About A+ A plus Gprs Dongle / Adapter for Africa (Nigeria ,Ghana)

When i review any satellite product or device, i do so conscientiously and meticulously and i simply compare them with the existing similar products. As as today, the most popular and most secure internet dongle is azsky g1 or g1+. However that doesn't make g1 the best out there although it is having an edge of now been able to be renewed after 6months. The new product am review here is called A+ (Aplus) gprs dongle and what i will simply point … [Read more...]

Download Latest T-Link 900 HD Software Version 1.62( Improvement on SDS, More channels and No freezing)

D*tv are wagging war against internet decoders and dongles. But it seem tlink is in the forerunner of the counter attack against D*tv. They just released a new software to improve upon the previous ones released in March. WHAT IS NEW IN THE LATEST VERSION OF TLINK SOFTWARE Among other things,  i noticed the following improvements; More formerly scrambled channels now opens sds now opens more channels The internet mode and the sds mode … [Read more...]

How to Use the PVR Settings to Record Videos On T-link Decoders

It is a known fact that Tlink is a Full HD Decoder with PVR Capabilities. Now PVR features enable you to record your favourite live or repeated programs on any PVR Decoder. We have both SD pvr and HD PVR Decoders and luckily enough, those who bought tlink decoders, have bought a full HD PVR decoder meaning a decoder that can open HD channels as well as record both HD and SD programs. Let me take you through the comparison between HD & SD … [Read more...]