Techniques on how to write about 5 books and 1,000 blog entries within the shortest period possible

One of the greatest challenges of any blogger is getting fresh and original contents. In this post, i shall be providing clues that can help you as a blogger or a publisher. Most writers have problems with their work on a surprisingly simple reason. They think that writing - it is a single-stage process, while it has three stages. When I decided to become a blogger and gave myself a promise every day to write a minimum of 500 words(way … [Read more...]


Welcome to this month's updates on this site about issues that bother on satellite, and other electronic devices. today, we will have gossip and fact sections of the satellite tv related issues.   THE FACTS ON GROUND ABOUT SATELLITE TV IN NIG OFFICIAL & OTHERWISE It is a statement of fact that we have at least around 5 satellite companies in Nigeria. It is also a statement of fact that dst* has the rights monopoly to show … [Read more...]

What to look out for before creating your Online shopping platform-Top 5 (foreign web designers)

This article is not to discredit local web designers. In fact, this site was built by a web guru of a friend and there is hardly any designer that he is incapable of implementing to near perfection. What this article will be treating is what to consider before launching or build online stores and details of the best site constructors online. Today, online stores - one of the most popular forms of business activities. They have a whole list of … [Read more...]

3 things that will change after the introduction of 5G Technology

While developing countries of the world are still basking in the euphoria of lack of depth in the coverage of the 4g network, the advanced/ developed nations of the world have already set their sights on 5g network come 2020. In this article, I shall be exposing us to what might change once 5g technology is introduced in 2020.   Some theory About 5g: Virtualization - the basis for 5G Fortunately, the 5G network promises a solution … [Read more...]

Easter goody- Buy Etisalat Nigeria Data Sharing @ the cheapest price possible

I shared with you some months back etisalat data sharing. Due to one reason or the other, i had issues with the person selling it. Am happy to tell you today that I have found another seller who offers a better package and better guarantees. However, he warned me not to disclose the prices openly. HOW DOES THIS ETISALAT DATA SHARE WORKS? There are some rules you need to follow in other to get this working for you. Before I mentioned this … [Read more...]