[Lemmy Morgan] December 2016 General Updates & Gossips

It is obvious that I always share info as received. I will also tell you if I have used anything am introducing personally or maybe anyone i can trust has. This update is not going to be all about satellite only. There is other meaningful information that will be provided for our benefits. UPDATES ON DONGLE AND SATELLITE I got it from a trusted source that a new qsat model is out there codenamed qsat q19g and it is designed to work for … [Read more...]

Guaranteed Way Of Getting #1000 worth of Airtime in Nigeria Free & Legit

What i am about discussing here is a bit sensitive and that is the reason I will be focusing more on the security aspect of it. I will also be issuing a disclaimer to serves as a precaution to those who would want to abuse this process or do things the wrong way and lay blames on me. The application under review is "zoto mobile recharge app for Android and iOS"   HOW DOES THIS APP WORK? The primary function of this mobile app is to … [Read more...]

[LM] Mega Offer- Buy the Cheapest Etisalat SME Data Bundles

Every once in a while, we introduce a mega offer on this site especially on internet data or airtime. While my airtime reduced offer is still ongoing(you can check it out here). I present to you yet another more irresistible offer. The one I am introducing today has more poise in the sense that it is happening just on the eve of when Gsm service providers want to increase the cost of internet subscriptions in Nigeria. As from Tommorrow, gsm … [Read more...]

Buy Airtime For All Nigeria Networks For A Cheaper Rate While It Last

This kind of things comes on this site every once in a while. We have addressed that of glo data share, mtn airtime and others in the past on this site. However, in my post of today, what i shall be introducing is an expanded version of the mtn airtime share of the past. This applies to all Nigeria GSM Networks. You can now buy the airtime cheaper than what is obtainable in your locality / neighborhood as long as you are buying #2,000 worth or … [Read more...]

Mega Iptv / Downloads with The cheapest Internet Bundles in Nigeria

Just as we are enjoying the unbelievably cheap glo internet data bundle, Mtn rolled out a super weekend package on all its mobile plans and believe you me, it is first of its kind. Let us talked about the fact that you do not need a special subscription to get this package. I mean you only need to subscribe normally as usual and you will be given the appropriate weekend data bonus for your data plan. The name of this promo package is called … [Read more...]