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Even though this is a sponsored post, I will add my little contribution based on my knowledge and experience in this field being an adult myself. Samsu oil is about the man, Samsu oil is about extended/ prolonged ejaculation, samsu oil is all about my brothers out there who has a hypersensitive organ that is so active to the extent of ejaculating even before the action begins.  Now let me break it down: Must read: how to use samsu oil Must … [Read more...]

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What I am bringing to you today is no magic. it is clean and clear even from the get go. There is no wiping of data or fear of speed throttling. You can use your airtime to do whatever you want like; calling, sending sms, making video calls, subscribing to data, buying other Etisalat services and so on. Unlike the magical(too good to be sustainable etisalat) data share has issues of data wiping intermittently, this is like a normal Etisalat … [Read more...]

[App Review]VyprVPN-The best multi-platform / Multi-features VPN Client

I do not review any product without carefully testing it. Have you wondered why you have been denied access to visit some sites? Have you been traced and monitored in the past by hackers and identity theft?, Have you been attempting to stream videos from some particular site and you were geo-blocked or denied access? Have you been a victim of scam sites, infected sites and the likes due to a fault that is not yours?. Well, am so happy to tell you … [Read more...]

Foreign websites where you can earn clean money on the internet

There are a lot of legit ways of making money online from the comfort of your home. However, the majority of this methods are time-consuming. The article you are about to read today will talk about selected foreign websites where you can make cool cash reading emails, completing surveys, creating opnions and loads of other things. Some of this sties are accessible only to US residents so take note. You need to devote your time towards this before … [Read more...]

Samsu Oil now back on the shelves in Ghana-Place your order now!!

After being out of stock in Ghana for some weeks due to logistic issues, samsu oil is fully back on the shelves. Some large quantities have been sent to my Ghana agent. All my Ghanian clients and prospective clients can now contact me for how to get this product in Ghana. As explained earlier, the location of my client is in Accra, however, if you are outside Accra, you can still call to make arrangement on how to get it across to you. WHAT … [Read more...]