Solutions to Samsung galaxy s6/s7 problems[Software & hardware]

This article will address issues that bother on how to solve Samsung Galaxy microphone problems. If the instructs that will be provided are followed judiciously, it can also help to solve the problems on any Android device. The problem of a microphone on any smartphone may be either software or hardware related. I am a living victim of a microphone that goes bad due to a software a software glitch. In today's article, I shall not only tell you … [Read more...]

Why Satellite broadcast pirates are being prosecuted – 3 Popular cases

Before now, I think Nigeria is the most notorious African country. Many of us believe  Nigeria is the home where piracy activities thrive most in the world. Broadcast piracy is not peculiar to Nigeria, in fact, we do not have those who are doing the hac*king here in Nigeria. Broadcast pirates hunting has always been on the agenda of every successful pay-TV company. Nigeria serves merely as a redistribution centres to certain pirated broadcast … [Read more...]

About intellectual property, meaning and protection

I want to discuss a topic that is very confusing to many people out there. This is a subject of discussion that individuals give various definition to suit our needs. It has different interpretations by different people.      According to the definition by, intellectual property refers to creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce. IP is protected in … [Read more...]

13 Clean & cheap alternatives to cable and satellite TV – Universal application

These lists are mainly tailored for users in the USA. However, with the help of a VPN, this can easily be used globally. The post is credited to clarkscondensed. There are at least 12 alternative 12 service packages to satellite tv as you will find out and all of them are 100% legal. As you will find out most of them are paid.   Alternatives to Satellite and Cable Television   Crackle WatchESPN PlayOn Sling TV … [Read more...]

A – Z of what you need to know about VR / AR technology

In this article, you shall be presented with the opportunity to learn everything about VR and AR. It's definition, history, uses, implications, supported devices. If you are a graphically -inclined person or you just love updating your knowledge of technology like me, you will find this article extremely useful.   What's VR and AR?      Virtual reality can be defined as the world transmitted to man through his senses: sight, … [Read more...]