How to detect if a LCD/LED/OLED television is original or fake Before buying it

Fake products are copies of original products and are used to make money by selling the cheaper versions for a very high price. Most of the time people buying fakes are unaware of buying a fake. Those who produce fake products have fraudulent intentions of producing such products. Fake products cut across all consumer goods. China is said to be credited to be the brains behind the manufacturing of most fake products(please do not blame china, you … [Read more...]

Foreign websites where you can earn clean money on the internet

There are a lot of legit ways of making money online from the comfort of your home. However, the majority of this methods are time-consuming. The article you are about to read today will talk about selected foreign websites where you can make cool cash reading emails, completing surveys, creating opnions and loads of other things. Some of this sties are accessible only to US residents so take note. You need to devote your time towards this before … [Read more...]

How to create /build your Mobile App for iOS or Android with- iBuildApp

Technology has indeed made things easier for us all. Innovations that used to be exclusives of some craftsmen, professional, artisans and so on are now been made available to the general public after paying a token or for free. The joy of it is that, once you have successfully built this app, you can publish it on google play store or apple app store for approval. iBuildApp - is a new online service that provides users the ability to … [Read more...]


Obviously, many people are conversant with the phrase "QI CHARGING" but the majority have not even experienced it. Maybe due to their phones not supporting it, or due to the nonavailability of the wireless charging pad itself. We have various means of charging our phones apart from using the original wired charger. We can charge via a desktop charger, via a USB port of a computer, via a power bank, vi a power case and so on. One of the methods of … [Read more...]

Universal guide on how to root/jailbreak/unlock your smartphone

Android rooting, iPhone Jailbreaking and windows phone unlocking are all describing the same processes on phones running different operating systems. For iPhone users, we call it "jailbreaking", for android users, it is called "rooting", while for Microsoft windows phone users, they call it "unlocking". All of these point to one process; You want to have more freedom and control over your phone. On a personal note, I always root my iPhone so that … [Read more...]