Two Ways In Which You Can Revive Your Fried / Dead Fake Strong Decoder

This post is due to popular demand and that is why it is having a title of its own. Now we have a whole lot of fake strong decoders which of course is mostly due to the fact that most people either don't buy their satellite products from trusted dealers or they don't know how to detect if a particular strong product is fake or not(something that can be easily checked on strong website here). Or in most rare situation, some people purposely buy … [Read more...]

How to Troubleshoot Ur Liberty star t1 & t3, Azsky G1 , and Tlink Decoders(To know why yours is not working)

     I really wish i will be comprehensive and exhaustive enough to cover this topic. However i will try my best as usual. The issue of this box is working while that one ain't working is now getting to an alarming rate to the extent that people are commenting everywhere. So what am going to simply focus on is liberty star t1 and t3 decoders problems and troubleshooting in Nigeria and ghana. Then troubleshooting azsky g1 gprs dongle in … [Read more...]

A Satellite Package with a Dish or the One Without a Dish Which Should you Buy?

    I have people asking all sorts of questions when a decoder is launched, the most baffling of those questions happen to be the inability of some people to distinguish between a satellite decoder /  receiver that uses an external dish and a satellite decoder that doesn't use or doesn't require a dish installation but rather make use of a mast or external antenna. In this post i shall be shedding light to some questions such as "which … [Read more...]

How to Get Back Nigerian Channels like Ait, Channels STV e.t.c As Free to Air Channels On Your Decoders (Via Daarsat)

Are you one those people tired of the currently erratic nature of Liberty t1 and similar decoder? Are you seriously missing nigeria channels that suddenly disappeared on DSTV multichoice africa? Or are you just in need of a sport music or entertainment channels that offers live programs. Well am here to offer you yet another good news. Your beloved Nigeria stations that once disappeared on dstv, tlink, liberty, g1 has found a resting place in a … [Read more...]

Tips On How to Protect Your Satellite Decoders From Serious Hardware Problems (Such as Thunder, power, connector e.t.c)

     It was a pathetic experience when one of my friends who operate a public football house called me and told me that all the four boxes that he uses to show soccer on pay per view basis are dead. The four Boxes include 1. A tlink 900 HD Decoder, 2. One Dstv decoder, One Liberty Star t1 decoder and finally One G2 Decoder. In a similar development, my father in the neighborhood also lost his Plasma TV and a tlink 900 HD decoder.. You will now … [Read more...]