Azsky G6 DVB-S2 / MPEG-4 GPRS Combo Decoder/ Receiver for africa

You all know that on this blog, i try my best to enlighten people on latest development on Satellite products for Africa. And as of today, the name Azsky is a household name. In case you don't know the chinese company with the brandname azsky, are the manufacturers of Xman, Xtrem, G1, G1+ G2 and now the latest of their release is G6 . Azsky G6 is a Dvb-s2 HD Gprs Combo Receiver. This receiver add some major improvements over its predecessor the … [Read more...]

Resurrection of dongles Without Simcard Slot Srt5000, Avatar 2 and fta 007 (Opens more channels than Gprs Dongles)

I tag this article resurrection of dongles that do not require an internet connection or a simcard in other to open scrambled channels. Most of us here still have a relics of avatar 2 dongle with Malagasy server. And in my opinion, it still remains the cheapest means and the most convenient ways of watching encrypted channels. However, since Ds*v struck in January / February, avatar 2 (paired), avatar 2 (with changed IC), fta 007 and srt5000 went … [Read more...]

About A+ A plus Gprs Dongle / Adapter for Africa (Nigeria ,Ghana)

When i review any satellite product or device, i do so conscientiously and meticulously and i simply compare them with the existing similar products. As as today, the most popular and most secure internet dongle is azsky g1 or g1+. However that doesn't make g1 the best out there although it is having an edge of now been able to be renewed after 6months. The new product am review here is called A+ (Aplus) gprs dongle and what i will simply point … [Read more...]