Emergency Update on Startimes / Powervu Keys & FTA Channels

This update will reflect on three key areas. I mean two major areas and one minor one. I will be as brief as possible with my delivery here and i want you all to know that 2 out of the three occurrences that am going to be discussing here are unpredictable and be can be ephemeral i mean the FTA stuffs and the powervu keys can be highly short-lived. However, the startimes cccam updated channels is a welcome development that will last the … [Read more...]


The between Gsky V6 and Gsky v5 in terms of harware composition is very very huge. However, software-wise, the distinctions is slim. But do not let us be oblivious of the fact that often at times hardware is a function of software. They need each other. that is why a phone with with 3gb ram will perform more task simultaneously than a phone with 750mb ram. I want to use this medium to announce to you my readers that you can now buy gsky v5from me … [Read more...]

GSKY V7 HD– AKA Hellobox – Best DVB-S2 Receiver with PowerVu Auto-roll for America

The decoder am about reviewing here is manufactured by Gsky team and it is tagged V7 Hellobox. This decoder has all the features of a standard iks / fta / iptv decoder but it Only auto roll countless powervu channels for America(specifically southern and northern America) more than 120TPs from North America and South America satellites already auto-roll well on V7. So if you are reading this from south or north America or you have someone there … [Read more...]

How to Revive A Dead/Brick GSKY V5 HD through RS-232 pc tool

In my earlier article, i talked about how you can revive a dead gsky v6 or v7. You can get the article here. without mincing words let us go to the business of the day which is how to revive a dead Gsky V5. This is the method you will use if you v5 dies as a result of power failure during usb upgrade. 1.Download GSKY RS232 upgrade tool.you can download at here: Use RS232 cable to connect GSKY V5 HD and PC.The RS232 cable is cross … [Read more...]

How to Revive A Bricked GSKY V6/V7 through RS232 pc Loader

Am still proud to say that the only two products that i have thrown my full weight an supports on are still top of the charts in terms of performance. Am talking about Ancloud p5 / Homlive iptv code for premium iptv solutions  and Gsky series for powervu solutions. These are the only products that i Can say one or two things about their future. Now to the business of the day. In this article, i shall be dishing out a pictorial tutorial on how to … [Read more...]