[L.M] February 2017 Update On Satellite & other Tech News

Welcome to today's update on Lemmy morgan. I know that what many will want to hear is about the latest updates on the recent upgrades to Sports hd 24. I will start by clearing the air on this recent development. WHY IS POWERVVU OFF & WHAT IS THE WAY FORWARD? Sports hd 24 and sony Powervu channels going off on all decoders that avail themselves of it should not come as any surprise to any existing user. It went off about three days ago … [Read more...]

Why you need to used a dedicated Wi-Fi hotspot instead of your mobile data

In today's article, we shall be availing ourselves of the opportunity to learn what is the best internet connectivity/access solution for any average internet user.To the average youth, the internet is indispensable no matter how much time you spend on it. To every civilised person,(be it literate or illiterate. yo be civilised you do not need to be formally educated) the internet is a necessary evil.  Now, this brings us to the next question, … [Read more...]

Taking care of your startup costs with a mobile monitoring software

Getting along with an idea, and working on it effortlessly to make it a reality, requires a little more than a team of hardworking and smart individuals; it asks for more than that, like honesty and dedication from the whole team. What if your employees don’t have it what it takes to make your company a success? What if you never know that your employees have been unproductive and disloyal? There are too many questions and too little … [Read more...]

Buying a used/pre-owned phones Online or Offline: factors to be considered

When you love the latest or trending gadgets like me but money is serving as an impediment to acquiring them, you will always think of a plan "B". Yes, the plan B to using a device when you have a tight budget is by buying a used(also known as pre-owned) ones. You can also opt for verified refurbish if you have a reputable seller. Without prolonging things, let us go straight to the business of today. As usual, I love my African people. My, post … [Read more...]

Major Mobile Phones Software Problems and to Fix or Prevent them

In my last article, I talked about how to prevent or repair your phone if it is having any hardware issue. As we all know that no computer hardware can function effectively without a corresponding software, software is the runtime/framework through which hardware operates. Your hardware will most definitely be an expensive decoration without a software.  Against this backdrop, I will give concise details of what software problems your device may … [Read more...]