Solutions to Some A+ Dongles Not Showing & Other A+ Tricks Combo

Some people call me and some post comments on this site that their A+ dongle has stopped working, anyway this is an erroneous statement has no a+ gprs dongle will stop working until next year. In fact as i speak, their is no tool and account for A+ dongle so no A+ has expired yet. The question however remains that why is my A+ not showing while taht of others is showing? The answer to this question is that it is because A+ recently upgraded their … [Read more...]

Best Ways To Watch Satellite TV With Cccam & HD Decoders

In this article, what i shall be reviewing is the present and the future of what i will like to call freelance satellite television viewing. When i finish this post, some people will have a different (most especially positive) view about Cccam accounts, iptv and dongles. A very close friend of my simply asked me. Lemmy if you have your way, what would be your ideal satellite package. I answered by saying if i have a reasonable income, i will be … [Read more...]

Reason Why Some G1, G1+, G2 & Xman Has Stopped Working Since Wed July 3 2013

I know many people out there are already itching to hear the latest news from me on why Some Azsky dongles have stopped working since the evening of Wednesday 3rd of July 2013. Such dongles include g1, g2, and g1+. In this article, i shall be telling you in plain truth that the first server azsky were using has been shut down, the reason is because they have developed a better, more secure and more powerful server that will take us through the … [Read more...]