Modes of search for channels on standalone decoders explained

In this article, I shall be giving brief but concise tutorials on how to search for channels on various standalone decoders such as strong, t-link, qsat, gsky, super esat, alphabox and so on. This tutorial doesn't cover branded decoders like dstv, mytv, consat, ctl startimes, gotv and so on. It is even more important for those who are not professional installers to know this because it will save you money, time and the frustration of waiting for … [Read more...]

Differences between free-to-air TV channels, Iptv channels and digital satellite TV systems?

If you are one of those persons who look forward to just sitting back and watching some TV during weekends, then you’d be a happy beaver indeed if you have access to free to air or FTA channels. You can make this possible by setting up your own satellite system. Just by making a one-time purchase of all satellite equipment needed like a satellite dish, a receiver and some low noise blockers, you will already be able to enjoy a great deal of FTA … [Read more...]

[Full Guide]Within Decoder LNB settings for Cband and Ku Band LNB

There a couple of within-the-decoder settings that needs to be carried out before your decoder is ready to detect satellite signal. In fact, before tracking your preferred channels, there are some basic decoder settings that you must manipulate otherwise you will put yourself in a position whereby you will not detect any signal. In this tutorial I shall be focussing on ku band vs c band satellite anttena / LNB settings that is carried out within … [Read more...]

IPTV and its quest for Legitimacy / Legality – Is it totally legal?

Iptv is in the middle of the two extremes. We have dongles(powered by iks or sks accounts on one side and Free to air channels on the other side. Iptv is in between because, unlike dongles which is 100% unofficial and illegal, iptv is not 100% illegal. Similarly, unlike fta channels that are 100% free and legitimate, iptv is not 100% illegal. Today's article will open your eyes and expose you to things about iptv. As we know, the law is about … [Read more...]

2017 May mark the end of Powervu available for Africa-This is why

Just like iptv, I was one of the(if not the first person) to talk about powervu openly. Today's article is not about something hopeful or encouraging, it is all about calling a spade a spade. When we talk of powervu for Africa, we are mainly referring to sony, afn and mtnworldwide. The reason being that this are the packages receivabel with the smallest dish bearable. I am sorry to be the carrier of "a bad news". The days of powervu encryption … [Read more...]