Definitions of Important terms frequently used in Free to air sat tv – For Beginners

FTA stands for Free to Air. Free to air satellite is a phrase used to refer to TV channels available on satellite without any scrambling or encryption. There are very many free to air satellite channels that consist of Movies, Series, Documentaries, Religion and International News channels out there receivable without any charge at all. For example, we have many free religion channels like Emmanuel tv, loveworld plus and the likes. ┬áThese … [Read more...]

Definition of LNB Skew and LNB clock methodology for beginners

This article will be very useful for satellite dish installation beginners. We have all been hearing about stuff like; tweak the lnb to 3.0clock, 9.0clocl, 5.0.clock or what any of the sort. In this article, you will learn the basics of tweaking an LNBf to suit a particular satellite.   WHAT IS LNBf SKEW? LNB skew can be defined as the rotational position of the LNB mounted on a satellite dish. It must be set within certain limits … [Read more...]

Tips to get rid off signal lost on your decoders during rains- Works for both branded decoders and fta decoders

This is not a hack, neither is it a means to bypass anything. It is simply a method of limiting signal loss while it is raining and you want to continue enjoying your tv program, especially live programs. This applies to both satellite providers made decoders as well as standalone free to air decoders. Happy reading.   You could be at home, at a local bar or your favourite Club hanging out and watching a game of soccer with your … [Read more...]

How to determine the difference between a KU Band and C Band Frequencies

In one of my articles recently, I discussed how you can setup a C-band or a Ku band lnb on your decoder. In today's article, I shall be talking about ways by which you can identify(at a glance, the difference between a Ku Band frequency and its, C band counterpart. For you to be a guru in free to air channels, you need to be versed with the ku┬áband and Cband frequencies. Many Free to Air satellite TV newbies usually struggle to know the … [Read more...]

How to spot the difference between an offset and a prime focus dish

Many free to air satellite TV lovers can easily tell the difference between a Prime focus and an Offset dish, they can even correctly predict which satellite a certain dish is facing just by looking at it, even from a moving vehicle. Well if you do not know the difference between a Prime focus and an Offset dish then continue reading. Take a look at the image just below the heading, it shows two satellite dishes that you will know which one is … [Read more...]