[Download] Opera Mobile Emulator & Get The Mobile Feeling on desktop

In this post i shall be introducing you opera mobile emulator A   Desktop browser that works exactly like opera mobile on your phone the latest version which is version 12 is out and you can download it here. Meanwhile read below what it offers: Opera Mobile Emulator is the desktop version of Opera’s smart phone browser. The Opera Mobile Emulator renders pages as close as you can get to how it would look on a real phone. It can be paired … [Read more...]

How to Create, Edit & Setup Nokia S40 Prov Files (All you need to know)

Unlike how some people who attribute prov files to free browsing trick software, On the contrary a .prov file is a provisional file that works with Nokia S40 phones so that the java applications installed on such phones can get connected to the internet. However the s40 java phones of recent times like the C3, X2 e.t.c doesn't require a prov file to get connected to the internet. And this is where the issue of prov file with free browsing tricks … [Read more...]

How to get Glo cheapest Internet Data plan in Nigeria(#1,250 per month for 1gb)

I subscribed to a Data plan on Glo Nigeria Since December and My bundle is just gonna expire in June this year. I only paid #7,500 for the Six Months and I was given 6gb (gigabyte of that to use within that six Months) That is huge you would say but you will be even more amazed when i tell you how much it amount to per month using simple Arithmetic 7500 / 6 = 1250 there is no complehensive data plan in nigeria that is cheaper than this not … [Read more...]


This trick was originated by CROSS at our web forum so i feel like sharing it with you guys in here   Requirements: First dowload JoikuSpot Light here You can learn more about this application here You must have a Nokia symbian phone S60V3 and newer, or any samsung symbian phone or any sony ericsson symbian phone or any maemo device e.g nokia N900 (am afraid it is not available yet on all phones i wish it is available in java … [Read more...]