tunes. Seriously, this their promo is worth it from whichever way you look at it. You can call it a respite to cushion the effects of the May 1st increase in the prices of their bouquets, you can as well say it's a ploy to encourage people to keep … [Read more...]

Portable / Mobile Vs split Airconditioning system – Types and usage

I will adopt two approaches, One will be a general guide while the other will be focused on African and every other continent with hot temperature. Generally, a fully featured air conditioning system is capable of dehumidifying, blowing cool air or blown hot are into the enclosed atmosphere where it is being used. The question that now begs for an answer is: What are the various types of A/C that we have, which one is best for my … [Read more...]