How to solve signal loss on Qsat while tracking Nigcomsat channels

What a frustrating past seven days. I can't seem to imagine why some hosting provider,s can just choose to frustrate their clients. You pay heavily for a web host and you got hurt by them even without notice. Thank God I am back to fight another day. I sometimes think this kind of issues has connections with the big movers and shakers of satellite tv in Africa. It is their world against mine and since they cannot get me legally, who knows maybe … [Read more...]

[Explained] Difference between FTA decoder & satellite company branded decoders

Ordinarily, this post should not be a subject for debate. However, lemmy morgan's followers consist of both the geeks and the newbies. Consequently, I have taken it upon myself to explain this for the benefits of my inexperience readers(I mean those who have little experience on sat). This topic will centre on limiting satellite providers decoders. Why do satellite service providers limit the functionalities of their decoders? Especially … [Read more...]

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How to Track Nigcomsat & 3 other satellites on a 90cm Dish

This post will consist of both tutorials and exposition. Tracking a satellite dish can be so much joy as well as huge frustration. The honest truth is that we have many installers in Africa. We have few professional installers and we have extremely few innovative and creative installers. I will bring to your awareness some outstanding or let me say best Nigerian satellite installers. Closely related: how to track 16e(new mytv), Dstv(36e), … [Read more...]

[LM]Sports season updates on satellite tv, Fta and others-Aug 2017

I know that all you wonderful true followers of lemmy Morgan have been on standby for this updates. You are the reason why am still doing this. You are the reason why I will continue trying to post about latest and trending news and tutorials about satellite tv. August 2017 soccer season updates are the topic. A lot has happened in the pre-season. We have also witnessed a shocking transfer(talking about Neymar Jr move to PSG for €220). The … [Read more...]

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Turn WhatsApp Into a private store for your documents & notes

WhatsApp is a fantastic messaging app for staying in touch with family and friends as well as business contacts. It is super-fast, works on nearly all phones (including desktop computers) and Facebook has no plans to charge WhatsApp users. I will give an important  WhatsApp media storage trick here today. This trick will be beneficial to everyone who sends the same set of files frequently. Related: cleverconnectivity- The best free Android App … [Read more...]