7 Features you must look out for before buying any Android TV Media box

The rave of the moment is media sticks and media boxes. The world over, people are streaming video contents from their television via either iptv sticks or boxes. In the USA we have very popular iptv boxes like Amazon fire stick, roku stick, richino, nexsmart,  and so on.  However, in today's article, I will be talking about the features(mainly hardware) you should look out for before buying any Android tv box. This article has nothing to do with … [Read more...]

[LM]Updates, trends and gossips on satellite & other gadgets- April 2017

I welcome you to another monthly update on satellite tv and related and unrelated gadgets. I promised my loyal members that I will continue informing them about trends in the satellite world but in a non-promotional manner. I mean I will not single out a particular product and recommend it to you. I have also stopped selling any iks, sks or iptv premium account officially. This actions will help me to be more critical and objective in my … [Read more...]

[Sponsored] What is Kodi and What Can I Do With It – Review 2

Kodi is an open source media player that offers an abundance of streaming options. Packed with hundreds upon hundreds of add-ons, you’ll find something for everyone. It offers complete customization and the ability to select what you want to watch when you want to watch. Kodi is one of the best TV streaming platforms out there — free, versatile, and powerful- Today, anyone can download Kodi—for free—for use on a variety of operating systems … [Read more...]


  After the demise of dongles, iks , sks, etc, which we all knew are just for temporarily use, many out there are still running around and searching for alternatives. Some do ask, is FTA now defeated or is this the end of dongles? The truth is, dongle would keep coming but lifetime period, from my very own experience, would be barely 7 days. Technology has advanced and no content provider(s) would sit and watch their contents being … [Read more...]

[App Review]VyprVPN-The best multi-platform / Multi-features VPN Client

I do not review any product without carefully testing it. Have you wondered why you have been denied access to visit some sites? Have you been traced and monitored in the past by hackers and identity theft?, Have you been attempting to stream videos from some particular site and you were geo-blocked or denied access? Have you been a victim of scam sites, infected sites and the likes due to a fault that is not yours?. Well, am so happy to tell you … [Read more...]