[Full Guide]Within Decoder LNB settings for Cband and Ku Band LNB

There a couple of within-the-decoder settings that needs to be carried out before your decoder is ready to detect satellite signal. In fact, before tracking your preferred channels, there are some basic decoder settings that you must manipulate otherwise you will put yourself in a position whereby you will not detect any signal. In this tutorial I shall be focussing on ku band vs c band satellite anttena / LNB settings that is carried out within … [Read more...]

IPTV and its quest for Legitimacy / Legality – Is it totally legal?

Iptv is in the middle of the two extremes. We have dongles(powered by iks or sks accounts on one side and Free to air channels on the other side. Iptv is in between because, unlike dongles which is 100% unofficial and illegal, iptv is not 100% illegal. Similarly, unlike fta channels that are 100% free and legitimate, iptv is not 100% illegal. Today's article will open your eyes and expose you to things about iptv. As we know, the law is about … [Read more...]

2017 May mark the end of Powervu available for Africa-This is why

Just like iptv, I was one of the(if not the first person) to talk about powervu openly. Today's article is not about something hopeful or encouraging, it is all about calling a spade a spade. When we talk of powervu for Africa, we are mainly referring to sony, afn and mtnworldwide. The reason being that this are the packages receivabel with the smallest dish bearable. I am sorry to be the carrier of "a bad news". The days of powervu encryption … [Read more...]

Get all major frequencies /Tps for all satellite Tv receivable in Africa

This will come handy to all satellite installers, you might even write this on a notepad on your phone and save for reference purposes. It is almost impossible that as a satellite installer you should memorise all Transponders for all satellite tv receivable in your region. Against this backdrop, i shall list the names and the frequecies of various satellite positions that you can nail in Africa. Happy reading LIST OF TPs RECEIVABLE IN THE … [Read more...]

[LM] May 2017 Updates & Gossips on Satellite Tv and other happenings

Some events happened in April some were pleasant while others were not too good especially for those using dongles. I had my own share of this as in April just four days ago my facebook page was deleted by facebook reasons. The image below explained it all. The most annoying part of it is that it happened when I have stopped promoting anything dongles, it happens due to a sponsored article on this site and it happened without warning and … [Read more...]