List of Working Boxes & Decoders that Opens DSTV, NSS, MYTV e.t.c Year 2013

Before i start on this article i will like to tell you that you need to read som of my other articles specific to some certain decoders so that you will have a better understanding of the who thing.   This article will only summarize the decoders / dongles that are working with various satellites in africa to watch pay tv. E.g you will pay a certain amount to the manufacturers of this decoders yearly(e.g or evry six months (e.g … [Read more...]

Guidelines To Choosing the Best Satellite Providers / Dongle /Cccam Decoders For Your Need

     This article will serve as a guide to choose the satellite service provider's package that best suite your satellite viewing needs. Secondly, with this guide, you will be able to choose the best internet / cccam decoder that best suite your need. This post is 95% relevant to africans only. and the decoders and the satellite service providers that we shall be considering here are Dstv Multichoice Africa and MyTv Africa only. However i have … [Read more...]

List of Best Standalone Decoders (HD & SD) To Be Used With Cccam Accounts

      In this article, i shall be walking you through the list of the most stable and the most reliable, competent and durable standalone decoders that you can use to view HD and SD Satellite Channels via a cccam account / server. This article is not designed to tutor you on how to enable cccam because this has already been treated. For the tutorial on strong decoders, read here and if you are looking for how to do … [Read more...]

About G1 GPRS dongle G1 adapter For Afrrica (the cheapest and most reliable Internet Dongle)

    You all know that in this blog all i do is to bring detailed first hand information to you on reliable satellite television, free to air and internet decoders. I dont normally discuss about dongles as that has been taken care of in my web forum. But today am happy to announce that (after careful research though) their is a new dongle but this time around, it is an internet dongle or call it adapter meaning it can be used as a dongle but you … [Read more...]


For the technologically inclined in africa you will be conversant with the term Dstv Multichoice DRIFTA .Now with the DSTV Drifta, you can watch your premium dstv channels on the go on major smartphones like android, nokia, apple iphone and Now the list include Blackberry smartphones. Item Description: *** Please read the FULL Description BEFORE downloading this application!! *** The Drifta viewer for BlackBerry application allows users to … [Read more...]