[App Review]VyprVPN-The best multi-platform / Multi-features VPN Client

I do not review any product without carefully testing it. Have you wondered why you have been denied access to visit some sites? Have you been traced and monitored in the past by hackers and identity theft?, Have you been attempting to stream videos from some particular site and you were geo-blocked or denied access? Have you been a victim of scam sites, infected sites and the likes due to a fault that is not yours?. Well, am so happy to tell you … [Read more...]

Foreign websites where you can earn clean money on the internet

There are a lot of legit ways of making money online from the comfort of your home. However, the majority of this methods are time-consuming. The article you are about to read today will talk about selected foreign websites where you can make cool cash reading emails, completing surveys, creating opnions and loads of other things. Some of this sties are accessible only to US residents so take note. You need to devote your time towards this before … [Read more...]

A-z of how to prevent Online or Offline scam-artists from defrauding you

Scam is prevalent in our society, scam-artist exist virtually everywhere in the world and they can hit any target. For clarification purposes, I will define a scam-artist, a spammer and a hacker. I will also explain the relationship between these set of con-artists. WHO IS A SCAM ARTIST? A scammer or a person who attempts to defraud others by presenting a fraudulent offer and pretending that it is legitimate; a con artist. Since con artists … [Read more...]


This is credited to a follower of this blog who dropped the hint in the comment box "mykel". H e said you can actually enjoy 2gb of data on MTN Nigeria with #500, valid for 7 days and with options of a rollover. This is the real deal and I am surely going to go for it. My mtn data validity currently expires in June 2017. This simply means I can enjoy this 2g 500ngn package with my existing validity period since it supports rollover. Now straight … [Read more...]

[LM] Mega Offer- Buy the Cheapest Etisalat SME Data Bundles

Every once in a while, we introduce a mega offer on this site especially on internet data or airtime. While my airtime reduced offer is still ongoing(you can check it out here). I present to you yet another more irresistible offer. The one I am introducing today has more poise in the sense that it is happening just on the eve of when Gsm service providers want to increase the cost of internet subscriptions in Nigeria. As from Tommorrow, gsm … [Read more...]