How you can get Different Versions of the Bible Installed on Your Phone (With Olive BibleReader For Android, Nokia,Palm, Iphone and Windows Smartphones)

For the fact that the title of this post is About bibles doesn't Mean it is limited to christians only. I remember when i was growing up, i used to have this neigbour who claims to know more of the Bible than a theologists he is an Islamic Sheik. Well his sources of knowledge is that he engaged himself in reading different versions of the Bible so that he can be in a better position to argue logically when the need arises. What am trying to … [Read more...]

How to Download / save you tube Videos in Any Format On your Phone (with opera mini on all phones)

Just like a virus, google is gradually monopolizing the web.This a good development as far as they (i mean google) are doing the right thing as far as i can recollect they have tried.In the cause of this article, you will be learning how you can download Youtube High definition videos on your mobile phone with operamini. As much as streaming youtube videos is fun, there some instances whereby you will wish to just download and save youtube videos … [Read more...]

[HOW TO] ROOT HTC Evo 4G LTE (with RegawMOD)

This root is intended for the HTC EVO 4G LTE only and you are adviced to carefully read the entire post before attempting to root/unlock! the root mod is provided by RegawMOD EVO 4G LTE Rooter provides easy bootloader unlocking, recovery flashing, and rooting of the HTC EVO 4G LTE's stock firmware. The rooter uses to unlock your bootloader. Warning:Rooting your phone or Unlocking your bootloader erases ALL  data on the phone!So be … [Read more...]


This post is definitely going to be useful to someone out there. this trick will be specifically usefull to you if you are using a nokia symbian phone and everything is working perfectly but all of a suden or one day you woke up to try to access the internet via a third party browser e.g operamini, ucweb, qbrowser or whatever browser you might have installed  but lol and behold all your browsers are no longer connecting to the internet.It keeps … [Read more...]

Solution to problems of Extracting links from and with Opera or mobile phone’s browser

This very topic was born out of the fact that most people find it difficult downloading or extracting files from and with their opera mini browser and other mobile browsers. The solutions to the  problem i want to profer in this article is on how to  download from and with with your  mobile phone or mobile browser possibly opera mini. now i have compiled this post with screenshot and i tested … [Read more...]