Clear Google Account On an Android phone Without a Reset

For all new and existing android users, we are aware of the fact that when you are setting up your android phone for first use or after a reset, you will be asked to enter an email which will serve as your primary email. However, for one reason or the other, you may want to change your android phone's email /account. In my own case, I wanted to replace the email with the new one I just opened. Unfortunately, whenever you attempt to remove your … [Read more...]

[LM] Mega Offer- Buy the Cheapest Etisalat SME Data Bundles

Every once in a while, we introduce a mega offer on this site especially on internet data or airtime. While my airtime reduced offer is still ongoing(you can check it out here). I present to you yet another more irresistible offer. The one I am introducing today has more poise in the sense that it is happening just on the eve of when Gsm service providers want to increase the cost of internet subscriptions in Nigeria. As from Tommorrow, gsm … [Read more...]

How To Secure Your SmartPhones From Virus / Hackers / Theft

My post today shall cover some useful tips on securing your smartphones. While my focus shall be on the two most popular mobile operating systems in the world(I mean iOS and Android), my recommendations will be useful for every smartphone out there. This tutorial shall cover areas like; how to have all your data intact in case your phone is compromised, how to recover(some high-end phones by default and others via 3rd party app) your phone in the … [Read more...]

Mtn Nigeria 4G LTE Vs Glo Mobile 4G LTE–What do we expect?

I will approach this my own way. In this article, i shall be discussing 4g LTE Network recently launched by two of the biggest Popular GSM Network service providers in Nigeria. Note: I am not talking about non-fully Gsm providers like spectranet, swift, smile, and so on. And for those in Lagos, Abuja and port Harcourt, you can try out ntel services. Ntel offers 30 days unlimited data usage for #10,000(this is only reasonable for heavy data users … [Read more...]

Mega Iptv / Downloads with The cheapest Internet Bundles in Nigeria

Just as we are enjoying the unbelievably cheap glo internet data bundle, Mtn rolled out a super weekend package on all its mobile plans and believe you me, it is first of its kind. Let us talked about the fact that you do not need a special subscription to get this package. I mean you only need to subscribe normally as usual and you will be given the appropriate weekend data bonus for your data plan. The name of this promo package is called … [Read more...]