How to Do a Decoder to Decoder Firmware Transfer Via Rs232 Cable

In two of my previous post, there has been a dire need to perform a decoder to decoder firmware transfer in other to either revive your dead fake strong decoder, or to revive your expired liberty decoder. Must read: How to Upgrade Your Expired Liberty Star T1& T3 Decoder     Or if your case is that of a dead fake / counterfeit strong decoder, then you can still wake it up by following the same tutorial. Must read: Two Ways In Which … [Read more...]

How to Upgrade Your Expired Liberty Star T1& T3 Decoder

I said it in one of my earlier post how you can troubleshoot your liberty star t1 and t3 decoder. by pressing MENU>>2580 in quick succession. and if you get a sim error message, it means your liberty star decoder has expired. Or if your liberty decoder is currently not opening any scrambled channels it means your box has expired. Besides, if you have not been able to watch any channel on DS*V for more than 3 or 4 months, it means your box … [Read more...]

Download Latest Update Software For Tlink600 1USB & Tlink600 2USB(V2.87)

This article will give information on where to download, and how to update your tlink 600 HD decoder( 1USB or 2USB) with the larest update firmware so that you can enjoy improved performance and new features. The newest software for tlink 600 is dubbed version 2.87 and it is about 33.0mb in size. so therefore you should be aware of what you are downloading. Once you download it, apply the updates and enjoy a more stable performance from your … [Read more...]

How to Use All SimCards With Azsky G1 & G1+ Gprs Adapter

This article will center on how you can activate your azsky g1 gprs dongle so that you will be able to use any simcard on it. By the way of information, i will like to say that a new batch of g1 has been produced and it is called Azsky G1+ Quad Band GPRS Adapter 850/900/1800/1900 MHz . This is an improved version over azsky g1 adapter. It now supports more simcards including wcdma sims. The previous one was tri band  and it supported less … [Read more...]

About Eclink X5 GPRS Dongle the Most Stable Internet Dongle (Year 2013)

Up till today it has been G1 Azsky Gprs!! Yes without taken any credit away from G1 gprs dongle, am presenting to you in this article a worthy alternative to Azsky g1 gprs dongle in terms of Performance, stability, flexibility and Functions. Built the same way as G1 and used the same way G1 is being used i present to you the latest most stable internet/ gprs dongle for africa dubbed Eclink X5 Dongle  The reason why this box is exceptionally … [Read more...]