Glo Nigeria Data Gifting- As Low as #1000 FOR 6GB

Good news for everyone who uses the internet heavily, for those who downloads heavily and for those who love watching iptv channels especially my league of Ancloud subscribers resident in Nigeria. If anyone out there will tell me that i will soon drop my glo bis(3gb #1000) plan for another cheaper and better glo plan, I will argue it out. If someone has told me that I will soon forget about my simple server and tweakware vpn in other to focus … [Read more...]

Download Latest version Of 2go Mobile Messenger V3.5.7 With Registration page

     To start with i must first say am not a fanboy of 2go mobile chat messenger. But a whole lot of my friends and families use it. However for the sake of my readers who may wish to use this popular minute app, i am hereby dropping the latest version of 2go messenger here so that you can download and enjoy.   If you are a new user, don't worry this version has been modified and it now comes with a registration page. and if you are an … [Read more...]

3 Basic Methods of Creating / Modifying Ur Custom Themes on S40 Nokia Java Phones

You may have been coming across some of your friends or colleagues nokia java phones which tends to have a custimized theme installed on it. And you kept asking your self this question, did this theme come as default? or did he or she downloaded it? how come he or she uses her own picture in the theme background?   Am happy to tell you here that if you have a nokia java phone and you wish to cutomize  a  theme for it, then you are in … [Read more...]

Basic Hints and Tweaks for Nokia S40 Java Phones

WHAT IS A S40 OPERATING SYSTEM:   The term Series 40 (short form of S40)is a simpler operating system variant than the higher end S60(which is based on the multi-tasking Symbian Operating systemOS). Because S40 devices do not support true multi-tasking and do not have a native code API for third parties(which allows applications to be sent via connectivity tools such as bluetooth),its user interface however appear to be more … [Read more...]


   Just like major smartphones like Nokia symbian, Android, and iOS Devices... you can as well hack your nokia s40 java phones. Now when i am talking about nokia s40 am talking about old and new nokia phones such as Nokia3110c, nokia x2, c3, asha 201, 301 e.t.c.. And what am focusing on in this post is how ro hack / unlockk , root a nokia s40 java phone Mini Introduction: Through a custom User certificate being installed on your Nokia S40 … [Read more...]